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  1. Why, they are not in the business of publishing "fairy tails". Mark
  2. An urban myth, extrapolated from another urban myth saying the same thing about the spare in a VW Beetle. If it were true, legislators and lawyers would have insisted upon at least some of the following; a proper robust attachment to keep it in place (not a flimsy thumb tight wing nut!), warnings of dire consequences of not having it in place in the handbook and warnings of the same on conspicuous signs physically on/near the spare itself. Mark
  3. Checked the mouse traps in the garage this morning and found two furry ex-trespassers. Remember to make sure your cars are not being eaten, or nested in, by little furry friends this winter. Trams re-baited and reset! Mark
  4. +1 +1, but... Being a dogleg box makes it a 901 (I think), so weaker than a 915 with less options for upgrading. Mark
  5. It has, Bio Diesel, which is a methyl ester (veg oil, methanol, catalyst and heat). If they are looking at making something from a synthesized methanol it is likely also some form of methyl ester, but rather than a veg oil it would need to be a short chain volatile chemical. Mark
  6. Here is the Pelican link I was thinking of... http://forums.pelicanparts.com/porsche-911-technical-forum/854164-915-flanges-930-turbo-spec-car-100-108-mm-help.html You can evidently also modify G50 driveshafts to work in a 915, or use Turbo ones. Mark
  7. Not wishing to tease you Phil (these are destined for my 3.2 and are not for sale), but these are the mythical 108mm 6 x M10 915 drive flanges that let you use G50 style driveshafts on a 915 box.
  8. G50 driveshafts are 108mm (from rusty memory, I can check later). Most SC/3.2 use 100mm 6 x M8. All G50 3.2s use 108mm 6 x M10. But, some late '85 915 3.2s also use 108mm 6 x M10 gearbox flanges. These are super rare and enable you to use G50 driveshafts on a 915 box. From memory, someone on Pelican was machining 915 flanges to use G50 driveshafts.
  9. I've done a few Dec Brands track days and been luckier with the weather than sometimes in the Summer! Gratuitous atmospheric pic from 2013...
  10. No, they are exactly the same, even the 993 one is the same except for holes made for the screen wash jets. Mark
  11. The latch panel may be different, but the bonnet pressings and locating holes/threads are the same. If there is some distortion it would have to be in the curve, front to back. It would not have to be great to cause the problem. If you have some "brave pills" handy you could put some layers of newspaper on the latch panel to pack it and gently push down on the edges of the bonnet about halfway along. It would need spread even pressure on both edges at the same time to avoid both adding dents and any twist! Mark
  12. If they are Bilstein struts and inserts this is not the case, regardless of year. The Bilstein design has an "upside down" shock insert, the insert rod is attached to the bottom of the strut and the insert cartridge part is attached to the inner wing strut tower. The cartridge part moves up and down in bearing shells on the inner wall of the strut and the rod remains stationary. They are assembled with a small amount of pink coloured grease, but do not contain any oil. If they did it would get out the bottom of the strut were the rod is anchored in place by a roll-pin. Looking down a
  13. It's not sitting on the latch panel, it's sitting on the latch panel plastic cover, which is easily removed. Try taking the plastic cover off the latch panel, it will give you a few extra mm of space and it is only decorative. If it does give you enough space you could maybe slot the bolt holes in the latch receptor a bit more so that can move down and pull the latch down. A bit of compressible foam on the latch panel would stop any rattles. I see Ian got in before me on the plastic trim! Mark
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