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  1. Got both cars going, after market injectors, threw us, cleaned my own, started both cars, friends car has 3 bad ones
  2. Hi, I fitted 6 new injectors, I actually think there was nothing wrong with originals, apart from age, both sets give the same ohms readings, I've tried swapping the plugs,my car is a 87 supersport, my friend is working on an 89 targa he is having the same problems, only his will only run on 4 cylinders, we are beginning to suspect the dme brain, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated Thanks Ronnie
  3. Hello, checked everything on car, including earth's to dme , changed injectors, car will start on 5 cylinders and tick over, so this I think eliminates the alarm and immobiliser, push on last injector plug car stops, and will not start, has anyone ever came across or heard of this, any help would be appreciated Thanks Ronnie
  4. Checked injector plugs for pulse on cranking, none, permanent 12v even with car off on both terminals, at a loss
  5. No, I'm going to check the injectors to see if I'm getting a pulse from the ECU, I'm beginning to have doubts about the alarm. It's a cobra 6422, where would I post on this forum for information on it, if the ref sensor was faulty would it stop the signal to the injectors, or is there a sensor that controls it, thanks
  6. Ronnie


    Thanks, I'll give them a ring tomorrow
  7. Not relay, reference sensor maybe?
  8. Thanks, I'll try that
  9. Hello, would anyone know why my ECU isn't sending an earth from 20 to 85 b on the fuel pump relay, does it have to have a signal from one of the numerous sensors to do this, I cant get my 87 to start, turns over, spark, fuel, okay Any help would be appreciated thanks
  10. Ronnie


    Hello, does any one know can you get the electrical components for the printed circuit board on a 1980 SC speedometer Thanks Ronnie
  11. Ronnie


    Hello, I took my speedometer out as not working had a look at it and this bit fell out, can anyone help me identify this bit thanks
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