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  1. Unfortunately I didn't do my research and split both rear calipers. Has anyone managed to find the half o ring seals or are they now financially scrap? Only paid £40 for the pair and they are rough (hence why I was planning on doing a DIY rebuild) Cheers!
  2. I have purchased most of the bits to convert my 1976 911S (dual circuit, no servo) Boxster 2.5/2.7 Brembo calipers with brackets. 911 3.2 front discs 911 3.2 rear calipers. Not sure what rear brake disc I need or if the existing ones will be ok? Thanks!
  3. Hi Now that Clay has stopped making kits, is there anyone in the UK who is able to provide the kits or drawings (don't mind paying) for the linkage kit? Thanks, Jack
  4. I plan to install the 955i ITB, it will make the fuel runners redundant but will still require the EFI and associated gubbins to chuck fuel in to the ITB's! My 911 came from the US with it installed and seems to be really good, I plan to get it on a rolling road soon and a custom map however the shipped map seems ok. The plugs are a good colour and the car starts really well cold or hot.
  5. Hi I am gauging to see if there would be much interest in a fixed price drive in drive out BITZefi install? I have the system fitted to my car and can't rate it high enough especially based on the relatively low cost of the system. It is reversible should you wish to reinstate the CIS. More info here: https://www.bitzracing.com/ Until now the system is only available as mail order from Canada and is designed as a DIY however this may not be for everyone. I have been in chat with my local Porsche indy (located just outside Reading / Berks) and it is something he might
  6. Thanks mate, please can you point me in the direction of the charity so I can make a donation
  7. Hi mate I will take the black rear one please. I am on in tadley and will be at F6J in burghfield tomorrow. Cheers
  8. Black without foglights holes or indents. Drilled for chin spoiler. Perfectly usable condition to put straight on for the smooth/clean look! £50 One with fog light indents (1976) slight dent but could be pushed out. Silver. £30 Collection from Basingstoke or you can arrange courier. Photo tomorrow when better weather. Cheers!
  9. Yup leap of faith, no option with my limited budget and wanting a non-sunroof nb coupe. It was pretty much my dream spec and even the wheels I would have chosen given free reign. Previous owner did lots of mech work including Bitz EFI, MSD ignition, etc
  10. My story: https://www.stuttcars.com/owner-stories/the-survivor-look-911/ My friend popped over and took some pictures, I am just waiting for DVLA to issue a plate and I will take it over to Flat_6_Jack for him to get it on the ramps and sort a few issues: 1) Starter has a parasitic drain 2) Cooling fan is tickling the bottom of the cowl and making an annoying noise. 3) Speedo, Rev and Clock not working but other 2 gauges on the left are. 4) General inspection, kick the tyres, etc. I absolutely love it and looking forward to getting some miles under my belt (I had
  11. cheers I manned-up and it popped off. Now fitted my super cheap MX5 Momo steering wheel, really pleased it is 370mm diameter so steering not heavy. A quick measure confirms it is the same distance away from dash-top, wipers, etc as the original.
  12. for mag motorbike wheels I use Steve: http://tpcs-magnesium-refurbs.co.uk/ He always seems to have Porsche bits sent over from Europe to refinish and very reasonable rates last time I used him
  13. Hi my friend is very interested for his 912 and may be able to collect. Please could you ping me a message with your email or phone number? Thanks Jack!
  14. where abouts do you recommend trying to pry it from, mine seems rather reluctant to move!
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