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  1. We will be there sat and Sunday on the mk1 golf oc stand. I'll try to get around to say hello to some of the other IBers on here. I'll be in the blue mk1 golf oc hoodie with event team on the back if you see me lurking!
  2. 154k I think, it has been maintained throughout though. I guess the only way is to strip it down to have a look. Thanks for the link too 😊
  3. https://youtu.be/a7Hk2j8rTX0 A short video on the trip including taxi lap footage in the gt2 RS MR!!
  4. they are indeed in stock! although they don't deliver
  5. I haven't, but surely they don't stock dash parts for a 35 year old car?! I'll ring them tomorrow.
  6. Does anyone know where I can either obtain new vents or a driver's side one at least. Or failing that how to perk up my existing floppy vent? It keeps my knee cool which is a plus, but ideally I'd like it to aim a little higher. Tia
  7. Anyone else going along to this? I'm there with the detailing kit manufacturer dodo juice. Would be lovely to meet some other IBers.
  8. I was there yesterday but only just saw this topic. Hopefully the weather is better today for anyone going! 962? Sounded bananas!
  9. That's a little mean. He will have been paid by the mag for the shoot. I got a CD with images on when the mk1 golf was featured in performance vw mag.
  10. I had a similar problem that I eventually traced to the stalk. I bought a replacement and all was well. In the meantime. Try getting power to the headlights at the fusebox bypassing the stalk as a test. I also took advice and fitted some fused relays to take load off the new stalk. The headlights power goes directly through the stalk on the 3.2 and over time the stalk fails due to contact heating. They aren't very serviceable really.
  11. That would be great to have thanks
  12. Likewise! Great daily challenge though
  13. did you also have a pop on downshift from the exhaust? what would be the ballpark price for the replacement please (hoping I dont need one too)
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