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  1. Year: 1998 Age: 33 Model: 1990 LHD 964 Carrera 4, Amethyst Metallic with a full Magenta leather interior (bold!) Price:£15,000 Purchased privately from an Austrian hotel owner in Edinburgh who was doing a sideline in bringing them in. Came from an OPC in Germany with 11 months left of a 1 year factory warranty. Came in handy for a new starter motor and alternator! Now distracted looking for any old pictures. Trying to remember the reg no to see if its still on the road.
  2. Yep, I'm struggling with condensation as well. I had a cotton cover on it during the summer but have removed it as it was just adding to the problem. Once I've serviced it and fresh boots fitted I think it will be heading back into its carcoon. Bit of a faff but will hopefully avoid condensation issues. Thanks for the advice. I will probably have a test on the centres and see how it goes. I think all of the old paint needs to come off and I can see some red lurking on the edges of the petals.
  3. Thanks for the heads up @Flat 6. Hopefully the storm will have cleared by the weekend and I can start tinkering. I dont have a garage at the moment so its living in a Clarke garage and an outdoor Carcoon.
  4. Many thanks for the feedback. I've been looking at them for a few years and haven't warmed to the polished look. The Autoglym satin matt will be getting a run out. Agreed that as with most things the quality of the prep will be a major factor. Have been looking at some of the threads on stripping back the current paint so will post some images once I start the prep.
  5. I received a box of goodies today from Type911. I only ordered them yesteday and they are already unpacked. Included black alloy wheel nuts and a new set of locking wheel nuts. My Fuchs need a freshen up as they have a gloss black finish and I can see some red lurking beneath on at least three of them. I would like give them a tidy up and to return them to a satin black finish. I was wondering if there is a paint code for the satin black or if a close match is readily available in a rattle can? I have a can of Autoglym but not sure if its suitable for the job? I'm not obsessed about originality more looking for jobs to occupy me during enforced confinement. The centre caps appear to have been polished and I would appreciate if someone could confirm that the image is just a standard cap thats been polished rather than something rarer before I rip into it and paint it? as always thoughts and feedback appreciated, Charlie
  6. Hi Jason, Any update on your new boots? Im looking to replace my current SO2's and struggling to settle on matched replacements. Current 225/50/16's rears on 8" Fuchs fill the arches nicely. Not sure if I want to go with 245/45/16 if available or if that might over tyre the car assuming they would fit.
  7. Truly a thing of beauty. However, 993 hard shell seats are as far as I am aware are rarely available and obscenely expensive. Probably out of my league at the moment. Of to read a thread on tyre compounds or gearbox oil to take my mind off seats.
  8. Thanks for forwarding the thread. I'm drawn to the 997 seats over the 996 as they appear to only have powered seat backs for rake with manual hieght and front/rear adjustment. Looks like its a contender.
  9. I should have pointed out that we have owned the car for around 10 years. Im just getting to a point where I have more time available to give it the exercise and investment it deserves. Needs a good shakedown as has only been covering a few hundred miles a year, less in some. Ive been accumulating parts and plan to refresh the bushes etc. Fresh boots and a geometry check were my first thoughts along with doing the bushing. Looking for a fast road setup. Would like to cruise through europe with a degree of comfort and enjoy some twisty bits once I get there. Any advice on merits of uprated v standard bushes welcome.
  10. Thanks for putting them on my radar. To be honest I fancy something a bit different hence looking at the winged hard back option. I've seen a very nice pair with embossed headrests. Just not sure about clearances and hope to get a little more info on the scale of the challenge and avoid messing the seller about in the process. in truth new seats are the least of my issues. It will need new kidney bowls in the near future but want to enjoy it a little more if I can before it goes under the knife. Rust, the gift that keeps on giving....
  11. Hi, New to IB. I've spent the last few days trawling through old threads with interest. We have an 89 3.2 Carrera Coupe. Seats are a little tired and the red piping has split in places. I was wondering if there is an option to fit 996/997 hardback sports seats? Ive seen some 997 sports seats on ebay and the seller has provided me some dimension for seat and track width and they seem quite close. However, I haven't seen anyone else fit them so am sensing it may not be that straight forward? I'm keen to look at recliner options as would like to retain access to rear seats for luggage whilst touring. Anyone tried this route?
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