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  1. Cheers, is the 23mm comparable quality to the ATE? I am upgrading to boxster front calipers and 3.2 rears so it may be worthwhile.
  2. great I think these are the 2 options: 19mm: https://type911shop.co.uk/epages/de867ca1-377e-432e-84fd-bdccf2206766.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/de867ca1-377e-432e-84fd-bdccf2206766/Products/2007 23mm: https://type911shop.co.uk/epages/de867ca1-377e-432e-84fd-bdccf2206766.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/de867ca1-377e-432e-84fd-bdccf2206766/Products/2433
  3. Unfortunately the OEM one is £411 + VAT! I am sure there must be an OEM equivalent with a justifiable price tag. If not I will dig out the old original one and see if I can refurb it. Cheers,
  4. My original Porsche one was rotted out (1976) so I bought the cheap D911 one and it leaks like a sieve despite new washer, removing(!) the paint from the mating surface, etc. I can only conclude it was only £60 for a reason. I have got most of the bits for the Boxster / 911 3.2 f/r brake upgrade, the URO 23mm master cylinder looks better quality and a fraction of the price of a genuine OEM Porsche one. Are there any alternatives or should I just go for the bigger m/c? Cheers!
  5. This looks neat way of using a later bar on earlier chassis: http://911sg.com/911-rear-sway-bar-swap/
  6. looks great, any thoughts on a small batch run? I have a 76 911S without a rear ARB so looking at options. Cheers
  7. 1976 911s 123 distributor MSD 6AL Megasquirt ms1 Plugged usb in and this is the curve looks completely wrong compared to a 2.7 curve in the workshop manual. Am I ok just copying the points on to the top curve? Not sure what to do with the MAP curve? Cheers Jack
  8. Flat6Jack will have a stand there displaying my 911, a coupe of 912 a nice SC and PJ will have his 356 there so wouldn't be surprised for decent Porsche attendance.
  9. Hi Phill, cool thanks for reply. Do you have a list of components so I can cost it? Assume it does away with diz and msd ignition? Cheers!
  10. Hi My 911 was imported from the USA last year, where both the fuel and sparks had been modified and much of the original engine bay wiring has been 'altered' by a previous owner! The car has a BITZEFI Megasquirt 1 controlling the fuel and a MSD AL6 firing blaster coils with a 123 Tune 6 distributor. I believe the Megasquirt can be modified to control a Ford EDIS system: http://www.megasquirtuk.co.uk/ms1v2.2.html If this is the case I would like to be able to remove the MSD and 123 to simplify the fuel and sparks to assist in future problem solving. I assume the wasted spark
  11. Hi My 911 currently has an extended pre-silencer ending in a 3" tail pipe. It sounds fierce but also slightly annoying. Unfortunately I do not have the money to fit a full new system so hoping to achieve something that still sounds sporty. My thinking is to pick up an SC standard back box and fit https://www.design911.co.uk/fu/prod1738/Porsche-911-Pre-Silencer-Dansk-92300--92300S/ Hopefully the whole lot can be done for less than £200. Any experience of the Dansk bypass pipe in conjunction with standard silencer? Cheers!
  12. Hi, all the above parts fitted by previous owner in USA, it starts and runs ok however not sure everything working in sweet harmony! I took it to The Tuning Society yesterday and it only made 130bhp and wouldn't rev out past 5.5k rpm. I checked the MSD and the rev limiter adjuster was 0/0 (I believe this setting disables the rev limiter) I will set to 6,200 rpm. The 123 dizzy is a usb version and I have yet to plug it in to see what curve it has been selected. It isn't clear if I need to set the timing as per original using a strobe at 6000rpm or if timing is all done by the PC
  13. Has anyone found a similar spec spring that is stronger than stock? Mine is struggling to close the last few mm probably as a result of the original throttle rod assembly being replaced with a cable. I will plan to replace it in the future however before I buy a new replacement spring and hope it is a bit fresher I could replace with something a bit meatier...
  14. Great many thanks for the info
  15. Unfortunately I didn't do my research and split both rear calipers. Has anyone managed to find the half o ring seals or are they now financially scrap? Only paid £40 for the pair and they are rough (hence why I was planning on doing a DIY rebuild) Cheers!
  16. I have purchased most of the bits to convert my 1976 911S (dual circuit, no servo) Boxster 2.5/2.7 Brembo calipers with brackets. 911 3.2 front discs 911 3.2 rear calipers. Not sure what rear brake disc I need or if the existing ones will be ok? Thanks!
  17. Hi Now that Clay has stopped making kits, is there anyone in the UK who is able to provide the kits or drawings (don't mind paying) for the linkage kit? Thanks, Jack
  18. I plan to install the 955i ITB, it will make the fuel runners redundant but will still require the EFI and associated gubbins to chuck fuel in to the ITB's! My 911 came from the US with it installed and seems to be really good, I plan to get it on a rolling road soon and a custom map however the shipped map seems ok. The plugs are a good colour and the car starts really well cold or hot.
  19. Hi I am gauging to see if there would be much interest in a fixed price drive in drive out BITZefi install? I have the system fitted to my car and can't rate it high enough especially based on the relatively low cost of the system. It is reversible should you wish to reinstate the CIS. More info here: https://www.bitzracing.com/ Until now the system is only available as mail order from Canada and is designed as a DIY however this may not be for everyone. I have been in chat with my local Porsche indy (located just outside Reading / Berks) and it is something he might
  20. Thanks mate, please can you point me in the direction of the charity so I can make a donation
  21. Hi mate I will take the black rear one please. I am on in tadley and will be at F6J in burghfield tomorrow. Cheers
  22. Black without foglights holes or indents. Drilled for chin spoiler. Perfectly usable condition to put straight on for the smooth/clean look! £50 One with fog light indents (1976) slight dent but could be pushed out. Silver. £30 Collection from Basingstoke or you can arrange courier. Photo tomorrow when better weather. Cheers!
  23. Yup leap of faith, no option with my limited budget and wanting a non-sunroof nb coupe. It was pretty much my dream spec and even the wheels I would have chosen given free reign. Previous owner did lots of mech work including Bitz EFI, MSD ignition, etc
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