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  1. @Type911 What you said! It's even worse in person.
  2. Thanks all for your words of wisdom, and encouragement with this. Will be sad to see existing S/C missile go, but as above, both these cars are already registered in Italia, so, other than building it/them, It is one less thing to think about, and as the"T" is such a mess, its going to be nice to do a really bespoke build, rather than fiddling around the edges. @ALEX P, 901 box, I've finally found the specs for this and it really does seem to be a contender for "lowest engine power capacity 'box ever made"! doesn't seem viable for the motor that's in it! Not to worry though, 915 and a dog leg
  3. @Chris T Agreed on your evaluation. (Un?!) fortunately I do many miles in my old nails every year. Admittedly here in SoCal the weather allows it, but the "T" being a real car will get used in every weather condition so will be year round so the miles will be a serious consideration, however if it lasts 50000 miles that's 4/5 yrs so depending on costs.........
  4. @Beaky I'm sure your correct, but in period they only seem to have reached 200+\- So a 3.8 would be approaching double that.
  5. Right then........... I think that's fairly unequivocal, T it is, one last question, then I will go and get the horror, any idea how much power/Tq the gear box will stand upto, if built well? Its a dogleg so I would like to keep it if possible, however, 915 if not then no cutting and chopping under there. Thanks again all. (Except @PeterK those kind of suggestions are likely to end in a flurry of Prada!) In the spirit of full disclosure, and risking the wrath of JG, I give you exhibit A/B/C. Oh, and over night found outfit was a custom colour from the factory.
  6. Hello, all. Bit of a first world problem, I wonder if you can offer some wisdom.... I am looking to build another car (yup got the disease((Not THAT disease) however the brief for this one is a little different. I have been offered a 1970, "T", however in its long and awful life it has been mutilated, by the installation of a very nasty fake "Kremer" 935 body kit. No photos allowed, it is so repugnant! and if he saw them, I fear JG would ban me for life from this site. The car is rust free, and the nose is uncut, so with the removal of the 935 kit, a long bonnet, and wings could be fitte
  7. @ignatzcatz Nice purchase, lots of fun to come. If you need any help with it, Dave Brookes at v8cobra.co.uk, used to build these for customers, and may be a great resource. He has moved onto other (cobra) related things, but i know he still has these in from time to time. No affiliation, I'm just a customer.
  8. @sopor Dammit man, don't you get it? Temp tape, and FLIR device to check accuracy!
  9. @Jonny Hart Actually that's a really good idea. I can put it all over... Please hurry on the rear rads!
  10. @Sopor Will do, hmmm new gadget.........
  11. @Sopor Yes, agreed, pulling fuses is next step, just awaiting this weeks temperature increase back to 100+! As to the IR Thermometer, if i point it at a radiator, will that give an accurate indication of temperature, as its shedding the heat?
  12. @Busybee Thanks for the reply. Sorry if not clear. Car runs at around 248F in high ambient (100F) My question really is, whilst the fan is going the wrong way, will it actually be making thing worse, or simply not cool? The 7 quarts went in the 964, which leaks a bit....... 18 months of sitting around. @PhillWhere would be the ideal place to monitor the temperature, other than gauge? As the car isn't a backdate, there is no opportunity for the centre mounted cooler. I have seen a custom install where louvres were cut below the bumper which im OK with, but there are a myriad of 3.8 S/C's
  13. Hi all. I have what maybe a series of stupid questions.... The S/C has been converted to a 3.8, and has two coolers with fans at the front, these are a modern, matrix type. I have recently got the car back from the specialist and am currently putting miles on it and working out any "Kinks". However, temperature control seems to be an issue. When driving the car, not necessary "on it" the temp will be around the 3/4 mark. specialist says ok. However, as the ambient temps have been 100F+ it's hard to argue. This week however temps have been around 70F and the car under the same conditions h
  14. Every.Single.Overpriced.Component. Oh, and while you're in there..............
  15. Nah, its ok, I speak modern measurements!! Let me measure what I have, see if yours are any bigger.
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