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  1. again. I buy cars and drive the wheels off them. I don't get how a ~100k mile car can be an asset... maybe a 5-10k or even 20k car, maybe. A BIG maybe. To those who think speculating on a non-yielding asset is going to make money, I think that's a long-run loser. You may find the next guy to sell it on, but as with non-yielding assets, you're always 1-2 buyers from the market caving in. An old Porsche isn't even a non yielding asset.. its a negative yielding asset since you have to store it and fix it and maintain it etc.
  2. this information is fantastic... what a wealth of knowledge totally agree that the current owners are controlling the market. how would one say mileage affects these cars? say between a 50,000 mile and 100,000 mile example, would 20-30% be reasonable? I don’t mind a high mileage car given it’s maintained well as I plan to drive it to it makes the ‘mileage deprecation’ less
  3. I want to drive the wheels off the car. Cars are never an investment... at best they may hold their value. If people think of cars as investments - good luck. I don’t think they’ll get rich trying. but they are held by a lot of investors/speculators that are destroying it a little for us who really want to drive it.
  4. From my research seems the ones trading hands over the past 1-2 years is between 100-120 at best... sound correct? Given the current circumstances I think paying above 100 seems to be a little too eager I agree they are in limited supply, but if 2-3 are trading hands every year out of 50, that’s actually quite a lot relative to the supply. A lot of speculators
  5. what has club sports been trading at over the past 2-3 years? Is the current market making then more reasonable and where do I go about checking where they are being sold? I’m in the UK. Would prefer one well looked after by an enthusiast!
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