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  1. Fixed it for you... Mark
  2. Earlier cars had an earth for the fuel filler pipe rather than just earthing through the wing fixings. I can't remember exactly where the connection is/was. The wire is brown, therefore an earth, if everything works should not be an issue. Mark
  3. Check the dipstick with the engine off and cold. If you can get any oil level on the dipstick its been over filled Mark
  4. I've run and Edge starter on my 3.2 for 5 years now without issues... Depends on your feeling about "significantly", the std one on mine was 7.0kg and the new Edge one is 3.9kg. Mark
  5. I weighed my 3.2 engine with everything (all ancillaries, clutch, exhaust, etc.) except the engine bay blower and found it was 179kg. The turbo, inter-cooler and assorted different plumbing is not going to add that much more weight, so working on the basis of a bit less that 200kg should be about right. Mark
  6. Sorry don't remember without taking them off, but on both the SC and 3.2 they are a tight fit to about half way up the window rubber. SC 3.2 The metal tags with the slots locate the top of the kick/pedal board and then the carpet leather "tags" go through the slots to keep the carpets in place and secure the kick/pedal boards. My ones are on the carpet set, not over-mats. Passenger side Drivers side Mark
  7. There are metal tags with slots in to loop the leather through at the front/top of the footwell. I will get a pic for you in a while. I'll also have a look at the rear capping bits and report back.
  8. I have two IBs that had both been parked in underground car parks by previous owners. Both had bad paint damage on the roof caused by drips from the roof that must have become alkaline from prolonged contact with concrete. Both needed a roof respray. Probably not an issue with a car that moves, gets rained on and is parked in a slightly different place most days, but an issue for a car that remains in place for some weeks/months at a time. I would use a waterproof outdoor cover to avoid problems. Mark
  9. As I said, someone has been messing with things in the past, so no point in trying to understand/rationalise things. Porsche connected the power windows to work only when the ignition was in position 1 & 2 when the doors were closed for safety reasons (to stop kids left in the car operating the windows), on both the SC and 3.2. Personally, I would try moving the earth currently that is on 85 to 85b and then adding a direct chassis earth to 85. Mark
  10. It's not even connected as an SC, someones been messing with things. Not sure why the bodge of feeding pin 86 with an alternate live is not working, unless 85 has been connected to the door switches rather than the direct chassis earth. Try earthing 85 direct to the chassis and then see if they work with the doors closed.
  11. The change in wiring, at least for UK cars, was the determined by the change from SC to 3.2. Use the '85 wiring diagram.
  12. No idea why the numbers are different to the wiring diagrams. I would expect you to find 12v connecting between 30 and 85, 85 is the earth and 30 is the live feed. You should therefore also find continuity between 85 and the chassis. Rather than using the numbers, the wire colours can be used... Red = always live feed Red/Black = live when ignition is in positions 1 & 2 Brown = earth direct to chassis Brown/White = earth via the door light switch Black = feed from relay to the fuse No 1 in the front luggage compartment, the feed from this fuse to the door switch loom is Red/Blue
  13. The output wires from the autoheat are not directly connected to any fan. The output goes to the heater relay in the engine compartment. The relay powers the engine bay fan, and the footwell blowers on a 3.2 (providing the engine blower fan is running and it is a bit more complicated as the autoheat box also selects one of three speeds for the footwell blowers via three resistors depending on the setting selected on the autoheat), when it is energised by input from the autoheat box. No fans have any sensors. Are you checking the correct connections? There is a heat sensor in the nearside heater pipe just before the flapper box. This gives the autoheat input on the temperature of the incoming hot air from the heat exchanger. From memory, Bentley gives resistance values for this sensor.
  14. Thinking some more bout this, the live feed to 30 will also supply the power to the window motors and as they work with the doors open it is probably not the cause. My money would have been on the relay, but you have replaced that! There are two ground connections on the relay, 85 which grounds in the front luggage compartment and 85B that grounds through the door light switches (which must work if the windows work with the doors open). Check the ground connection for 85. Mark
  15. Autoheat, it's problems and workings, have been very well documented on here in the past, have a search for "autoheat". Mark
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