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  1. Thanks Guys, all good ideas, but I have considered all this to be honest. I want to use the standard seats and mounting them straight to the current floor rails puts them in a rather forward position for a tall driver with no adjustment. I have looked at all options I can think of and cutting and lowering the rails appears the only solution (It is what Porsche ended up doing for 1986 on, to re-gain the headroom). I was hoping to find out what ran down the inside of the tunnel, before I started pulling it all to bits if possible. Now I know the fuel lines run down the left side, that they are plastic, and that they are a pain to remove. I would simply not bother lowering the seat rails on a left hand drive car and put up with the head room issue. However, having right hand drive cars here in the UK appears to suggest we have no DME control unit clearance problems and no plastic fuel lines to worry about where we need to re-weld. Making the job appear to be a little easier on right hand drive cars? My hope was that someone who had done a full resto or strip down could tell me what runs down the inside of the tunnel where I would need to re-weld for the UK drivers side (US passenger side) seat support rail, if lowered an inch or so and re-welded to the tunnel wall on the opposite side to the fuel lines. The tunnel lines are the same on left hand drive and right hand drive cars, it's just knowing what runs where and if anything might get damaged by heat transfer when re-welding to the tunnel wall. I would imagine anyone who has done a race prep , full strip down, or restoration would know exactly what is there before I decide to do the job and strip everything out??
  2. Hi all..... I know this has been covered elsewhere, but I could still do with some solid advice on possible solutions. The 1985 3.2 had higher seat mounting rails than what came before, or after, as they were lowered again by Porsche for the 1986 model year to give extra headroom. This can cause headroom problems for taller drivers and for the use of a helmet. The only good solution with standard seats, appears to be lowering the mounting rails to give the extra inch or so of headroom, like the 1986 to 1989 model years. The problem is that this involves some cutting, lowering, and re-welding of the bracket rails on the driver’s side. This is a real issue in the US as the plastic fuel lines run down the inside of the central tunnel to which the support rail will need to be re-welded on left-hand drive cars, which has clear safety issues. However, the fuel lines appear to run down the nearside of the tunnel, which in the UK means they are well away from the driver’s side tunnel wall. So, my question is, what actually runs down the inside of the Off-side wall of the central tunnel on the driver’s side on a right-hand drive car? Is there anything that could suffer badly from some heat transfer, if the driver’s seat mounting rail was re-welded to the tunnel wall an inch or so lower? Has anyone done this? Any and all info would be appreciated. 🙏
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