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  1. Thanks Guys, all good ideas, but I have considered all this to be honest. I want to use the standard seats and mounting them straight to the current floor rails puts them in a rather forward position for a tall driver with no adjustment. I have looked at all options I can think of and cutting and lowering the rails appears the only solution (It is what Porsche ended up doing for 1986 on, to re-gain the headroom). I was hoping to find out what ran down the inside of the tunnel, before I started pulling it all to bits if possible. Now I know the fuel lines run down the left side, that they are
  2. Hi all..... I know this has been covered elsewhere, but I could still do with some solid advice on possible solutions. The 1985 3.2 had higher seat mounting rails than what came before, or after, as they were lowered again by Porsche for the 1986 model year to give extra headroom. This can cause headroom problems for taller drivers and for the use of a helmet. The only good solution with standard seats, appears to be lowering the mounting rails to give the extra inch or so of headroom, like the 1986 to 1989 model years. The problem is that this involves some cutting, lowering, and re-wel
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