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  1. Stainless steel. Lovely quality. £70 posted or collect RG26 5HQ
  2. Sorry no, brand new ebc disks and pads are £200 rrp on their own. Boxster calipers are £250+ Adaptors are over £100. Disassembled rear calipers value £70? It's got to be worth £375 for the lot. Thanks for interest
  3. Hi, just to confirm these are the 986 boxster 2.7 calipers (not S). I will take photos tonight.
  4. Sounds like a plan! Let me know how much you both want to pay and we will go from there
  5. I will take pictures later, however items are: 2 x used Boxster front calipers 2 x front CNC front caliper mounts 2 x front discs and pads (new in box) 2 x rear 3.2 Carrera rear calipers (require rebuild / paint) This combo will work with stock master cylinder and provide the correct front / rear braking ratio. Requires 3.2 rear brake discs and pads to complete conversion. £375 posted (UK)
  6. 1 of 1 USA market car, metallic silver with lobster red tweed interior, pop-out rear windows One key for all locks and full numbers matching car which is great potential for any restoration and future values. Factory options: *1976 Porsche 911 S (Model 911344) *Prod # 1064366 *Engine # 6461115 (type 911/92 165HP) *Gearbox 915/44 #7162817 *Silver Metallic 936 (Z2) *Interior Trim: 22 seat backs leatherette lobster, interior panels and seat inlay, bolster and headrest lobster tweed. carpet lobster *M197 Stronger battery *M392 Full matching cloth interior in tweed *M418 Alum trim strip around wheel arches *M497 1.5PS stronger starter *M565 Sports steering wheel 380mm (missing) *M566 Rectangular front fog lights white (removed) 1976 -1989: Originally purchased by an accountant in Denver. 1989 -2020: Second Owner: University Professor in Colorado. I have spoken to this owner and it has a fascinating back story (too long to share here!) Following years of not being used (the clean air ticket ran out in 1991) The car was recommissioned faulty CIS system, rotten fuel tank were removed and a new BITZefi system, fuel tank and lines (ethanol resistant) installed. The gearbox was also rebuilt to replace worn synchromesh and various small oil leaks sealed. The original tired ATS ‘cookie-cutter’ alloys were replaced with 7x16” VTO Classic 8’s shod in Continental tyres 205/55 on the front and 215/50 at the rear. Brake overhaul front / rear Shock absorbers replaced. 930 lower rocker covers Hydraulic timing tensioners 11 blade cooling fan Seine 915 gate shifter (basically sprung to self-centre and more positive action) I purchased the car direct from the private seller in USA from an advert on Pelican Parts. Since my ownership I have: Registered on age related number plate Replaced brake master cylinder Replaced front brake lines. (have rears to go with car) RHD headlight lenses Heating backdate New 85Ah battery Momo Ghibli Steering wheel Various rubber bumper parts (originals were sun cracked) Full pedal box rebuild with new bushes, powder coating, etc £15k Engine rebuild following cylinder 1 failure in 2021 Brand new oil cooler Brand new MAHLE Pistons and cylinders Every engine bearing, gasket, etc replaced. Megasquirt ECU (controls Fuel Injection and Ignition via a trigger wheel) New rear wiring loom (original was very fragile and insulation missing) Titanium exhaust manifold studs – anyone who knows older Porsches these are essential. Chevy LS2 coil-near-plugs (far better spark) removes need for distributor 36-1 Trigger wheel and VR sensor (Ford Zetec part) Engine case line bore / pinned for alignment All bungs removed and replaced to ensure every oil way was cleaned. 3.2 Carrera headers / heat-exchangers, cat delete and stock muffler. Sounds amazing without being annoying 3.2 smooth front valance and rubber lip spoiler Front seat belts professionally rewebbed. Rear seat belts Survivor / patina / hot-rod style 911 very similar to what ROCS Motorsport in New Jersey are building provided inspiration for the way it now looks. Being a 1976 car was the first year the 911 was fully galvanised and the last year of the stylish and classic opening rear quarter windows. The black hood was purchased from another mid 70’s 911 currently undergoing a back date. The patina from the old black respray really works well with the rest of the paintwork. The front wings have been replaced at some point but the rest of the car is still in the (remains) of original paint. The enamel lacquer coat has long since departed from the roof and is slowly receding from the top of the rear wings and doors. I don’t want to lose the texture of the paint so have avoided clear coating it, I prefer to use a non-gloss Renaissance wax which seems to be giving it decent protection and avoiding more lacquer loss. By some quirk of fate the original lobster red tweed interior has survived really well and looks amazing, it really pops against the contrast of the exterior. I rebuilt the pedal box, fitted Jaspe (Calico) coco-mats, Momo steering wheel and an extender shift lever. A Seine 915 Shift gate was already installed and allows definition between gears and self-centres. Currently running in following the engine rebuild, I have dropped the oil once and checked the plugs and all looks fine. The car has never been welded, plated, filled with bodge so is a rare bird especially without the sunroof option and full matching numbers (even back of doors have the correct chassis number crayoned on!) There is some corrosion around the windscreen surround (however it hasn’t started on the scuttle so the Dansk repair panel will be needed. The front bumper supports have started to rust due so will require plates inside the trunk There will obviously be other small bits but the important kidneys, etc are rock solid. I adore the car and have always wanted one and only selling due to the expensive engine rebuild emptying me of any savings! I have a google cloud with hundreds of photos from the original advert on Pelican Parts until today, nothing hidden and I have been in and around every nook and cranny of this car. Please don’t confuse for a quick flip import!
  7. yup I will have them to try please
  8. Cheers I am also on ddk so shall send him a pm. I have found a map on pelican parts which could be a start
  9. Hi My 76 2.7 originally had a bitzefi, the megasquirt part has now been upgraded to ms2 with spark drivers. Does anyone have a 'safe' map to get the car started so i know it runs before I get it taken to the rolling road tuners? I am running std cams, pistons and heads. LS2 coil near plug per cylinder batch firing. 36-1 trigger wheel with vr sensor. Spartan wide band lambda No tps or cam position sensor. Cheers Jack
  10. Not wanting a full tuthill safari spec but something to deal with crappy backroads and all year use. Needs to be reversible if I don't like it. Is there a cheap way of lifting it enough for All terrain tyres in 205/70 R15?
  11. Following a dry build of the bottom end (1976 911 2.7 7R) it appears the crank is nipping up. The crank has been ground back .25mm and DTI spot on for each journal. Plastigage also shows ideal clearances. I can only presume the case is warped, I believe best course of action is to skim the mating surfaces and line bore it (I can reuse my new std outer / .25mm inner bearings) Anyone recommend somewhere in S. England and approx costs? Cheers, Jack
  12. apologies for blatant rip-off but saves me having to repost it and the PH crew don't seem interested in it... probably not enough pop-pop-bang-bangs https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=47&t=1884993 I will keep updates here and Impact Bumpers now that work is progressing at a decent rate.
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