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  1. Winter tyres on ( almost) whatever grabs you. I couldn't believe the difference they make. I had an A4 quattro which would get stuck in a level car park in 4" of snow . Problem solved with the right tyres. That was a long time ago and now , when we get to November we fit winter rubber to an SQ5( also not great in snow on its standard tyres) and an slc Merc. Makes things a lot easier.
  2. That's really smart. Any other pics. to see?
  3. It's all getting a bit dull. Highlight of the week is the IB passing it's MoT today. At least that was an excuse to drive the thing. I'm a 911 newbie[mainly play with prewar stuff] but try to find reasons to drive the Porsche as much as possible. Don't seem to be many IBers in the NE of England , though. Jon
  4. I have all my 'proper' cars on a multicar classic policy. It seems to be good value ( even giving me a degree of cover when competing in sprints and hillclimbs) with European cover etc. But, they will not give me any track day insurance as an add on. I know people with MX 5s whose policies include track day cover for up to 6 days/ year. Does anyone have a 911 policy which provides this sort of cover?
  5. A recent member here & also signed up as very happy to support .
  6. Not the 911 but as an account of the development of Porsche as a car manufacturer rather than an engineering consultancy and design company this is a fascinating read. Accompanied by some great photos.
  7. Not sure I fancy a Kilt - too draughty for the NE of England. The bloke I bought it from had it retrimmed last year - he had seen it in an earlier Turbo and was told it was an option for one year.
  8. Another 'new' owner here [ I have posted on the 3.2 section when my car arrived]. I can't compete with the yellow against a bright blue sky but here is a piccie of the 3.2 + one of it's funky interior which I know some people will not be too keen on but we both like it. Done about 1000 miles over my first month of 911 ownership including a track day on it's new tyres[ the rears were 16 years old when I collected it !!!!! ]. Jon
  9. Still available? Would like to buy if it is
  10. 10 days so an absolute beginner with a 1986 3.2 coupe. We have done about 600 miles so far including a track day at Blyton yesterday( good value track time for those of you not familiar with Blyton).
  11. Afternoon Everyone, Just taken delivery of a 1986 Coupe. Grand Prix white although slightly grubby after a first run out in the torrential rain which has beset the NE of England today. First job is to fit some new rubber [these tyres are a bit past it] so I will have a look through old threads as I am sure there will be many views on what is best etc. Jon The boss likes it too - thankfully!
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