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  1. anyone know who this Leonard was? Its an odd collection, mostly gold-standard collectors' favourites and then some odd ugly duckling autos
  2. its on my list, but I don't know where to start... they do work manually though (map light and roll hoop)
  3. what a lovely thing, and you're making it sound like a surprisingly sensible decision. Congrats!
  4. sounds like a great solution for remote areas; thanks for the review
  5. Is this still a thing? If so, and if they’ll fit a ‘77 Carrera 3.0, I’m in too.
  6. I can't find any in the right sizes (Fuchs 16"), but I know they were available last year. I don't do much mileage in the winter, so my current plan is to stick with my ageing S02's until the Michelins become available again. Hope you'll keep posting your thoughts on them in the meantime.
  7. hi Busy, Did you ever get your car to the Bristolian Wizzard? I'm nearby and mine could use a bunch of love. Anything good to report?
  8. enjoy! I ran this one for 7 years and 70,000 km. They are such sharp, compelling little beasties and you can use it, put it away wet and still expect it to be Honda-reliable. I only sold mine because it wasn't worth exporting from Dubai. I had the later model because I prefer the headlamps, bigger rims and the interior. There were chassis revisions along with the facelift; changes to the rear suspension as mentioned by another poster, these were targeted at calming the snappiness on the limit. I think they can be applied to the older car too. I still span mine several times on track and always found it quite tricky on a skidpad compared to say a GT86 or an M2, loved it to bits though. If you can swallow the insurance bump, changing the air filter is worth it just for the noise
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