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  1. Well, I’ve just been in the corner shop for my daily trip and had a quick flick through the latest Classic Porsche magazine - was somewhat surprised to see my car plastered over 4 pages (before it was tucked away). Looks great - have to get it sorted now!
  2. Very helpful - thank you.
  3. 2.7 Boxster in 1999 when I was 25, blew my whole annual bonus on it and loved it. Midnight blue with Turbo alloys. It was £33K from AFN in Reading and I thought I/it was wonderful. Unfortunately I was also looking at a 2.7RS Touring which was.......33k! Doh.
  4. Thank you and noted on the supporting member bit - will sign up today!
  5. That would be enormously kind thank you. I can't get access to the car this Saturday but would love to take you up on the offer if you are due to pass again anytime soon? Thank you, I've heard of Tognola but it was a while back when I had a 2.2S so had forgotten. He used to have a good reputation with RS's if I remember.
  6. Thank you, haven't come across Nine-X so will give them a call. There's also a company called Rindt based in White Waltham that seems to be an air-cooled specialist, anyone have any experience? I'm in two minds about whether to get it MOT'd and up and running first or just to send it off and prepare for a financial battering. The car is a keeper so I don't mind spending a decent amount of money but am a little concerned by the escalation in pricing from specialists over the last few years. I have places I use for other cars but have probably read a few too many horror stories about 911 bodywork!
  7. Hi everyone, I'm new here but have had an 87 G50 3.2 for about 16 years. Having been distracted by other cars for the last few years I'm filled with lockdown resolve to retrieve my 911 from storage and get it back up and running properly. It's been covered and well stored and was initially exercised but, as ever, life got in the way and I realise that it hasn't been started for at least 6 years (cough). It was a good car when put away but I've been around old cars long enough to know that there will be plenty to do, so would be extremely grateful for all advice and guidance... First question would be to ask who the current respected specialist's are? I'm in Windsor and have decent general contacts but I do tend to like my cars properly set up and on point. I'll need some bodywork I'm sure, as well as a proper mechanical going over. Currently has a flat immobiliser fob so off to a great start! I will take some pictures when I'm next at the garage.
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