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  1. No, just the tightness of the oil pump gears. Not wanting to start a "which oil is best war", this normal quirk can be make much worse with thin modern oils. Mark
  2. Welcome, as Phil say original, at least for the year. If your car came with it originally it will also have had the rubber lip spoiler under the front valance. No lip spoiler, or the fitting bolt holes in the valance flange, would indicate not original spec to your car. But, both front and rear spoilers could have been fitted later. If you don't like it, get and fit a spoiler-less undrilled engine lid and hang the spoiler and engine lid on the garage wall in case you want it later. Mark
  3. Sure did, here's the post...
  4. I would certainly think so. Mechanical intervention at the gauge has an effect, so most likely some sort of interference as the needle moves around. Mark
  5. What do you mean by "stick at 80"? Reads OK until you get to 80 then it stays there regardless of speed? Does it return to 0 when you turn the car off? Or, can you make it change from 80 by tapping the glass?
  6. The problem with adhesion to aluminium is that it forms it's own protective oxide coating very quickly. Adhesion of paint to oxide is greater than the adhesion of the oxide to the aluminium, and so the paint/oxide layer lifts/peels/let's moisture in. Unless the coating completely encases and seals the part. If you cleaned aluminium in an inert atmosphere you could successfully coat it with most things. Aluminium primers have a chemical etch function to dissolve the thin oxide coating. They only work on well cleaned aluminium which has only had time to form a light oxide coating. Anodising forms a thicker durable oxide coating on the aluminium and is a more stable, but expensive, base for coating. Mark
  7. An Italian tuneup is needed.
  8. There is another alternative, remove the trim and insert a suitably sized wire into the slot to spread the rubber and secure the screen. If you have newish rubber seals, the external gap close up and is not noticeable. I have a thread on this somewhere, I will look for a link later. Mark
  9. Businesses can open if they risk asses and implement safety measures, probably signed off by a legal advisor. The problem with a car run is some authorities are choosing to enforce recommendations and guidance as if they were legislation. I don't believe a car run with social distancing if prohibited by the legislation, but unlimited car travel is only specifically endorsed in the legislation to go and do exercise/meet one person outside/have a picnic/etc. All a lot of BS as far as I'm concerned, but there is a high probability of attracting unwanted attention. Mark
  10. The quality and fit of the Dansk made SSIs is just as good as the originals. Original tooling is used and same spec steel. They even have the same foibles as the US made ones, you have to bend down the seam to clear the Omega spring. I went over the set I got for my SC very closely and they are absolutely fine. Been on for 4 years without problems. Mark
  11. Like the rest of our cars I had a similar setup to Phill, but I could still occasionally smell fuel. I rigged up an ally catch can and moved the valve to the top of that and it solved the problem.
  12. http://msv-email.com/interface/external_view_email.php?C917086135685266061741278zzzzz64d1efe992f5393867ac8cd29f7b9f033c00a50eedbc259929d055a3a7dd572359&varId=
  13. SilverWT

    Door Hinge Pin

    All my door hinge pins sit variously high, but paint on them indicates they have not moved since installing. If it does not feel loose, I'd leave it alone. Mark

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