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  1. Hi all. Apologies, I’ve been meaning to post my update. So soon after getting the SC I had a rare opportunity to pick up an original U.K. supplied rhd ‘72 for about the same price as the SC. The 72 was going to be my project after the SC but with the announcements of reduced stamp duty, our home move of next year has been moved forward, and sadly had to sell one of them for the move. Definitely lost some sleep having to part with the SC as I’d started to spend the money and never ever wanted to sell my first Porsche, but at the end of the day I had to choose. I actually took a lose on it,
  2. Hi all Hoping you can help, although technically not an IB question. I got offered a car I couldn’t refuse (a rhd 72 with a 2.4 spec’d up to 2.9 with a lot of rsr parts). The engine had about £20k worth of work by Bob Watson and it still seems strong, however the engine needs some tlc, and one of the jobs is the tinware, which looks rough. Would anyone have recommendations on the best place to send off tinware to be Power Coated. Ideally good quality at a sensible price and a relatively fast turnaround?
  3. That’s interesting to know. I know they are mainly for newer cars but wasn’t aware that I might not even be able to get one for a 1980. I did wonder how much of the form really needs completing but it doesn’t state anything as optional and also says I can get rejected; so I want to try and complete as much as I can. As DVLA are focused on helping key workers, I haven’t been able to get the paperwork done and can’t call for help. If someone had a V5C I expect I can copy a lot from there for this V55/5
  4. Hi all Apologies for asking, but I am still trying to get my SC that I imported from Ireland, put back on a UK V5C as it started its life back in 1980. Completing the V55/5 required is really hard, and it tells me to get a lot of the information from the Certificate of Conformity. Now I don’t want to pay for one just to get details I might need for the form If there is another way, and wondered if anyone had one for a SC Coupe or a v5c (blanked out any personal info) that I can use to simply copy the fields I need? Really appreciate if anyone has one they wouldn’t mind PMing me
  5. That’s interesting. Given the SC was meant to be a more ‘affordable’ Porsche for a wider market; I can imagine people might have wanted to save that amount of money. But more so, I expect a lot of people probably didn’t want the huge rear spoiler, so given it was a pre-defined package, you’d have to remove the package if you didn’t want the spoiler and then add any of the bits you did want (if any at all). Would be interested to know then, roughly what split were sold with Sports package vs those that weren’t.
  6. That makes sense. So whilst factory fitted, SC Sports doesn’t have a factory code. It was simply a pre-defined options package selected by the dealer on their system, which they were probably on commission to sell I wonder how much that pack was? Also still not 100% what was in it; rear wiper and sports seats have come up on a few posts I read as part of the ‘Sports’, but do seem odd. I do wonder if the seats reference was simply the cloth option as mine has a cloth I believe was typically from the 924 or 928 and turbo I think it was (see photo of combo).
  7. Is there a difference between a ‘Factory Option’ vs a ‘Group of Standard Options packaged together at dealership system level’, which is what others refer to it as. I guess not.
  8. That’s my SC (which I believe had the sports pack) and as said; assume Sports came with the tea tray and not the all rubber for example.
  9. Here are a few articles I was reading about specs. Top one suggests SC Sport is the most sought after? https://www.porscheclubgb.com/regions-registers/registers/classic/911-sc/porsche-911-sc-buyers-guide https://philipraby.co.uk/directory-porsche-911/porsche-911sc https://www.classicandsportscar.com/features/buyers-guide-porsche-911-1974-89
  10. Silver911SC

    SC vs SC Sport

    Hi all I was hoping someone might be able to clarify what is sometimes referenced as an ‘SC Sport’ which was in the U.K. only. Looking around and bringing together what people have said, that it’s just an SC, however they sold a factory Sports Package in the U.K. that consisted of: The larger turbo whaletail rear spoiler Deep rubber front spoiler Bilstein gas dampers 16-inch Fuchs wheels in black Rear Wiper Sports seats (Not sure how they differ, although mine seem to have a turbo cloth and half leather) Is that correct? Anything missing? And if
  11. Would the bubbling where they perhaps didn’t replace the kidney bowls suggest otherwise!?
  12. Thank you Al and FF; I've tried to drop you PM's although they won't seem to send to Al. Interestingly I've been recommended Jez and team at https://www.carreraperformance.com/index.htm for being very good at early Porsche repairs, and worth seeing if there is a sensible way to split the body work required (there might not be, and then it would have to go in to storage for a year until I can save funds). They're close to where we have it in storage, so once it's been to classicfx and then nine excellence, I will hopefully be able to run down there for bodywork. Hopefully coming together t
  13. Thanks for the reply. The bodywork hopefully still sits in my expectations of work that needed doing and the £15k I'm expecting to pay, but that would be next year as I need to save for it, and my concern is that I need to be able to pass an MOT. I guess I need to investigate further if I can get that jacking point done without having to kickstart the rest of the work, or whether it will need to spend a year in storage whilst I save.
  14. Thanks Al for the great and very helpful message. Yes the car came from Ireland but was originally a UK car and have most a lot of the history. It seemed to be well looked after in the UK and then by the first owner who took it over to Ireland and brought back to the UK for the major engine work, but it’s since spent the last 10 ish years at a couple of homes with DIY bits and pieces. That said, it hasn’t done loads of miles in those years. Once Classicfx sort the interior I am planning on 9 excellence probably doing the oil leak and service. I’ve budgeted £15k for body
  15. So Garry at Classicfx are based in Gatwick, and as chance has it, these guys are dropping a car back this week to the same storage facility mine is parked up in. So they are going to take the seats out whilst they are there, and take them off to retrim them. I will keep this post updated, hopefully with some nice photos
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