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  1. I liked this one lap of Daytona.. Jochen Mass Classic 24 Hour onboard Porsche 911 RSR - YouTube
  2. Had a look at my rocker shafts (while showing my son how adjust the valves) and there are a couple of inlet rocker arms which don't seem to be in the right place. One end is slightly protruding past the edge of the housing. About 2 or 3mm I guess. On #2 I fully loosened the 5mm end of the through-bolt and its fully loose.. the 8mm end will turn now if I dont hold it. The shaft will not move either direction. Its tight as a tight thing. I tried levering it a little using a socket against the protruding end of the shaft, but am hesitant to push too hard on it. I thought they would move eas
  3. Yes I know.. The Bumpermiester will slap on an instant ban for mentioning oil, and maybe a permanent ban for resurrecting an oil thread ... but ..... needs must, etc etc Some years back, Opie recommended a "Full synthetic ester" Fuchs (Titan) Race Pro R 15W50 for my 2.7 MFI (911/83 spec), so I used that and still have 6L left for some strange reason. ( I think I pilfered some for another car !) I found 20W50 Valvoline VR1 locally (surprisingly in Ireland !) and I can have 10L of that for the price of the missing 4L or 5L of the Fuchs stuff. From all the reading I've done, I'm t
  4. Ahh, sure a bit of T-Cut & it'll be grand. 🙂 Sorry to see that. Hope its sorted hassle-free. As @Phill said already, you don't need that.
  5. I just put a set of "Michelin Pilot Sport 4" on mine and it seems pretty good on wet Irish roads. Cost €540. Hasn't been dry since I got them, but I expect they should be pretty good. Comparable to the old Bridgestone SO2 I had on it, so far.
  6. I'll second that. Very helpful place this Welcome along. Love the colour of your SC. Goes well with the all the black trim bits. Glad you found your way through all those other Porsche(s) to the best ones 👍
  7. Today was a productive day. Insured again, and new boots ordered for next week. Can't wait to get the italian tune-up done. (I had more sense than to start a new "what tyres" thread 🤪 )
  8. Yes, exactly those points.
  9. So clean. Those SSI's look fantastic 👍 As an aside, hopefully without hijacking your thread, .. should the SSI's be bolted onto the bottom of the case on each side ? Mine weren't, but I did see a stud protruding from one side of the case, and a threaded hole for one in the other side, but they weren't attached. I'm guessing they should be ?
  10. I have a couple of oil drips from the lower cam covers that I could never get rid of totally, but I've always blamed the gaskets and me not having the knack of tightening the covers correctly. I never checked or tightened the those rocker arm bolts, so maybe that is the source. I have the RSR seals but it looks like a very fiddly/awkward job with the engine in the car.
  11. Pichers don't really show it...
  12. My IB has been sitting on 4 axle stands for a few years. Recently I got it started again without much bother, so that spurred me on to finish refurbishing the front caliper I had taken off years ago and left laying on the bench beside the new seal kit. I finally got the brakes bled today and dropped the car back onto the ground and actually drove it out of the garage. (well maybe up and down the driveway a few times too, just to make sure all was well ) I even let my 17 year old son drive it a bit, and his grin was about the same as my own. 😁 Parked it back in the same spot in
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