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  1. Looks interesting and I appreciate the link but I'm really after a RHD coupe, beyond that I'm easy on the options. I've never been one for topless cars of any marque, although in time I may find a 911 Targa may proves to be the exception...
  2. Ha, I bought a Karmann Ghia in 2013 to scratch an itch with the intention to keep it a couple of years and pick up an old 911 afterwards, how I regret that decision now!
  3. I had a brief chat with Ed China a couple of years ago whilst he was between takes filming his motorised sofa driving around the pedestrian centre of Bath, he seemed like an extremely amicable chap
  4. It's a bit off topic for a Porsche forum and many of you may have found it already but Project Binky has got to be one of the unltimate project series on YouTube. Two guys craming the running gear from a Celicia GT4 into a classic mini, the amount of fabrication they get into is insane. It's been running since 2013 so no contrived 'full strip, paint and rebuild' within a week nonesense here. You need to get past the first couple of episodes where they are essentially just ripping an old mini apart to the point they start with the fabrication and engineering to squeeze it all back together
  5. I'm not adverse to a rolling project, it's actually what I'd favour. My 996 is fun to drive and functions perfectly as a daily driver but ultimately it's boring to own because I can't tinker with it as a project in the way I do with our '68 camper van. What I don't want is to buy something that looks like a rolling project car but turns to a bare metal project within 6 months, I did that with a Karmann Ghia and it's too soon for a repeat! Needless to say lessons were learnt (but obviously not to the point I'm talking about doing it again; the irony of this post isn't lost on me). The
  6. So what's the consensus, with crystal ball in hand would you guys say it's still possible to pick up a respectable decent RHD coupe for around the £30K mark that's not a complete rot-box, assuming an open mind is kept to aesthetic condition/year/model/colour?
  7. I read that last year, it was extremely entertaining I'm reading a biography of Captain Scott written by Ranulph Fiennes currently. Fiennes' personal experience really elevates the book given the insight and personal emotional experience he can share from his own adventures, something that would be missing by a biographer just relaying the facts. It's hard not to be aware of the tragedy that awaits them as the reader though which brings an odd sense of the macabre from the very beginning. It's well worth a read.
  8. I always enjoyed Lego when I was little and now having rediscovered it through my 7 year old boy it's got to the point my partner is buying us both Lego for Christmas! The latest addition to the garage, I present you ECTO 1
  9. I'm thinking about swapping my 996 daily for an aircooled at some point and as I don't have a garage or a driveway the reality is any vehicle I own needs to earn it's keep as it'll be out on the street in all weathers. I'm not unfamiliar with the needs of an older aircooled vehicle, our old '68 baywindow camper has been consigned to a life in the elements but I find as long as it's run frequently it helps hold off the deterioration it would otherwise suffer from just being left standing outside for long periods of time. So I just wondered, is anyone on here using their IB as a daily
  10. A quick hello as I've just signed up after lurking on and off for a while. I currently own a '99 996 C4 as a daily driver but I've a car history that revolves around old VW's so I'm familiar with the aircooled thing. I've got a couple of old car projects stashed away in various corners waiting for some attention but I'd really like to consolodate them into one rolling project with a Porsche emblem on the nose in the not to distant future, hence signing up to engage with the friendly advice of the folk on here. Ultimatley I think fewer toys but better toys is the way forward!
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