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  1. Hi Rich. thanks for the reply. Problem started a few months back. Everything goes on ok but no spark is getting to engine. solution was to reset battery and usually worked. I guess it got worse and reset was required more often. now reset doesn’t work. Checked all fuses and only thing I can think of is the ecu. Replaced the relay too. im not a much or a mechanic but think it’s sits with ecu.
  2. Hi Looking for a recommendation to check/repair my ECU please. Thanks Or anyone selling one?
  3. I should have said - if the immobiliser key is not inserted then its completely dead when trying to start. When it randomly doesn't start its not getting a spark - everything else is trying to get going.
  4. Thanks for replying Yes. Its one with a small fob: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Am0dfCclpvjqhK09koK_-jb-4TOiJg?e=Vy7uK5
  5. Hi I recently have an issue where the 3.2 doesn't start. A simple disconnect of the battery for 5 seconds and seems to reset everything and all ok. Happens periodically and cant pinpoint exactly when it happens. Any one had this issue before?
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