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  1. Hi guys, I know this is an old post, I have also encountered the same problem, odometer is not moving but speed reads fine. I took it apart just trying to see if the gears are indeed broken, turned out the gears are all fine, mileages moves when I turn it manually from the first gear. Now I wonder if I can get a replacement for the odometer motor? Many thanks, JT
  2. Hi all, I plan to replace these hoses around the brake fluid reservoir, item number 7,8, 19, 21, 16s. I have phoned Porsche, the prices are quite expensive plus minimum order is always a large one. wonder if any of you know the suitable spec and dimensions for these replacements? many thanks,
  3. Welcome, very similar colour to mine😉 if the car and you can connect, then there is no way going back
  4. Maybe I just update this, it’s a Japanese market feature to use this sensor and monitor the exhaust temperature, EGT sensor. Just got confirmed from Japanese Porsche owner, simply remove the sensor and joint the wire, then the dash EX light will be off. http://forums.pelicanparts.com/porsche-911-technical-forum/389175-what-red-light-blinking-row-dash.html
  5. Thanks mark, was the oxygen sensor labelled 6A in the diagram? This one is at the position of 6C...
  6. Hi folks, Just wonder can I just remove a d disconnect the temperature sensor that is attached to the end of the Catalytic converter (figure 3, 6c). The exhaust temperature was introduced around 79-80 to Japanese market, which the car was imported from. I have a straight through pipe bought to replace this cat, can I just remove and disconnect the exhaust temperature sensor or do I need to weld a hold and attach the temperature sensor? many thanks, justin
  7. So beautiful 😍 so retrofuturistic. Love it. https://youtu.be/nB27eykIuGA
  8. Thanks for sharing this, I was looking through yesterday, some lovely cars, but buyer needs to pay for 6% fee.
  9. Well said, accept individual as whole, that’s what he can do. Brilliant, million miles better than some of the true influencers without substances! Shouting for something with no ground.
  10. Justin689

    SC Tyres

    I can’t comment on other brands, but RE02 are great on road and track! Rubber heats up very well and can take quite a lot torques around the corner. I am really impressed.
  11. It has been a while to update this, as the weather has been wonderful for enjoying the car! Been to few local driving events, around the Lough neagh, west coast, east coast, kirkstown trackday... ramping more than 1000 miles since I got it, the car didn’t miss a beat! I was amazed by the effectiveness of the standard brakes, regular 110mph on the straight then brake, hairpin, 4x15 mins sessions, absolutely no brake fade! Bridgestone RE002 is fabulous on the corner! But I do felt that 2nd gear is a bit hard to get in!!! Only replacement so far was a fan belt as I spotted the cracks. Credit
  12. Great, thank you David! I’ll looking into it more, sounds like a good reliable app. Only thing is properly loss of the phone or running out of battery 😂😂
  13. Hi there, Has anyone tried the programmable, Bluetooth connection type ignition from 123 ignition? https://www.mecatechnic.com/en-GB/123-ignition-programmable-bluetooth-ignition-distributor-for-porsche-911-30-sc_UC28295.htm It looks like you can easily turn the engine via this tool plus, the main reason I want is to have a potential ignition locker/ security device for you car:) any review or feedback would be appreciated, thanks. many thanks, justin
  14. I believe you can reset the hand brake yourself in about 2 hours, following some pelicans threads. I recently done mine due to failure in mot, since then it has passed. Always start with adjusting the screw inside the brake discs, then balancing the brake cables👍
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