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  1. I had £2,500’s worth of work done on the 1st gear syncromesh at a specialist in Cheltenham, otherwise, I don’t recall any major issues. It was that wonderful wailing sound at around 3,000 rpm that I recall most. The heater was horrendous, a result of heat exchangers as opposed to a conventional radiator but it was what it was, different, unique, always generating conversation and discussion. All of the servicing was carried out by a local mechanic in the smallest of Welsh villages but the guy was meticulous and was proud to be trusted to maintain it. I paid £12,400 for it privately and sold it during a recession for £11,000 I believe. The 911 has such a cult following, I would never go into such detail about my other cars, good or bad. I felt very privileged at that time to own such a car in a part of the UK where you could truly enjoy it, just as you would in much of Scotland.
  2. I once owned this car having purchased it from an animal feed merchant in Llandovery, West Wales with a genuine 16,000 miles around 1985. I subsequently sold it to a Porsche specialist somewhere in the Home Counties with around 43,000 miles around 1991. I can still see it being driven away and have yearned for it ever since. It was so,so special. As I had a friend in Stuttgart, I drove it over one winter and visited the Porsche Museum on Porschestrasse. I have been attempting to trace the car for years. I knew it was in the Leicester area and had not been MOT’d since 2017. I was worried that it had been scrapped so to see it being restored to its natural glory is absolutely wonderful. This car was initially imported and was subsequently owned by a South Wales based car trader by the name of Gerry Hill who was sadly killed in a helicopter accident. It spent some time in the Barbican, London on being imported. I really hope that you will respond to this post as this car brings back some very, very happy memories. I have some photos somewhere which I’ll share in due course.
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