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  1. Gosh thank you so much for detailed appraisal, I have a couple of days being tied up right now but can get to it at weekend. I am also of the view that as this was after a winter lay up it is probably something "simple" More investigations to follow. Best wishes Kev
  2. Fitted replacement lower O ring supplied very kindly by a forum member, but still NO turbo boost at all. The O ring was broken so now I know its intact. Maybe waste gate issues then ?? Any more ideas folks ? Just one thing, when I shut down the engine I hear from the turbo area a "clack-clack" rather like someone knocking pieces of hard wood together......
  3. Thank you very much indeed Sir, I will PM my address. Meanwhile am polishing all nuts and bolts ready for re assembly BTW reason for various guises is that this forum keeps telling me my password is wrong, I change it to a new one and then the same again !! Kevin
  4. A few moments with the spanners and I find that the lower O ring ( orange around 45mm dia) is broken and a piece missing. I would insert picture here but I have not a clue how to do it. this could be the issue I am hoping Will keep you informed, but where is best place to purchase a replacement item ? Thanks

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