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  1. Junk fax message is a very big problem that is being faced by most fax users. A fax message is considered junk if it contains any advertisement of goods and services and they are unsolicited. The problem has been so widespread that the federal government has enacted policies that protect individuals from the nuisances it caused. You should know that it is not just a nuisance because it wastes your time, but primarily because it wastes a lot of your resources. This is particularly true when it comes to you're using older fax machines. You will not know that a particular fax lists is junk unless you have the entire message printed and that wastes a lot of paper. Other messages may also be attempting to come through while the junk fax is being printed so that means you might be losing important messages because some are being printed out. Traditional faxing methods does not allow simultaneous faxing and yet, you can't filter out which message should come through first. So how do you get rid of them? If you're business is still using old fax machines, then it would be pretty hard to get rid of them. Of course, you can always call the opt out numbers or sue them but that would take a huge amount of time. You can, however, switch to digital faxing, better known as online fax. With online fax, you will receive all fax messages in digital form via email. This means that you will be given the free hand to decide which fax messages need to be printed out and which should be deleted because they are junk. You can then send a lot on your supplies and ink. You don't have to waste your company's paper to print out junk faxes. You can also choose which pages you want to be printed. For instance, you can opt to not print the cover page and if you've received a very long fax document, then you can choose which pages need to printed and leave the others out. You would also have the option to save your fax message and move it to a specific folder for easier archiving. There are even online fax facilities that would allow you to identify the numbers that are sending spam or junk fax and block them from sending you any message in the future. It's just like regular fax message's spam blocking. All you have to do is report the fax number that sent you the junk fax messages and it will be immediately put into the block list.
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