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  1. I love the shark fins 😂😂 I’ll make sure he takes them off don’t worry. Hi rich I haven’t had a chat about that with him yet, I can let you know how much I order when I do. Great idea to buy some extra
  2. an update for you all 😀 It’s going back, I’m also going to take the petrol filler cap to the paint shop and have the colour specified myself to then take to the body shop. is there anything I else I should do to try and get the best match possible. the painter is now going to paint the full side of the car for free to make things right so I think I’m going to pay a little extra and get the whole car done. that will make his life easier and give a much better finish
  3. Hi guys thanks for the replies, yes it’s the same off silver colour all around the car, in some lights it almost has a gold/ brown quality. from what I believe he did have the colour tested and experimented with different undercoat colours like red and yellow. In the end on his test sprays on small metal bits this one came out closest and he said that’s as close as he could get.
  4. Morning guys, I hope your all well, I wondered if you could help me as I'm a complete noob with this. I recently brought a 82 SC it needed a little bit of work and I've been going through ticking each bit off. The biggest part was the rust and dodgy paint on the lower bumpers, valances and skirts. I took it to a reputable shop near me that was recommended by good friends and also mentioned that they had painted old 911s before (some garages I went to asked me to take it apart as they hadn't seen anything like this lol) anyhow fast forward to the job being done and me collecting the car, as a heads up i've already paid for the work. it was £1000 on the nose that was broken down to me as £170 in paint and the remainder in labour. when I picked the car up I didn't notice it but as i've had a real good look at it there is a slight colour variation. he ended up panting the drivers side door as the blend didn't work out but now looking at the rear quarter and the door you can see the difference. my original colour looks like it has a gold colour in it its darker. when I asked him about this he mentioned that he had done multiple spray outs with multiple undercoats and this is what has come out. He has asked me to leave it for a few weeks to let the colour settle in, in the hopes that would make a difference will that actually do anything. I mean it looks like the wrong colour to me.... one thing that I was thinking about was that the car did have a respray previously so could the difference to do with that maybe? from the from it doesn't appear to be too noticeable, the bumpers where painted along with the driver side wing. so yeah just after some advice with what I should do really. I just want it right and if that means taking it elsewhere and loosing 1K then that's the lesson I will have to learn here. thank you in advance :)
  5. Morning guys! huge shout out to Nige for taking a look at this for me I’m very happy with it 😀 It had its first clean in a few years last weekend. Ready for summer thanks again buddy
  6. Thanks for all the advice and help here guys! I’m going to try and conquer this during the week 💪
  7. Morning guys! I have recently brought a 911 sc 🙌🎉 I brought it privately and the previous owner mentioned that he had a small oil leak after he personally changed the oil. I took a look under the car the other day and it would look like the oil is seeping through the nuts on the sump plate then collecting on a lowest part of the engine before dripping down to the floor. I’m not sure what part that it but if you look on the close up image you can see the two droplets hanging from it. ive noticed on other sc images that people have washers fitted between the bolts and the sump plate, is that where he has gone wrong? any help would be greatly received jono
  8. Hi James! nice ride there buddy! Mad actually as I too just jumped in and my car is very similar to yours 911 sc 1982 zinc silver 🙌 you mentioned your close to donnington where about a are you I’m based in hucknall All the best Jonathan
  9. That’s great Nige thank you. I tried to direct message you but the forum isn’t allowing me to can you message me so I can contact you? thank you
  10. Afternoon everyone thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it. I use a company called amb Porsche to service and do the work on my cayman. I was going to get them to visit. it’s in Matlock Nige so very close to derby. thank you for offering to help that’s very generous of you. I will message you if I manage to strike a deal with the owner ☺️
  11. Evening guys! I recently looked at this car and as part of my due diligence I googled the number plate. Now I’m here :-) I have a 981 as a daily and I love it. I’ve always wanted one of these for a daily driver it’s a great looking thing! im going to be paying for a Porsche specialist to take a look at it as I really don’t know what I’m looking at. a couple of things I noticed whilst looking at the car was that some of the paint was bubbled on the body. Under the headlamps near the bottom of the windscreen. I’m certain that’s rust. Is this a bit problem in these cars ? also, the clutch pedal was real hard work. Maybe that’s becUse I’ve only drove automatics for 5 years now and my left leg is weak 😂 it seems like really good value in today’s market, there aren't many coupe 964s for under £40k any help would be amazing. thank you
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