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  1. Hi Pete ,thanks for this info , That site was amazing , didn’t realise there so many colours . thanks again
  2. Thank you Jonny do you know what the 97 means at the beginning and the G at the end ?
  3. Morning guys , can anyone explain what these no. S mean please It’s on the jam of the drivers door and is completely different from the chassis plate The other is stamped on the wheels . also Is this the wrong car to be on here ? To early as not a IB cheers G
  4. Thanks all , sorry for the delay to respond, I will definitely try some of these on Monday,for a price ,not all of my cars are classics and one is a LHD import so that may narrow things down . I remember back in the days you could get an open policy , I think letting cars sit with out driving a little,causes problems in the long run .so would be nice to rotate every now and then . its not the theft part I am worried about as they are in a safe place but it’s the legal side on the roads . The cover needs to be for:- 82 911 SC 944 944s 924 924 turbo
  5. Hi guys, can any one help me with my insurance requirements?. Please i have the Porsche bug now 👍since I got my SC , but I would like to be able to drive all of them with out getting 1 day insurance for the one I choose .some of them I strip down for 3/6 months at a time so don’t really want to insure the non runners when I can’t drive them so an non reg. ins. Would be great . does anybody know if there is such an insurance ? I also have some non Porsche vehicles that I insure individually and would like to combine these too . that I use to and from work so need these cove
  6. I believe there was , I think it was the same as what goes onto the door closing jam . but not 100% it kept the underside of Targa bar liner in position, I looked back at my photos and didn’t take one of this 😳
  7. Hi peterk, mine is a 82 targa , don’t know if this helps ??? there seems to be a rubber seal between frame and cover . my rubber water seal I have already taken off.
  8. Hi Fin I will also have them if PK changes his mind. cheers
  9. Cheers Graham, yes that’s possible I guess, It does look a professional job though . So what model do you think the frame come from having the rollers ?
  10. Hi BB It may be possible All holes do 👀 the same , really wanted to keep the soft top working too, I will try and strip the trim and look a bit closer cheers
  11. Thanks for reply sopor, Omg really , once again brought the wrong thing !!! What a shame does fit nice and snug too . just looked for targa frame parts On eBay to adapt With but well expensive. now got the roof and two sets of 928/944 front seats instead of Sc parts, will easily sell on in time, cheers G
  12. Hi guys , once again here for help . i have purchase a hard top for my 82 Sc targa it fits perfectly but am unable to secure . This is because the targa obviously has the hooks that clamp down but my hardtop has rollers as pics . Any help would be appreciated on how I secure this down . Or is there an adaption needed for the HT or car ? And does anyone have one for sale or knows where I can purchase one ( or pair ) also the inside has no handles to turn but only square spindle which I was told you turn with a socket ??? That you keep in glove box , please see photos and i
  13. Thanks again for your help
  14. Hello type 911 Thanks for reply.There 70mm Int.diameter.
  15. Hi all, Can any one help me on the following I have purchased some Fuchs 15s and now need the Center caps , what are the original ones and genuine ??? Some caps have x2 wholes in them and others don’t . None seem to have part no. On neither . I have a 82 Sc 3.0 targa. So would like the correct ones for the year. any help will be grateful cheers big g
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