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  1. Got the front wings and doors lined up nice so quarters can be fitted , wire wheeled pass side then applied some rust eater and a coat of etch primer getting excited now
  2. I’m thinking of switching to itb’s on my 3.2 carrera restoration are jenvey the usual route to go ? I was thinking they would clean the engine bay up nicely but had a quick look at my engine today I’m not sure what happens to the plastic fan ( I presume something to do with the heating system) thanks for any helpful info
  3. Pass inner wing has now been repaired and all the front end panels ( which didn’t even look bad until we unpicked them ) front end is looking really good now and I have a section of the car which is finished yayy time now to line up the new ( second hand wings ) so we can get our lines right for the new quarters to go back on
  4. Today’s progress, we are waiting for a few panels around the fuel tank to be delivered so will be cracking on with a few dodgy repairs on inner wings a bit further up , it will be nice when one end is finished 🙈
  5. Just outside Stourbridge West Midlands whitehouse classic and retro 07983 568989
  6. Yes he is very good and quite fast , if anyone in the uk needs some resto work doing I can pass on his details , from small work to complete turn key projects
  7. I’m hoping for good karma !!! I have been totally surprised how bad they rot but like you say I will be safe in the knowledge that it will be good car in the end Another bit done !!!!
  8. I should of approached the mot station as they only tested it 2 weeks before I brought it but it’s one of those things I’m just glad I didn’t have an accident in it tbh
  9. Thanks a lot for those pics it gives a good insight 👍🏻
  10. Hi does anyone know the process for changing the front sunroof drain tubes thanks
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