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  1. Thks I had read they weren't required but that seems to just be with later cars
  2. Thanks that's interesting where do the points live ?
  3. I changed the voltage regulator today battery is fine - didn't check the voltage today but previously was about 14.4v Are there any other possibilities ?
  4. Hi folks I changed this today and on first startup it looked like a success but I took it for a short run and it's back to its old tricks although perhaps slightly better. Is there something else in the system that it could be other than the rev counter itself? Many thks Andy
  5. Cheers I have ordered a fresh one - many thks Andy
  6. Hi guys since I got my car on hard acceleration the rev counter will jump beyond where I know the revs are. Starting yo use the car I noticed today that on the overrun it will also overread the revs in different gears. Any thoughts I bought a cig lighter voltage gauge and it seems to be quite consistent so I am puzzled -is there a worm drive somewhere slipping ? Thks
  7. Spoke to Strasse today and have gone for the same oil but a slightly heavier weight at 10w/50. Its the Millers nanotechnology nt+ - not cheap but what price a rebuild !
  8. Hi guys I purchased a 76 911s about 6 months ago and have managed to get her out a few times and she does run very well. I contacted the previous owner who had the engine rebuilt about 2k ago - I had understood the oil had been changed post rebuild but it seems he now says not so an oil change beckons. Strasse who rebuild the engine have 5w40 Millers synthetic in it which they stand by as its Porsche A40 approved. The whole of the rest of the world says use something like Valvoline mineral 20w/50 Having posted on faceache earlier I am suitably confused. I will speak to Strasse again on Tuesday but what's you think. Suggestion from there is that the 5w40 will lunch it short order but there ain't much in the way of science just change to a multi grade. Yours perplexed Andy
  9. Interesting will have a look -most helpful. Cheers
  10. Yeah I had the connectors off but all back in place and the fact that it works sometimes is just beyond weird, both windows affected Rgds
  11. So I had the drivers side door apart to fix the door check strap and have put it all back together very carefully but my electric windows now work for only part of any journey ! Is there a reason why that might be - I would have thought they would either work or not. I parked after a run at the weekend after they wouldn't co-operate and pulled the key turned the ignition and hey presto they are fine again. Is there some kind of weird relay related issue going on ? Thks
  12. So I got it out with a piece of coat hanger with a hook by lassooing it via the drain hole below the door. Helps to jack the car up slightly. I got a bit disheartened last night when I found a thread suggesting it was door off time. Having put it all back together with the old mechanism it still seems very stiff - given the mechanism is old surely it shouldn't be so stiff ? Do I attack the detents with a grinder ?
  13. Thks yes it's the equivalent to your laser profiled part which has disappeared into the door. I bought the rennline repair plates but given the strength of the new door mechanism I wonder whether in the long run it might do more harm than good as it is very stiff.
  14. So having put the new strap in last weekend and found it was very stiff I tried to adjust it today to no avail in fact I ended up with a click which wasn't ideal. I tried to remove the new strap to either adjust the detents or replace with my original strap. That didn't go well and despite knowing the dangers I have lost the nearest to the cabin plate in the doorspace -ffs much gnashing of teeth. It's cold today and a fish with a coat hanger hasn't yielded a success. I have borrowed a couple of small energiseable magnets but they don't seem to be strong enough to move it from outside Any good ideas ? - I don't want to leave it in the door is it a fishing hook or maybe neodymium magnets Yours frustrated Andy
  15. Story goes that the producers wanted to reduce the amount of spannering coverage and he took the hump. They then brought in the very annoying Ant Anstead. I understand that in the next series Mike will team up with the ex F1 mechanic who was on the recent dream car trading up series. I quite liked him but Ed is still missed although the format had probably run its course
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