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  1. You wont have any issues with the VR1 20w-50. It is quite a unique oil, there isn't really anything else quite like it in the UK market today, being a 20w-50 mineral and so good. Most 20w-50 minerals are aimed at classic vehicles for road use and are not up to the job of track/race use but the Valvoline VR1 20w-50 loves it. Now, I hope I don't offend you 911'ers... I have a 928 S4 and the VR1 20w-50 is popular with those guys as they are obsessed with oil pressure. I keep trying to remind them high oil pressure is like high blood pressure, if it too high then there can be problems. M
  2. It was around 1300ppm a few years ago so I would assume it is there or there abouts still. Although the Mobil 1 Motosport branding is no more it is just Mobil 1 10w-60 advanced synthetic these days. Cheers, Guy Hi Phil, I probably should have introduced myself! I have been working with, and recommending lubricants at Opie Oils for the last 17 years 👍 I started the online side of things with my brother who is the MD. Cheers, Guy
  3. Was that Tim you spoke to? If so, he is right but could have explained it better. Levels of ZDDP are important in these engines and do need to be taken into consideration when choosing oils. Where he is correct is the types of oils most would choose to run in an older aircooled Porsche are most likely to have more than enough ZDDP. As oils have advanced along side the development of engines, levels of ZDDP have been vastly reduced, but you are unlikely by default to use one of these oils such as 5w-40, 5w-30, 0w-30 etc. As the oils get thinner the ZDDP levels drop. This is because new car
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