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    Thrashing motorbikes (on and off road). Wheelying - it's what bikes where make for. Improving my driving skills. Ponder often on the theory of driving. Whilst driving.

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    SCs, in 70s and 80s flavours
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    917. Oh, and make it road legal.
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    Organising stuff: transport, gigs and expos mainly. Get everything and everyone there, make it happen, bring it all home afterwards.
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    Singapore rice with (lots of) prawns.
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    White Russian. It's not a dodgy website...
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    A487 Aberystwyth to Fishguard, summer sun dissolving into the Irish sea out over Cardigan bay, me on a ZX7-R, my mate on his ZXR-750. Both riding beyond our limits...

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  1. You could try Luke at Air Cooled Classics in Penryn?
  2. The lower corners of both ‘screens are known for hiding corrosion, it’s usually apparent however at the front it can extend significantly completely out of sight under the dash top.
  3. Neither in your first post or the link above...
  4. Thanks all, I did have a quick look around at some examples in use, variable results indeed, some suggestions of swapping the pick up hose for a rigid tube. Appreciate the replies and to clarify: am interested for purposes other than those involving a Porsche!
  5. Any recommendations / experiences for oil changes?
  6. I wondered if it was an effect of over exposure to cars and all things petrolhead in general.
  7. You could be lucky, it might just be a “footwell mat / accelerator pedal interference” issue.
  8. I don’t know how far you were from UCC but get the feeling you’ve done well to keep the faith. We used to have secure parking just half a mile away at our previous place, even that was wearing a bit thin by the time we moved.
  9. Only required for motorway use, they usually run checks on the way out rather than in. Be sure to apply in the correct corner...
  10. I’ve driven the Fernpass many times in all weathers, including a few heavily snow laden sorties. Most heading North / South will just head for Munich and Brenner but I just love that whole area from Ulm across to Innsbruck.
  11. I think it’ll work and last forever, if you don’t mind the method.
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