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  1. Guys is it possible in my 77my to hang the caliper up to avoid bleeding the brakes ? -i don't really want go open thatbox at the moment? Have the front wheels off for the first time and there isn't much room there. Does the flexible to solid connector unclip to give me a bit more movement? Thks
  2. Its about rarity with 105's - very few 1300's have survived as they all got turned into twin spark, wide body Gta/m replicas so I guess that drives prices. I have a very early 1750 Mk1 flat front (possibly the third oldest in the UK) but I doubt its worth more than £35-40k I met a guy a few years ago with a Fulvia who said an early 1750 would be the only thing he would swap for his ! - they are fwd after all! The Alfas are fantastic little things and when set up well can cover the ground really quickly. Had a few cracking tracks days at Goodworth back in the pre-plague era !
  3. Hi - my anodised fuchs replicas just arrived - I am bit perplexed with the choice and price of wheel centres though. Which ones go with the anodised look as all the original fuchs ones seem to be chrome finish ? I have a '77 2,7s Targa Thks
  4. This explains why I am not catching any this year - you guys have already caught them all - we had a plague last year of field mice but now seem under control again.
  5. Many thanks should be ok for tools-i have a mate with a Pandora's box of stuff. I was looking for a 6mm × 200mm auger the other week and he pulled one from his toolbox no problem. Couldn't find one anywhere !
  6. Yeah I don't think they are mission critical just yet so may wait for some better weather and tackle myself. Glad to see you guys are quite handy looking forward to getting busy with it and also a chance to drive her ! I am not one for throwing thousands at specialists unless its just too difficult from home
  7. Found the clunkety click - its the door check strap loose in the door when it's closed !! - will get someone to investigate the lay in my wheel bearings. 🙂
  8. Will try and get a look underneath at the weekend. It certainly feels like there is some movement in the vertical (12/6 o'clock) plane whereas lateral movement is ok. Does that point to wheel bearings? - my manual suggests that would be tricky as a DIY job ?
  9. Recently acquired a very nice 2.7s Targa. I am new to 911's so all a bit fresh to me. Couple of things- due to the rubbish weather I haven't had a chance to put many miles on - couple of things - steering does seem a bit wooly especially on turning right - is that just a feature of the car ? Also on sharp turning left I get a metallic clunk from the front left side of the car - what could that be - nothing feels loose it sounds like something hitting the inside of the luggage compartment but I have nailed down anything loose so bit puzzled This board looks good - I am a Road tr
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