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  1. Could you do them in orange to see if i like them please ?
  2. Thanks for that. I'm trying to decide on a BIG colour for my fuchs, but can't! lol
  3. I want to fix up some fuchs wheels I've got for my 930, and fancy going more on the bright early colours. I was going to do Riviera Blue, but now I'm thinking just how wild can I go. I've got red, and the car's everydays are satin black. Any thought's? The car Is white so a clean canvas almost. I do want something a bit (lot) brighter than the norm, but a Porsche colour.
  4. Good Idea I will knock on some doors, see what I can find. Cheers
  5. Where from akaflash ?
  6. Does anyone know If It's possible to buy spray can paint In some of the more exotic Porsche colours, or at least as close as matters not ? Looking to do a set of wheels In Riviara blue, maybe another set In red or green, perhaps gold. Just got to thinking If spray cans would be a good option ? Thanks
  7. Thanks for the tips Nige, the backs are In black and really pretty good so I thought I'd leave them as you can't really see them on the car anyway. I just did'nt want to feel I was cheating leaving them black, I think I am though !! lol They get covered In brake dust anyway so not really much point In stripping to paint riviera blue only for them to be brake dust black in a month, and I still have the tyres on also. I will do them the way you said and spray the inside edges of the cut outs by masking the backs. Nice wheels Hu, did you spray the back body colour or leave them black ?
  8. ok thanks I'll give It a go. Black's not an option as I already black set's.
  9. Stripped the front face of my fuchs with nitro and wire wool ready for painting pale blue (riviera). Am I cutting corner's leaving the backs black ? Also when I mask the wheels should the edge of the holes be In the front colour, ie blue or shall I leave them black ? Not sure what's best If anyone has any tips ? I guess black Id more straight forward than a big colour change perhaps ? Sorry, just to add i dont mean the stud holes.
  10. Graeme, I've got a pair of 7s and a pair of 8s. They need slight rim restoration and i was going to have the centre's in Riviera blue to go on my GP white 930. Would i be better trying to find a pair of 9s and go with the 8's on the front. Are we talking just better looks cos they fill the arches out at the front or with i see and feel better handling etc ? Cheers.
  11. I started it tonight but got side tracked by my daughter. It's totally rotten to the point that once you start poking at it the thing just turns to rust dust! It's going to be tricky to get out i think, the only part thats rust free are the push in studs. I'll do some pics when i get chance to have another crack at it. I reckon anyone who's on the orignals will be totally rotted through as well.
  12. It's a bit past being hidden. I'm shopping around so will get sorted all being well. It really needs the cover back taking off and a new bead stitching in, not that easy because you can't restitch into the same holes so you have to come back a 1/4 inch into the leather and its very easy to lose the shape then. I'm on the case so will do a before and after photo when i get it sorted. I'm sure others have this issue as well.
  13. No doubt this is a common problem. The beading on the side of my driver's seat in the 930 is starting to get a bit messy. The seat and leather itself is lovely, but this bead seems to catch when getting in and out of the car a lot. Can it be patched or is it a case of replacing it all the way around the seat back? anyone had it done ? I'm guessing low cost materials but a fair bit of labour to do it properly ?
  14. Thanks everyone. It's not the outside scrapper, that slide's on the outside door top anodised bit, they are easy and i've changed both of them. I had the passenger door felt strip replaced when i had a new window motor fitted earlier this year, the old one was well past it's sell by date and just fell to bits upon being removed. I bought a pair so this is just to replace what will no doubt be a totally shot drivers side felt strip. They have pretty big studs on them though, so i'm thinking i can fit it without taking the whole door to bits. Maybe just take the interior door cap off and see if
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