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  1. Cool nice one! .. hope you’re enjoying yours as much as I am mine! I live just outside loughborough - I was thinking of maybe driving to the odd East mids Porsche club meet this summer if they go ahead, I’ve never been to one before but think they meet once a month somewhere Derby way?
  2. Thanks for the advice, funny a lot of what you suggest are the areas I’ve been considering improving. I am planning to take the car to Centre Gravity as they’re not far from me and have them look at the suspension, maybe just refresh all the bushes etc for the time being but see what they suggest about any upgrades to dampers. It’s very unlikely I’ll ever use the car on a track (although I live prob only 4-5 miles from Donington) so a standard set up would suit me fine I would think. I think lowering the car would make it look better but I’ve no idea if it would improve its handling so I’
  3. Thanks both, I must admit I’m enjoying the SC so far more than any water cooled Porsche I’ve had! I like the fact you can have a good blast without driving it ridiculously fast, and I can’t get enough of that sound! (I was told the exhaust was changed to stainless SSI exhaust system helps in the noise department?!) ..I think it’s pretty awesome!
  4. Cheers thanks chaps 👍 I was looking at your website last night Jonny, really interesting, especially your CDI+. Something else to add to the list!
  5. Great idea about the test run, although I’ve already given a chap the job of sorting the flat lid (I plan to to keep the lid with spoiler too so can chop and change) ...I don’t think I’ve driven at 100mph for more than a few seconds in my life 🤣🤣 I totally agree that the 3.2 whale tail looks way better, I did in fact consider just swapping the whale tail, but I somehow still prefer the flat lid
  6. Cheers 👍 Seems I’m never happier than when I’ve got a hobby/addiction that keeps me permanently skint so this might work out well 😬
  7. Nice! That looks really good, exactly what I’m going to do 👍 Are they 8” rear wheels and has it been lowered a bit too?
  8. I’ve also got a 997.2 c2s manual which tbh is a better car in every way to the SC, but already I find driving the SC much more fun in every way. It probably helps that my daily drive is a LR defender so I’m used to a few rattles and a gear box that can’t be rushed 😂😂
  9. Thanks, I didn’t particularly set out to buy an SC but now I’ve got it I’m not disappointed at all. Have you had yours long? Any advice?
  10. James

    Cool vids

    Maybe this has been posted before? - A lot was lost on me but interesting all the same..especially his ideas on suspension set up..?
  11. Cheers Both, yep defo plan to put a few miles on it, in fact just been for a 20 mile spin round the block this evening 👍
  12. Thanks. Interior is blue, leatherette and blue pasha, the pasha is due to a retrim at some time, it left the factory with black and blue Berber cloth seat inlays.
  13. Hi all, Just wanted to say hello. I finally pulled the trigger on a 911 SC after many months of debating whether it was a good idea or not, finally decided life is too short not to! I’m going to put a flat engine lid on it but apart from that plan to keep it looking pretty stock. I’ll hopefully get to drive it a few miles this summer see how I like it and if it’s going to be a keeper I’ll see about get the shifter and suspension brought up to date, any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. cheers James
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