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  1. Well said, accept individual as whole, that’s what he can do. Brilliant, million miles better than some of the true influencers without substances! Shouting for something with no ground.
  2. Justin689

    SC Tyres

    I can’t comment on other brands, but RE02 are great on road and track! Rubber heats up very well and can take quite a lot torques around the corner. I am really impressed.
  3. It has been a while to update this, as the weather has been wonderful for enjoying the car! Been to few local driving events, around the Lough neagh, west coast, east coast, kirkstown trackday... ramping more than 1000 miles since I got it, the car didn’t miss a beat! I was amazed by the effectiveness of the standard brakes, regular 110mph on the straight then brake, hairpin, 4x15 mins sessions, absolutely no brake fade! Bridgestone RE002 is fabulous on the corner! But I do felt that 2nd gear is a bit hard to get in!!! Only replacement so far was a fan belt as I spotted the cracks. Credit
  4. Great, thank you David! I’ll looking into it more, sounds like a good reliable app. Only thing is properly loss of the phone or running out of battery 😂😂
  5. Hi there, Has anyone tried the programmable, Bluetooth connection type ignition from 123 ignition? https://www.mecatechnic.com/en-GB/123-ignition-programmable-bluetooth-ignition-distributor-for-porsche-911-30-sc_UC28295.htm It looks like you can easily turn the engine via this tool plus, the main reason I want is to have a potential ignition locker/ security device for you car:) any review or feedback would be appreciated, thanks. many thanks, justin
  6. I believe you can reset the hand brake yourself in about 2 hours, following some pelicans threads. I recently done mine due to failure in mot, since then it has passed. Always start with adjusting the screw inside the brake discs, then balancing the brake cables👍
  7. Omg, beautiful example. A recent petrolious video has feature this one, should be on the up for price. I have share your info on my local forum.
  8. Just got my insured via sterling underwriting by trinity line. Agreed value at 38K, £296 don’t know if they are the best but seems very easy to communicate, and also happy to insure my car on chassis number until I finish UK registration.
  9. That’s a beauty! Well done on the grey/green colour, what’s the colour code?
  10. Beautifully done, the sliver arrow👍👍
  11. Sorry to hear that, must be tough love.
  12. Head unit is in, I think it looks class with the dash. Great recommendation by members here. Passed MOT with flying colour, now just need to fill the form and send everything to DVLA to register:) PS: found a Schuppan team japan racing sticker, surely it will stay on my rear quarter window now. The nice connection between Porsche, racing and Japan:)
  13. Awesome 😎 looking forward to the badge and stickers 😆😆
  14. My one is broken too due to leather been dried out. You can get some lovely leather strips from Etsy then cut to the size you want. Or go to local leather repair shops to get one made:)
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