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  1. Our cars were designed before the advent of forecourt pumps with built in safety overfill cut-outs. Some pumps are just too sensitive and keep cutting out on our cars when used in a conventional orientation. Using the nozzle "upside down" stops the problem. Mark
  2. Hi Fin, I will have them if you can include delivery to SE London. Mark
  3. Side effects is a misnomer, unless it is an effect completely different to what would be expect from the real virus. Having a reaction as you describe is just proof it is working well for you. People forget, in the first stages of a viral infection it is your own body's defence reaction that make you feel bad, not the virus itself. Mark
  4. But they come in 245/45/R16, unlike SO2s these days. Mark
  5. E.g. If you are going for the "normal" sized smaller battery like I used in the SC, there are no mods needed. The original battery tray in the car has a second threaded hole further back along the tray that works with the original hold down clamp. I have the second hole in both the CS and 3.2 and so assume it was standard. Mark
  6. Opps, used an old Photobucket link that probably does not work, 3.2 battery
  7. ^This ^ and this I have run one like this for 4+ in my SC and this lightweight beauty for 6+ years in my 3.2! http://i226.photobucket.com/albums/dd135/92-2T/IMAG1343_zpsodjes5wi.jpg Be aware, Varta, Bosch, Halfords, etc. are all made in the same Chinese factory with the same materials (just different casings and stickers), as are most OEM batteries. The industry was consolidated and Brand names sold off many years ago, there are not many manufactures left. As an example Bosch have not made Bosch batteries since 1992. The benchmark today for quality batter
  8. Sheep sweat and hydrocarbon, sounds very similar to the old Waxoyl product. Not necessarily a bad thing inside cavities, not so sure how much use underbody. Mark
  9. So is my '84 "sport" 3.2 Mark
  10. Nah, just the old now, eight days over the 65 threshold! Mark
  11. ...... to get the Jab? Got a text invite from my Surgery Thursday afternoon, two clicks on the phone and had an appointment for yesterday morning. All very slick and efficient and I'm now full of Oxford-Astrazeneca goodness 💉
  12. Just went through this thought process with my SC. The six months extended MOT ran out mid Jan and it was too cold and wet to make me feel like getting down the garage and giving it the once over. The lockdown also added a layer of complexity I could not be bothered with. Decided to leave it and put it on SORN as I still have the 3.2 I can use on any nice days (e.g. 21st of Jan was a good day here so it got used for my legitimate support tasks, first run of the year, 60+ miles and lots of dirt!). I intend to do some work on the SC when it warms up, maybe even get the gearbox refreshe
  13. '84s have a single motor in the mirrors and so if one works only in one plane I would suspect the electrical input rather than the motor itself. If the "joy stick" works on one side but not the other I would eliminate that from the equation, which leaves connections and wiring between the "joy stick" and mirror motor as the first place I would investigate. Hope that helps. Mark
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