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    Thrashing motorbikes (on and off road). Wheelying - it's what bikes where make for. Improving my driving skills. Ponder often on the theory of driving. Whilst driving.

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    LHD '82 SC Moss green, non-sunroof coupe, SSIs variously connected to an M&K or an unruly three out...
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    917. Oh, and make it road legal.
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    Under A Blood Red Sky, Wildwood. Can't play either just the once.
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    Organising stuff: transport, gigs and expos mainly. Get everything and everyone there, make it happen, bring it all home afterwards.
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    Singapore rice with prawns. Loads of 'em.
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    White Russians (no, it's not a dodgy website...)
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    A487 Aberystwyth to Fishguard, summer sun dissolving into the Irish sea out over Cardigan bay, me on a ZX7-R, my mate on his ZXR-750. Both riding beyond our limits...

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  1. Good to know, thanks, the in-laws are near Charlwood.
  2. Replied on your other thread without realising you’d posted this. Am not sure the symptoms you’re describing are anything other than normal, or more accurately: anything other than what I typically find with mine at the ambient temps we have at this time of the year in the UK.
  3. I think the cabin aroma is part of the charm with some classic cars - the accumulated funk of +/- forty years...
  4. I drove mine to be painted with the factory bumpers removed. It was surprising how much more nimble the car felt even just across town, the weight reduction being immediately apparent (and my car’s not heavy at just over 1,100kgs). I did refit rather than replace with lightweight alternatives though, once it eventually returned from Paint Jail.
  5. What do Busch recommend as far as concrete type and minimum thickness go (for a two post it can’t be thick enough?). I like the look of the BH one more, as it wouldn’t be much effort to sink it into the floor with a cover plate same height as floor screed when not in use. The moveable hydraulic pack and good access seem good.
  6. So sorry to read this Henry, our thoughts are with you.
  7. If you haven’t seen it yet Blaupunkt have just reintroduced an SQR designated head unit.
  8. Well, if it’s burnt off and not now bothering you probably no need to lose sleep over it. I did wonder if the world of aftermarket engine management has moved on a bit in the time that Microsquirt has been around.
  9. There’s some chat about Microsquirt on the DDK forum if interested. Oil is able to seep into the exchangers by running down the manifold tubes and collecting inside the exchanger shrouds. If so closer examination should reveal the true source, the usual culprits being the triangle of death or rockers that have walked sideways a bit.
  10. The pin is threaded, so you could try unwinding it to gain a bit.
  11. They’ve been routinely listed on Ebay at £300 to £500 (one at £800!) for the last few years but the recent release of the new Blaupunkt remake at £375 seems to have cooled the ambition of Ebay sellers to under that mark. As is the case with most things I guess it depends whether someone wants the original item or a new equivalent where available.
  12. My god: valeting threads are the new oil threads!
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