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  1. A bit weird this one... Porsche Centre Leeds sent two of my wheels for refurbishment and they came back with the wrong centre caps. They haven't been able to figure out where in the chain it happened, but have given me a new correct set, so I am OK with it. However, unlike on my '89 car, these two are the older pre-85 (as far as I understand it) ring type without holes, which aren't available new. I don't know whether they were white originally as they've been painted by whoever PCL used, GP white to match my wheels. As the photos will show, painted so thickly, the crest is getting lost. I am wondering if someone is missing their original caps as these also have hand engraved RRR on the underside. So if they are from your car, or you know the car they belong to, I'd love to reunite them and hopefully get my original pair back. P.S. Porsche Centre Leeds had a convertible in with these kinds of caps at the same time as they had mine, but say it wasn't from it. They had my wheels anodised by a specialist and then painted by their painter, and apparently they checked with both and no one seems interested.
  2. I think I figured it out. The base plate seems to be identical, just the actual pop up deflector was redesigned to feature the "spoiler", hence it superseded the older design and was standard on the 964. My car has the flat one and the one I mentioned above is NOS, so I ordered it and fingers crossed it will be right.
  3. Could anyone advise on which sunroof wind deflector I would need for my 1989 930? I notice Design 911 list theirs as '83-89 without spoiler, while another seller list theirs as '83-87. Hard to believe that Porsche would've had two different versions at the same time. '89 cars use 964 windscreens, so I was wondering whether the same is true for this part. Also, what do D911 mean by "without spoiler"? Thank you in advance! Adi
  4. The tickets to Newby Hall gardens are £15 for person, while for this event it's £15 for car and two people. Taking part in the event comes with the access to the gardens. Seems like a good deal to me, but I hope the organisers actually do make some money from it.
  5. I just booked to display my car at the show. Never been, but looks like a fun day out in a really beautiful part of the country. Would love to see more of our cars there. Adi
  6. Since sorting the K-Jet on my car I've been driving it a lot. I just don't know anyone local to me (near Leeds, Skipton, Harrogate...) for impromptu drives. I see all of the bikers out there in groups, stopping at cafes, etc., and I feel quite jealous. I was out in it all day yesterday and didn't see a single other non-modern Porsche, but I did see a lot of other classics. People LOVE seeing the 911 though. Everywhere I went I was getting thumbs up, people exclaiming how much they like it and even a biker overtaking me giving me a chef's kiss and a man in a Lotus stopping in the middle of the road to compliment it. Kids also seem enamoured by it. I assume they've seen the Turbo in video games but have never seen one in person, so their reactions are pure joy. I ordered a new exhaust and wastegate pipe from TT based on recommendations on here, so am looking forward to trying them out. I'm going to have it ceramic coated this week as well since I had the various paint blemishes sorted recently.
  7. Thank you David. Richard from TT sent me links to the videos of their two different options. The "3 single pipe one also has their headers and 500bhp, so probably even louder than it would be on a standard car, but the stock style dual one does sound great. I've asked him about the dump pipe, which they call Wastegate Screamer which scares me a bit...
  8. Thanks! I'll give them a call. They seem to be really well respected on here and other forums, so I was leaning that way.
  9. That's really good to know, thank you. I did assume that the Super Cup would be very loud as it has a tiny silencer. The Maxflo has a full size one, same as the TT system, so I was hoping it wouldn't be too much. I don't know anyone locally with a 930 sadly, but my mechanic has one coming in on Friday which he thinks might have an aftermarket muffler so he'll let me know.
  10. Looking for any opinions or advice regarding some exhaust options for my 930. I am looking for a bolt on muffler for a more aggressive sound (and the extra performance they all promise is welcome, but not a priority), single exit, but am not fussed whether it's single or dual tip. I have my stock exhaust to go back to if I need to for any reason. The two options I've been looking at are Fabspeed Maxflo and TT Exhaust Single 3". Any opinions on those or any other suggestions? Thanks!
  11. I think you are right and I agree that the new paint is far too light. With matching old paint you'd expect some difference, but this seems too far apart to me. The fact that he had to paint the whole door tells me that the blend was so off this was the lesser evil.
  12. Thank you! I didn't know that about OZ. Was it because of emissions? Just had an update from the specialist. The car running as it should, starting on the button hot or cold, no problems at all. He's going to check all of the fuel pressures to make sure they are within spec. I am very relieved! After I got the car I really wanted to have someone good go through the fuelling system to make sure everything was as it should be, but it was really hard finding anyone willing to do more than fit new parts, so to finally have a proper report on every detail is really satisfying. I am also very grateful to understand the car a lot better now. Having come from dealing with Webers, K-jet has been a brave new world for me.
  13. Thank you. Had an update and a video of the K-jet today operating as it should now. They manufactured a new spacer for the airflap pin and it looks as new. I am very impressed. Rereading my post above I realise I made it a bit confusing by mixing up two different contact points, but I hope to those who are familiar with K-jet it made sense. I'm sure there are specific names for these things, but even my K-jet workshop manual skims over it.
  14. I drove it only a couple of times between the clutch issues (my FIL got stranded on the side of the road on the day we took that photo with the 930). It's not as terrifying as people assume, very progressive and friendly in the dry. I think it would turn lethal pretty quickly in the wet.
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