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  1. Lovely looking coupé, late reg (G?), no rear spoiler, heading towards Tewkesbury. I was going the other way riding home on a very large orange KTM.
  2. Without wishing to create a burden for the possible organiser I would like to register my interest for a set of these for a standard '89 3.2 - just to help ascertain an idea of numbers! I've looked at the Lokari ones but for some reason don't feel disposed towards aluminium. Not sure why: https://www.lokari.de/epages/62716287.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/62716287/Categories/Artikelsuche_Bestellung/Porsche
  3. PM sent Haith. Not sure if it got through with the server change and whatnot, plus I haven't subscribed as yet.
  4. Thanks all. I shall look forward to meeting some of you on the 15th - and probably fishing for the benefit of your expert knowledge. In answer to Richot1989's enquiry she's a sport model which I bought her unseen from Tom at 911V. I don't think there are many people I would trust to buy a car without having looked at it in the flesh, let alone drive, but Tom is one of them. I hope one of you on the Wales run doesn't take one look at it and find something unpleasant. Actually thinking about it perhaps I do - I have three months warranty. Apparently it used to belong to Nick Fulljames at Redtek. He completely rebuilt the engine (I have a lovely CD of photos of the process which gives me great pleasure and causes Mrs Lungauer to rolls her eyes), had the car re-sprayed and then sold it to Dr Mark Porter of BBC fame. I believe it was Dr Porter who had a new engine cover fitted sans whale-tail before taking delivery. This was back in 2013 and it's done 3,000 miles on the rebuilt engine. Hopefully should last my tenure of ownership at least. I've spent the afternoon tootling around Presteigne, Pen-y-bont, Kington and whatnot and my feelings about the car are changing. Originally I was looking for a tatty 3.2 that I could lightly restomod to something 'racy', but this one is rather nice as it is and the softer suspension set up (compared to my previous cars) and slightly lazy power delivery is actually rather pleasing. A suspension health check by CG might be worth doing. Maybe the turbo tie rod upgrade. Maybe the fuse blade upgrade, a Wayne Schofield chip? Don't know but anyway I find myself not in a rush to change anything.
  5. I would like to join in if it's OK. Not far from me as I live just on the wrong (English) side of the Powys border and have owned an IB car for a week.
  6. Morning all. New to the Impact Bumper crowd but not to 911s. Just traded a 911T for this. Something of a culture shock, even after owning a 964 C2. She's working her charms on me though...
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