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  1. Good advice. Once the carpets and seats are in I am going to take stock get a few miles under the belt. I picked up the SC/RS EB Motorsports bumpers from sopor so that should keep me busy through the winter . Eyes are peeled for the larger Fuchs. I think I stumbled across you on Youtube Shrish, was that you who commented on a JayEmm review of my friends V12 Vantage ? Small world! For the time being I am going to focus on finding the clunk so I can enjoy the car properly.
  2. Sorry to resurrect an old thread. I have the exact issue you are describing here Kenny, did you ever get to the end of it?
  3. I have been doing some deep thinking about this over the weekend. I can't deny the weight saving but I am not sure if I am ready to make the irreversible mods required... however two weeks ago I wasn't even considering fg bumpers so I may flip-flop! Appreciate the assistance on questions on the carbon fibre, I may take you up on that at some point in the future. The rear seat pans were finished off today. The black paint has a satin finish once dry. Done some more hunting on the knock. Took Dad out today who positioned himself around the car to try and see where the sound is coming from, rather than the front as I initially thought it seems it is actually coming from the rear. There are relatively new Elephant Racing spring plates fitted so the bushings here should be ok. I am leaning towards it being the wheel bearings due to the left to right, right to left nature of the knocking. I did give the wheels a good yank at 12 and 6 but didn't feel any play, however I understand that you can't always confirm it this way? I guess after 160k miles it wouldn't be a bad idea to change the bearings out anyhow.
  4. I can work out collection, no problem. Just sent a direct message.
  5. Emailed them but they said not cross compatible due to other differences. Appreciated the help however!
  6. I would have snapped this up if it fitted the SC. Would you sell the PSJ separate?
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Porsche-Classic-911-912-964-993-Dry-Carbon-Roof-Skin/233564489889?hash=item36618748a1:g:CakAAOSwk8RenH1O Is this the one? Would it simply go over the top of the existing roof with no chopping out of the existing metal?
  8. Appreciate the advice here, I have ordered up some Dynamat and some closed-cell foam from the guys you mentioned. Sunroof delete is very tempting, that's a lot of weight sitting up there. Didn't realise just how much that would weigh. Has anyone pulled the sunroof panel and motor and replaced with a fibreglass plug? That would make it a reversible job and still save a fair amount of weight? It comes formed already so it is quite literally bolt on. The only adjustment needed is to ensure that the gaps are even before tightening the bolts. The mesh one would look great on your car, I almost went for that one myself. I also ordered his pedal boards but they are yet to arrive. I have purchased the EB Motorsports SC RS bumpers from sopor, thanks to all for your advice. I am a little worried this takes the look of the car too far away from stock but this should be another ~20kg saving that should get me over the 100kg mark.... The BF Torino Rallye ST seats have been ordered in basket weave. I decided against Alcantara door cards in favour of basket weave to match the seats, also coming in a lightweight plush RS carpet set both from Simon at PF911. Still chasing this knock, got me stumped. Could there be a bearing inside the trans tunnel that could be sliding side to side?
  9. I had my eye on this one myself! What an excellent stance and excellent backstory. Look forward to seeing more.
  10. Hi Sopor, Thanks for the heads up on the bumpers. I'd like the bumpers but would be unable to get down to SE Hants anytime soon. Do you have a postcode that I can use to get a quote for collection with Shiply? I have used them in the past for parts like this and they are good. I just tried to message you direct but it wasn't allowing me to.
  11. Cheers Ian! These were the clamps I was talking about, https://type911shop.co.uk/epages/de867ca1-377e-432e-84fd-bdccf2206766.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/de867ca1-377e-432e-84fd-bdccf2206766/Products/2528 When I took the old ones off they were bolted into a threaded mount so perhaps someone had already done this trick? I could give them a good thick coating of stonechip to prevent from rusting. I reckon fibre glass blade will be the next thing to start thinking about. There will be a 2 out muffler being fitted at some point so the blade and valence will need modifying, I would rather do this to a fibre glass set than the original incase I want to turn it back to stock. Are there any particular UK manufacturers of the fibre glass parts you can recommend? Happy to pay extra for a quality part.
  12. Finished off removing the surface rust from the rear seat pans. After sanding I applied some rust remover and let it soak for 24 hours, it cleaned up nicley. Will crack on with priming and painting next weekend. Then off to the trimmers for fresh carpet. The Spadecustomz (http://www.spadescustomz.shop/) grill arrived, it's a lovely bit of kit. It even came in it's own tartan bag (although the old grill doesn't fit!). I have a little bit of adjustment on my fitment to line up the gaps perfectly that Florian kindly pointed out. Very happy so I now have the drilled pedal boards now on order from them. Weight wise the grill is 70g lighter than the original. Whilst I was there the rear wiper was deleted, the loose terminals have been insulated and tucked away. Side sills and bumperette delete completed. I am planning to get some new oil line clamps as there was one missing and the others are rusty which is quite obvious without the sill. The holes left by the sill fixings have been treated with some underseal and I am going to silicone some small black fir tree plugs in there. The edge of the wheel arch that would normally be covered by the sill end caps is going to be covered with some PPF to absorb the stone chips. The holes left by the bumperettes have been plugged with some black grommets, I do not think it looks too bad? The remaining rubber is a little loose where the bumperette is no longer holding it but I am planning to secure these with some bond. Thinking about door cards today, I quite fancy some in alcantara rather than the usual black vinyl but a bit unsure as to whether would be a bit too modern looking. If I went this route I would get the B pillars, rear quarter trim and possibly the rear parcel shelf done too. Ordered Powerlite PS-20 Battery yesterday but was told it is out of stock until further notice, seems like quite a few suppliers in the same boat. With about 83kg removed so far the car feels noticeably faster in 2nd and 3rd. This lightweight business is more addictive that I initially thought. May start to look at some lightweight body panels. Weight Saved Side Sill + Trim + Fixings 5.04kg Side Sill End Caps 0.17kg Rear Wiper Assembly 1.53kg Bumperettes + Lights + Fixings 2.38kg Rear Deck Grill + Fixings 1.09kg Weight Added Spadecustomz Rear Deck Grill + Fixings 1.02kg
  13. Sorry, working video link here. Can't edit my own posts yet?

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