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  1. Without wishing to create a burden for the possible organiser I would like to register my interest for a set of these for a standard '89 3.2 - just to help ascertain an idea of numbers! I've looked at the Lokari ones but for some reason don't feel disposed towards aluminium. Not sure why: https://www.lokari.de/epages/62716287.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/62716287/Categories/Artikelsuche_Bestellung/Porsche
  2. PM sent Haith. Not sure if it got through with the server change and whatnot, plus I haven't subscribed as yet.
  3. Thanks all. I shall look forward to meeting some of you on the 15th - and probably fishing for the benefit of your expert knowledge. In answer to Richot1989's enquiry she's a sport model which I bought her unseen from Tom at 911V. I don't think there are many people I would trust to buy a car without having looked at it in the flesh, let alone drive, but Tom is one of them. I hope one of you on the Wales run doesn't take one look at it and find something unpleasant. Actually thinking about it perhaps I do - I have three months warranty. Apparently it used to belong to Nick Fulljames
  4. I would like to join in if it's OK. Not far from me as I live just on the wrong (English) side of the Powys border and have owned an IB car for a week.
  5. Morning all. New to the Impact Bumper crowd but not to 911s. Just traded a 911T for this. Something of a culture shock, even after owning a 964 C2. She's working her charms on me though...
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