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  1. Shell Helix 10w 40 and regular changes but my engine was rebuilt and I change mine every 5k kms/3,000m so approx twice a year Maybe if we have summers of 30+ like we have had or Europe in Summer and or driven hard 10w 60 Also change the trans oil if not been done. Hi from Surrey
  2. Though assume most probably have some of these but there were a few I wasn't aware of. https://www.klassikats.com/document-center/
  3. Quite a weapon i would imagine!
  4. Thanks Ian, aware of that and not too worried, my scart exhaust will compliment! LoL ;o)
  5. Proper one or just the rack spacers? Did you go for the WEVO PSJ shift coupler? Considering getting one via TwinSpark when they get them back in stock before considering the shifter as well.
  6. https://www.carandclassic.com/car/C1511745?utm_campaign=saved-search&utm_source=email-alert&utm_medium=email
  7. Works! came across on Rennlist as I was going to replace my door check instead! so saved some pennies 😂 and got myself a nice DPMotorsport pedal board!
  8. A quick fix, My drivers (LHD) door check had the annoying click on opening and closing. It has had the reinforced plates put in. A quick fix and all was silent again, a stainless threaded bolt and nyloc nipped up. I assume a new pin might have worked but for now....sorted ;o) Hope this may help others.
  9. Looks great already! Look forward to updates and welcome. You on insta?
  10. Mark Taylor Specialisedwindscreens has done a many an old 911, recently my friends 964
  11. what angle did you set the spring plates at in the end?
  12. Yes great pub, walking distance for me! Used to be a 964 L90 meet. Find me on insta: Ruskiedog and drop me a note, and yes i am up for a drive / meet, drive finish with lunch at the pub or something.
  13. Smart and classically timeless Took time to also check and clean up my distributor. Some vertical play so need to get some washers.
  14. If you fancy a meet at the parrot pub in Forest Green let me know. There’s a few in Surrey close by and fellow 964
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