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  1. Warning light back on , so checked the sensor on the top of the reservoir , lifted the contact plunger and low and behold light went out. The float had come off the rod allowing the circuit to sense low fluid level. Got there in the end !!
  2. Thanks Ian , It seems to have worked 👍. , assume its a reset process ?? Had a good look round and checked for leaks around the pressure switches on the MC , alls good and dry , thanks for the pointer Jonny. Also noticed there is a sensor on top of the fluid reservoir are these problematic ??
  3. Great i will try that tomorrow , see it it works. Yes great service , seem to have a few engines in different stages of build/repair. It was also nice to see mine out the car.
  4. Blimey ten years , that would drive me mad. Notice two sensor on the master cylinder , will have a look at the tomorrow and there is a float in the fluid reservoir that has a sensor , assuming this is all linked the the warning light on the dash ?
  5. Problems solved ! .........new one arrives ! Stutter on rundown was indeed a vacuum pipe leak (pipe missing ) throttle body to WUR. Also had a leak on cylinder four , head nuts retightened , new clutch fork and the missing omega spring fitted. Clutch now operates as it should and does not set me dodgy hip/knee off !! Its running like a dream , top notch GCR ! 😃 Any ideas on the brake warning light staying on (dash) ?? I have checked the fluid level , the brakes were bled 12 weeks ago. Any help would be appreciated
  6. Will take it out for a spirited run and see what the out come is 👍
  7. If it stops raining i will get it out for a good run. Its not long had a oil and filter change.
  8. Relay in and i have indicators !! Another question for the masses ,,,,, Oil filler cap as a white/cream emulsion on it on the inside , is this normal ? Any pointers would be great !
  9. Thanks Nige , i seen you can reach it from the front. Going to get me torch and have a butchers.
  10. Any clues to the where's about of the indicator relay. Not on the front fuse panel or the one in the engine bay. lost me indicators , i have checked the fuses.
  11. Wont mention again if its not PC !
  12. Ooooo i wish , East Mids part of the porsche club , region 8.
  13. Yes they came highly recommended to me. Take it a few people on here are in the R8 side of the club ?
  14. Indeed Arrow blue , hence Blueboy ! Thanks guys , waited all me life for this !!! They dropped eng/gearbox , rear main seal and nose cone seal and guide sleeve seal. No more oil on me garage floor. But the car still stutters on rundown. Taking it to Chris at GCR for a smoke air leak test.
  15. 81 sc , did have the whale but the duck seem to work !
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