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    Lovely purchase, red is beautiful
  2. Yes, I’ll use this instead. Cut the collectors and connect with the side of GT3 muffler with custom pipes
  3. Thanks, the SSI will be cut at the collectors then joined with the side of GT3 muffler. Thanks for mentioning the oil return pipes, these are still one piece on my engine. No visible leaking at the moment. Do you reckon I switch them to those telescope ones? I am thinking about the thermostat while the pipes are off.
  4. Hi All, I am in the process of get my old rusty heat exchangers and muffler out, replacing them with a set of SSI heat exchangers and a 997 GT3 muffler. Similar to the Bursch exhaust new system, but with the some cutting and jointing of the SSI and GT3 muffler. Obviously the oil pipes will be backdated, plus some odd broken exhaust studs, gaskets and the S shape rubber hose for oil. While we are at these, anything/any parts do you guys recommend to renew or upgrade around the area? many thanks, Justin GT3 + aircooled sounds https://www.instagram.com/p/CRSPSYLlpcH/?utm_medium=copy_link
  5. I have my recaros done with the factory spec tartan, they look like this now:
  6. Hi guys, I know this is an old post, I have also encountered the same problem, odometer is not moving but speed reads fine. I took it apart just trying to see if the gears are indeed broken, turned out the gears are all fine, mileages moves when I turn it manually from the first gear. Now I wonder if I can get a replacement for the odometer motor? Many thanks, JT
  7. Hi all, I plan to replace these hoses around the brake fluid reservoir, item number 7,8, 19, 21, 16s. I have phoned Porsche, the prices are quite expensive plus minimum order is always a large one. wonder if any of you know the suitable spec and dimensions for these replacements? many thanks,
  8. Welcome, very similar colour to mine😉 if the car and you can connect, then there is no way going back
  9. Maybe I just update this, it’s a Japanese market feature to use this sensor and monitor the exhaust temperature, EGT sensor. Just got confirmed from Japanese Porsche owner, simply remove the sensor and joint the wire, then the dash EX light will be off. http://forums.pelicanparts.com/porsche-911-technical-forum/389175-what-red-light-blinking-row-dash.html
  10. Thanks mark, was the oxygen sensor labelled 6A in the diagram? This one is at the position of 6C...
  11. Hi folks, Just wonder can I just remove a d disconnect the temperature sensor that is attached to the end of the Catalytic converter (figure 3, 6c). The exhaust temperature was introduced around 79-80 to Japanese market, which the car was imported from. I have a straight through pipe bought to replace this cat, can I just remove and disconnect the exhaust temperature sensor or do I need to weld a hold and attach the temperature sensor? many thanks, justin
  12. So beautiful 😍 so retrofuturistic. Love it. https://youtu.be/nB27eykIuGA
  13. Thanks for sharing this, I was looking through yesterday, some lovely cars, but buyer needs to pay for 6% fee.
  14. Well said, accept individual as whole, that’s what he can do. Brilliant, million miles better than some of the true influencers without substances! Shouting for something with no ground.
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