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  1. Thank you David. engine still in chassis and turbo now with Turboworks at Eastbourne who are investigating. Checking oil feed number one next job. The turbo was not solid but stiff enough that needed a socket to rotate. Their prelim analysis was that they hold all spares except rotor and will call me tomorrow after stripping down. they gave me a stiff talking to over not using the car which causes oil degradation. I found a hair line crack in exhaust system and am getting my welder, I own a fab company, to repair. Its my own fault really, owned the car for 20+ years and never use it !!
  2. Thank you, Turbo coming out this week for initial examination, but it does look like just a seized rotor, no explosive mechanical damage. So probably shaft, seals,bearings My mind will turn to why, other than lack of use, so an oil feed check high on the list. I am located just North of Eastbourne and have found a well recommended re-build firm there, its 20 mins from me Turbo-works. Cant wait to get the beast back on the road and I will try not to let it stand for too long in the future. Oh have seen a short hairline crack in the exhaust also so will have to get the chewing gum out. Cheers
  3. Many months on and due to being so very busy, I turn now to look again at Turbo. Checked the O rings in heat exchanger feed tubes and that all hoses are intact. they are. I am turning now to more investigating. I am sure the waste gate is firmly closed, so no leaks there. So its a look to see if the turbo rotors are seized or damaged I believe next step. Is it possible to undo jubilee clip on turbo spigot and slide the flex-hose enough to check rotation ? and if so is it a bumper off job ? or even exhaust as well ? If it is a turbo mechanical issue what is the potential for DIY re-build ? I am a competent engineer with well equipped workshop, so are components readily available. I would rather keep original if I can as the car is totally original. Obviously if I have a turbo failure I need to seek a cause given mileage is 38,000 miles from new, maybe oil delivery issue I am thinking ? Thanks K
  4. Gosh thank you so much for detailed appraisal, I have a couple of days being tied up right now but can get to it at weekend. I am also of the view that as this was after a winter lay up it is probably something "simple" More investigations to follow. Best wishes Kev
  5. Fitted replacement lower O ring supplied very kindly by a forum member, but still NO turbo boost at all. The O ring was broken so now I know its intact. Maybe waste gate issues then ?? Any more ideas folks ? Just one thing, when I shut down the engine I hear from the turbo area a "clack-clack" rather like someone knocking pieces of hard wood together......
  6. Thank you very much indeed Sir, I will PM my address. Meanwhile am polishing all nuts and bolts ready for re assembly BTW reason for various guises is that this forum keeps telling me my password is wrong, I change it to a new one and then the same again !! Kevin
  7. A few moments with the spanners and I find that the lower O ring ( orange around 45mm dia) is broken and a piece missing. I would insert picture here but I have not a clue how to do it. this could be the issue I am hoping Will keep you informed, but where is best place to purchase a replacement item ? Thanks
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