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  1. Leigh operates from the same unit as Chelsea Carrera, though they are two separate businesses in high Wycombe. He isnt very good on the Net lol so you won't find any websites
  2. Only one guy in the UK( and l can say it with confidence ) - works on these cars like a surgeon Leigh's Garage Better than Jaz, Auto Farm, Paul Stevens, Chris Turner (RIP), Charles Ivy and anyone else - this guys is a one man band with 45 plus yr of experience. takes his Time to do the job properly and explains what he does and isn't badly priced. he built my gearbox and engine and since he has i have driven the car around Europe,(3 months driving ban in France lol) and North Africa and the car has been (is) faultless since l know l am probably sounding like a sales person but i cant praise him enough
  3. I have the complete workshop manuals for the air cooled cars
  4. The company is called Hamilton & Palmer TN15 6PL 01732 760022 the part cost no more than 40-50£ and its an easy fix you can do with a soldering ion.
  5. I had the same issue on my car - the issue is with the Immobiliser fob and what it connects to you need to replace the end that the fob connects to. i will try to find the company that makes them and post it - or you just remove the system from the car
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