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  1. Why not post it here first? May save you effort and cost. I sold the Wife's Fiesta on here a couple of years ago, quickly, and others have put various cars up more recently. Mark
  2. I have a cheap (£15) IR thermometer from Maplins, rest in peace, but you must be able to get similar now on Ebay, e.g. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=ebay+ir+thermometer&tbm=shop&source=lnms&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjcoLGDxIrnAhXZEcAKHUcVBAgQ_AUIDigB&biw=1366&bih=635&dpr=1 Mine works a treat, with laser aiming. Near to a surface gives you a small spot reading, further away gives you a larger area reading. I checked it against a laboratory thermometer and it seems accurate. There are some old threads with ref to it...
  3. No, without extra bits and without a number of standard bits. Light weight rules. Mark
  4. It has it's own dedicated sender, 12 in the pic below ( the two DME crank sensors are 6). It is not connected to any other system on the car and serves no purpose what so ever any more. Mark
  5. Regular IB track day and event attendance, car mods and an aversion to polishing.
  6. Sorry to hear your sad news Henry, heartfelt condolences. Mark
  7. No, "L" shaped ally brackets bonded to the back of the bumper and bolted to the bumper shock mounting holes. Mark
  8. Not exactly. In the diagram below the metal restrictor inside the large diameter breather pipe B (circled in red) is what stops the engine stalling when the oil cap is removed. The valve connected by the small pipe in question is "C" in the diagram. To prevent the throttle body icing up at temperatures below 10C the temperature switch "D" opens and allows intake vacuum to open the vacuum switching valve "E". Warm crankcase vapours then flow through "C" into the throttle body. At temperatures above 10C "D" is closed and all the crankcase vapours only vent through pipe "B". Mark
  9. Apeman, between £30 & 40 on Amazon depending on package/version. Been using one for several years now and got a second one last year. From track days to snorkelling on holiday, no complaints. Mark
  10. No. Two reasons. 1. IB bumpers are so low 90% of modern vehicles will ride straight over the top of them. An even higher % of those that will do most damage, e.g. HGVs, SUVs and Delivery Vans. I hit an Audi A6 from behind at a relatively low terminal speed, the nose of my SC just went under it's bumper. No damage to either car luckily. 2. A decent fg bumper acts as a crumple zone if it does hit something at the same height. I have personally crash tested a front fg bumper, at speed, against the pit wall at Brands Hatch in my 3.2. Bumper more or less disintegrated, absorbing a lot if energy, with little damage to the rest of the car. I'm convinced there would have been more damage with the std bumpers. There are threads, including a vid of the incident, on here if you do a search. Mark
  11. The screen has two sections for the two stage operation. The centre section is operated by the pulling the switch out (so called "defog" position) the whole screen is operated when the switch is turned (so called "defrost" position). The relay that controls all this is not a simple relay, it detects alternator output and if there is not enough power (low revs, idling, lights on etc) it switches to just the centre section until it detects enough power. As I understand it, fuse 6 at the front of the car supplies power to the dash switch to operate the relay and fuse 3 in the engine compartment supplies power to both sections of the rear screen, controlled by the relay. Mark
  12. I use a small ring spanner, avoids any chance of rounding the flats. After initial loosening to just closed, put the ring spanner on with the handle orientated to allow half a turn to open/close, then put the bleed tube on. The bleed tube clamps the ring spanner in place. Works for me OK on both ends of the SC and 3.2 and also on the Boxster fronts now on the 3.2. Mark
  13. Stick a couple of these in the car, widely available for under £10... e.g. https://www.wilko.com/en-uk/unibond-450g-aero-360-moisture-absorber/p/0286745
  14. Heater controls (unit between the seats), or cold air ventilation blower (slider switches on dash)?
  15. What is the difference between an SC cap (or earlier 3.2 cap) and an earlier one? The ones on both my SC and 3.2 look the same as earlier IBs and both twist to lock rather than screw. Mark
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