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  1. Well Chris never got the project finished after I left, and after he passed away I inherited the project from a mutual customer. I'm please to say that after new pattern equipment has been made, coupled with a Canems ecu I have a running system, using tall 911R manifolds, with injector bosses in the base, and Weber pattern 100mm tall throttle bodies on top.
  2. [URL=https://app.photobucket.com/u/hartwell5948/p/3f4425d6-f3da-4e73-a66c-e3340ac20442][IMG]https://hosting.photobucket.com/images/hh159/hartwell5948/154C0FD7-EAED-4B27-A087-3B1389A2C507.MOV?width=590&height=370&fit=bounds[/IMG][/URL] [URL=https://app.photobucket.com/u/hartwell5948/p/1c862eff-87e4-4a9e-bc69-14c0d257a97a][IMG]https://hosting.photobucket.com/albums/hh159/hartwell5948/.highres/9EE5F4A6-2CEA-4930-9288-B969A543FEF5_zpsa5txv25g.jpeg?width=590&height=370&fit=bounds[/IMG][/URL]
  3. This is a system that’s been in my head for several years, since I installed a set of Jenvys with Canems software. I’ve used a local foundry for the castings with patterns made by myself. Machining is done in-house, along with the design and folding of the ‘Mfi’ inspired linkage. next stage is terminate the wiring loom, and go for a startup. I have a map for a 3.0 Carrera, so I’ll use that!
  4. Air filters will be ITG’s with rain hats, The injectors are clamped in individually into a recast 911 R manifold and supplied from a distribution block with built in regulator Electronics are canems, and I have a map saved from a previous installation using this software, so this will be my starting point. crank tigger wheel is 36-1 laser cut, mounted to a crank pulley, I’ve had turned from billet throttle body bore is 42mm
  5. Some replacement screens have too much curvature, and need a lot of pressure exerting on the centre of the screen to fit. They normally go in first attempt, but a customer supplied screen eventuality broke on the umpteenth attempt, It just would not fit. I then bought a replacement made by Tyneside and it went straight in. if I seem to remember it’s the ones supplied by master auto glass that are too curved, but there are others out there as well.
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