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  1. Thought I’d update on this. I took a look at the fuses and, though none were blown, a lot of them looked pretty old. I installed a completely new set, and this seemed to solve the problem.
  2. 😉 The automotive equivalent of “switch it off and on again”!
  3. Just headed out for a drive following a long downpour of biblical proportions that my 911 stood in. I got a couple of miles down the road with my headlights, wipers and heater on before the wipers stopped working. Due to continuing heavy rain I had to abandon my journey and return home to investigate. The wipers are now completely dead, both on normal fixed speed and intermittent speed. If I switch my rotary heat control dial to a setting 6 or greater, or my headlights on, my indicators stop working and all my dashboard gauges lose power. Electric windows, sunroof, stereo and fresh air blower all still work fine. All the controls mentioned were working fine a couple of days ago, although it may be the first time I’ve used the headlights/wipers/heater all at the same time. I’m almost certainly going to take it to my local back-street Porsche specialist for a fix, but it would be great to know if anyone here has experienced anything similar.
  4. Thanks - I can stop worrying now then!
  5. Thanks for that. Does the fuel nozzle actually squeeze past that metal piece, even when you position it as suggested?
  6. I have a 1984 Carrera 3.2, ‘relatively’ newly acquired (given lockdowns) and so only refuelled twice. I can see a piece of metal at the junction of the fuel filler neck and sleeve. This is stopping me inserting the fuel pump nozzle past this point. Is this normal for these cars?
  7. Toyo Proxes TR1. There's very little choice in this size and profile - it was either the Proxes or Pirelli Cinturato P7 at almost 4 times the price!
  8. Just had to find out what tomorrow is! Unfortunately I can’t make it as I’m home alone with my 9 and 12 year old daughters until my wife gets back from visiting her parents. Oh and before anyone suggests I bring them along, they flatly refuse to travel in my Porsche these days. The family car is a LR Discovery 4, so they are used to a LOT more room! Jesus, if my dad had driven a 911 when I was 12...!
  9. It’s probably more accurate to say that PS ‘managed’ the backdate. They had a client who wanted to achieve a similar look to the PS Retro Touring cars at a much lower cost. At that point in the past PS was selling backdate body kits through Design911 under the RS Teknik brand (no longer produced). PS helped source the donor car and recommended a garage to do the conversion.
  10. Just joined the forum as I’ve sold my 997.2 C2S and bought a backdated 1984 Carrera 3.2 Sport. The 997 was amazing, but too modern and with a PDK gearbox too similar to my automatic cars. I’d been looking for a classic 911 anywhere from the mid 70s to late 80s. I do love the look of the early 70s cars as well, but don’t have the budget for an original. Out of the blue I saw this car hit the Ignition Classics (Paul Stephens used car brand) web site, and it seemed to offer me my perfect combination. I’d missed out on a couple of cars during the past couple of months so I jumped on it pretty quickly. The backdate was carried out in 2013. It is pretty stock mechanically, with all the modifications being cosmetic. It has fibreglass bumpers and bonnet, but retains a metal deck lid. It has been lowered and runs on 15” Fuchs, 195/60 at the front and 225/50 at the rear. The interior has been fitted with lightweight door cards, leather dashboard / door caps and replica touring seats (which may well encourage me to lose some lockdown weight!). The gearbox was rebuilt about 6,000 miles ago, and the engine was rebuilt in 2017 (just 1,000 miles ago). It is by no means in perfect condition, but I hope it will be a great base car to do some further tweaking of my own. It’s amazing how much more love this car has already got from passers by than my 997 ever did! I’m also steadily getting to grips with the 915 gearbox...
  11. I’ve just installed this unit. On the face of it everything looks and sounds OK, however I seem to be having the following two issues - anyone else experienced these? DAB presets seem to have been lost, having been previously programmed in and worked fine. DAB ‘ensembles’ as they seem to be called appear to be all over the place. For example the ‘BBC DAB’ ensemble contains a load of stations except any BBC stations! The only way I seem to be able to find a BBC station is by doing an Intro Scan of every station that can be received, waiting for the BBC station I want to be reached and then leaping on it. Apart from these very annoying niggles, I’m pretty pleased. 😄
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