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  1. Thanks for this info Peter it’s really useful. Hope your resto is progressing well
  2. Hi chaps thanks fo the reply’s and thoughts, sounds like Peter especially has done exactly what I need to do before. Would be very interested if you have the details or diagram on how you made the loom bits and a link for the switch part. Im confident I can make it up from a simple diagram. I will have a look to see if there’s hole under the vinyl either side of the steering wheel on mine. I’m just about old enough to remember when cars came without passenger mirrors fitted as standard as my dad bought a nearly new sunbeam talbot on a T plate for my grandmother when I was perhaps 6 yrs old and that didn’t have one either 😜
  3. Hi all My SC has an electric passenger wing mirror installed but no wiring on the cars loom feeding it or change over switch. Does anyone have the wiring drawn out for how to make this loom and is the change over switch, plugs etc available as I’d like to upgrade mine to a working unit. I suspect the car was supplied without the passenger mirror and the unit was later added. Cheers Martin
  4. Hi G and all I bought all my lines and stat plus other sundries from Kontact, prices were really good. Cut the flexible oil lines and replace them, I knackered the threads on my thermostat trying to undo the nuts but this was a blessing as the hard long lines are much more expensive than the stat is, at the front you can carefully cut through the nuts where the flexible pipes join the oil cooler Anyway, give them a call https://g.co/kgs/o2FhDE Cheers Martin
  5. Sold to Will Thanks all
  6. Pics attached hopefully, hard to photograph.
  7. I’ve been having a clearout and found a good usable 911 SC dashtop. Its dark blue leatherette (would recover fine) and has the centre air vent hole. (Possibly fits the IB carrera’s and first year 3.2?) Asking £275 plus post pm and I’ll text pics if needed Cheers Martin
  8. Sorry for the thread ressurection can anyone identify this part the connector goes to? Is it a microswitch in the fuel metering head and does it goes bad preventing the car from running? Thanks
  9. Brilliant that’s great!! 👍
  10. Brilliant I will have a go at hooking it up👍 Thanks
  11. Hi Ian Thanks for posting that, I helps a bit On the rear of the speedo unit we have 4 spade connector set marked as + A 31b - From the pic I can account for two wires (the 31b = br/rd and the 12v + = rd/bk) but cannot define where the other two go on the unit as they are not defined on the schematic, which seems to indicate they are internally linked? Could anyone grab a pic of their installed unit? Cheers
  12. Hi New here but not new to the car which I’ve had since ‘97 and not driven since ‘99! A very stalled resto which is essentially done but needs final putting together and since we have time on our hands I figured why not. Its a ‘79 Targa SC for reference. I disconnected the Speedo but didn’t mark the wiring as to how it connects from the loom onto the back of the unit. Could anyone here eyeball their wires and forward me the info? Cheers
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