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  1. Thanks Phil - apologies, hadn’t realised there was a for sale section. All the best
  2. Ah yes, good point - Will give that a go! many thanks 👍🏻
  3. Hi all, wondering if anyone has experienced this issue. Ever since I had the engine taken out to do some work on the gearbox, when the engine is warm the tickover doesn’t return to around 900 rpm - it’s much higher? any thoughts? Many thanks
  4. Hi folks, if anyone is interested I have a pair of front Bilstein sport / road dampers for sale for an SC. Superb for twisty A / B roads but I live on bumpy lanes so changed to something slightly less sporty.
  5. AdamMJ

    Bilstein dampers

    Hello, the strut legs have been painted w black underseal so tricky to see the colour, however the dust cap at the top of the leg is bright green, but assuming that came w the new bilsteins dampers. I’m assuming they are bilstein legs so probably can’t fit Boge dampers sadly. I wonder how much Boge legs would cost??
  6. AdamMJ

    Bilstein dampers

    Thanks all - yes, I would much rather fit Boge inserts if they are softer, however, I’m not sure whether boge inserts will fit in the legs that I have - presumably the legs are different?
  7. AdamMJ

    Bilstein dampers

    Hi folks, can anyone recommend an alternative damper to Bilstein for the front of an ‘81 sc? Have recently fitted Bilsteins and they’d be fantastic for sweeping A roads and track days but too firm for the lumpy B roads in Wales! Any advice gladly received 👍🏻
  8. AdamMJ

    Fitting SSI’s

    Thanks guys, sound advice and you’re right about not overthinking it I’m just aware that sometimes there are ‘tricks of the trade’ that can be applied which can avoid breaking studs etc. Also, having the right tools for specific cars can help. I’m in South Wales but happy to travel if there’s someone who comes recommended 👍🏻
  9. Ps. The top of Bilstein shocks (the bit you can see from the outside) is bright green. I’m hoping these are the standard bilstein, not the racing ones??
  10. AdamMJ

    Fitting SSI’s

    Hi folks, Can any of you guys recommend a garage that has experience of fitting SSi’s? Seems to be quite a specialised job so would like to find someone who’s done it before. thanks
  11. Thanks Jonny. Just before I removed the stick I tried carefully cutting the plastic off with a hacksaw. This worked well - thankfully! On a different note, I’m considering purchasing one of your CDi’s - will call to discuss. Can any of you guys recommend a garage that has experience of fitting SSi’s? Seems to be quite a specialised job so would like to find someone whose done it before
  12. Hi folks, some advice pls. I have an ‘81 backdated SC which has covered around 100k so assumed it might be time to treat it to some new front shocks. I didn’t want it too firm, just well damped (as standard) so went for Bilstein inserts. I also asked the garage to lower it slightly as it seemed to be sitting g quite high. Having now driven it on average A & B roads it feels like it’s been set up for track days - not crashing over bumps just very (very!) firm to dips in the road aren’t smoothed out (if that makes sense). I assumed it may because it’s been lowered by 10-15mm so I wound the splines back up a bit. Has anyone else experienced this and has anyone found a better set up? Many thanks
  13. AdamMJ

    Pre silencer

    Hello, my car is an ‘81 3.0 sc. it has a Turbo Thomas stainless back box which sounds fine but not ‘raspy’ like a Dando seems to. I was wondering if it was the stock pre-silencer that was deadening the sound Thanks for the advice
  14. AdamMJ

    Pre silencer

    Hi folks, wondering if anyone can offer any advice on how the Design Tek pre silencer sounds with a standard (ish) back muffler? Whilst I would love to fit SSI’s, can’t quite afford it at the moment, so hoping the pre silencer will make it a bit more raspy without too drone. Many thanks
  15. Thanks for all the advice - gave up today - tough little bugger! Will start again tomorrow... I’m hoping re-fitting will be more straight forward... Time will tell
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