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  1. BigG

    Seats Sc

    I have been watching them , and they are mint , but need the Sc really. surprised they haven’t gone
  2. Cheers Graham, yes that’s possible I guess, It does look a professional job though . So what model do you think the frame come from having the rollers ?
  3. BigG

    Seats Sc

    Hi I will look them up Ian , tomorrow, the ones I have, have the electric Control which I don’t really want . am I right in saying Sc didn’t have electrics ?
  4. Hi BB It may be possible All holes do 👀 the same , really wanted to keep the soft top working too, I will try and strip the trim and look a bit closer cheers
  5. BigG

    Seats Sc

    Hi looking for 82 Sc targa seats , I have brown and cream stripe backs at present but are a bit tatty so could go for a complete new set , also have black leather rear seats so front leathers could be good. i believe the Sc don’t have electric controls on them only Manual ( could be wrong ) the car is red please let us know what you have . cheers G
  6. Thanks for reply sopor, Omg really , once again brought the wrong thing !!! What a shame does fit nice and snug too . just looked for targa frame parts On eBay to adapt With but well expensive. now got the roof and two sets of 928/944 front seats instead of Sc parts, will easily sell on in time, cheers G
  7. Hi guys , once again here for help . i have purchase a hard top for my 82 Sc targa it fits perfectly but am unable to secure . This is because the targa obviously has the hooks that clamp down but my hardtop has rollers as pics . Any help would be appreciated on how I secure this down . Or is there an adaption needed for the HT or car ? And does anyone have one for sale or knows where I can purchase one ( or pair ) also the inside has no handles to turn but only square spindle which I was told you turn with a socket ??? That you keep in glove box , please see photos and if you guys need more info let me know. i have laid my targa on top of Hardtop to show the differences cheers G
  8. Thanks again for your help
  9. Hello type 911 Thanks for reply.There 70mm Int.diameter.
  10. Hi all, Can any one help me on the following I have purchased some Fuchs 15s and now need the Center caps , what are the original ones and genuine ??? Some caps have x2 wholes in them and others don’t . None seem to have part no. On neither . I have a 82 Sc 3.0 targa. So would like the correct ones for the year. any help will be grateful cheers big g
  11. Hi Ian thanks for replies , went to the breakers site , really good site but no lines. Lots of other goodies cheers
  12. Hi f6 thanks for the info I will check these sites out, and hopefully find some bits. i will try and crack the nuts on the oil pipes and see if I can remove them. cheers G
  13. Hi IB’s finally got around to start the strip down of my SC Targa. Quite easy to strip apart from a few broken studs. On taking off the outer seal cover it revealed the oil flow and return squashed in 2 places. I guess this is due to bad lifting of the vehicle previously. could anyone let me know if this will restrict the cooling of the oil? or affect the engine in long run? does anyone know of any replacements as new cost hundreds.. that’s if I really need them. I’d like to keep the vehicle completely original and have noticed other makes available at cheaper prices. Does anyone know if you can tell the difference looking at them once fitted that they are not original OE parts? as you can see in the pictures the lower metal bodywork is rusty so will have to cut out these sections, looks like outer seal and the bent part of the door jam lower level - can anyone advise the best place to get these panel parts and a good match as I’m not a brilliant welder. Or does anyone have any of these parts? the driver side seems to be solid (LHD) The other problem I have is the cill fixing points ( inbetween the x2 oil pipes )they look like Small box section that the fixings screw into , two off them have rotted and I have nothing there . Can I buy these too ? Too weld on any advice appreciated, getting more involved then I thought . 🤑 cheers G
  14. Cheers jevvy, I will look through this and check with the car.
  15. Hi type911, thanks for quick reply they are Fuchs 10.6 offset and 112 backspace. this means nothing to me apart from looking nice 👍

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