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  1. Hi Keith if you are interested in selling the rear lid I would also be interested in it for my car im rebuilding at the moment! I have been looking for that lid for a while an original one that is. Regards Dominic
  2. I am after the above rear engine lid & spoiler prepared to buy or swap for A Original 930 engine lid & spoiler. Cheers Dominic
  3. Not original but I have a pair of porsche shop supplied Dansk ones if you are interested, Brand new £100
  4. Hi All I am trying to track down an original or exact replica of a 3.0 carrera rear engine lid like the one in the Orange car on the home page, does anybody have or know of where one would be available?
  5. Hi I am trying to find to purchase a 3.0 carrera rear engine lid does anybody know of one for sale? Regards Dominic

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