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  1. Philip

    Targa roof rebuild

    Also remember to check out Pelican forums, the more you research the better prepared - http://www.pelicanparts.com/techarticles/911_targa_top_recover/911_targa_top_recover.htm I have often played around with the idea of fitting one of those hard roofs instead of vinyl but never had the courage!
  2. Philip

    Targa roof rebuild

    Worth a read here -
  3. Nice one, wind in your hair or perhaps just wind in general After that last post I realised I had written 'there' and should have written 'they are', what can I say a born writer!
  4. Worth an ask here if you want to go down the repair route. There in Borehamwood. Also ask Cris if he has one in Wembley possibly. http://www.unitexchange.com/index.php/contact-us
  5. Oh no not again, was that the high torque starter gone in a year? Just stick to the Bosch one and new. All the best mate.
  6. Philip

    Stolen Silver 911SC

    So sorry Michele. Out of interest did you talk to the Ombudsman about the specific circumstances in which the car was stolen? I gather the car got taken just before a trip to Italy and it was an early start....were you packing the car up or something?
  7. Busybee, Did the mechanic definitley fit the new alternator correctly in the first place?
  8. Hi Ravi, All is well, getting all the bodywork done very shortly, as well as the engine studs. We got some great weather up here (at the moment) so its a bit of a shame I can't take advantage of it! Oh well patience and all that. How was your drive the other week down south?
  9. Thanks Mark. I have read something similar on another forum too. However, there isn't any increase in temperature in traffic I have ever experienced between these two types of cooler, so I think either type are good. Anyways I digress from the OPs topic, sorry about that.
  10. You can upgrade to the brass type or the matrix fin one. Although I never had any probs with the trombone cooler, I ended up replacing it with a matrix cooler and it runs a tad cooler for sure. Not an essential upgrade though. The best upgrade I ever had done was having stainless steel SSI heat exchangers fitted!
  11. Yes, just to clarify further, I wasn't referring to the 28 brass tube type as being the 'fin' type but the later matrix type.
  12. When you do also check you have the later, more efficient, fin type oil cooler as opposed to the older trombone one.
  13. Philip

    XLO bodywork refresh

    Looking good! You got me thinking now to not sell and restore my bumpers!
  14. Philip

    Stolen Silver 911SC

    Michele, Sorry to hear about the car getting stolen. You mentioned earlier about the insurance company not covering for the loss. Have you contacted the Financial Ombudsman Service? They are very helpful in these matters and can tell you fairly promptly if you have some claim according to your specific policy, all clauses being considered. My brother in law had a house insurance claim disputed and just the mention of the ombudsman getting involved and the company changed its tone! Worth a go.
  15. Thanks Engleflick and Busybee! Engleflick - Yes you have first refusal if the car buyer doesn't want to buy it separately.
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