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    Organising stuff: transport, gigs and expos mainly. Get everything and everyone there, make it happen, bring it all home afterwards.
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  1. If you decide not to use it roll bars are actually still available new from Porsche (around £150 last time it came up).
  2. It's because the exchangers are at the bottom, so pretty much any engine oil weep is likely to end up there. However once it gets there the oil may not just drip off from the outside. If you look closely at the them you can see that the exchanger headers come directly from the cylinder heads then "disappear" into the exchanger metalwork that shrouds the headers themselves. Oil that leaks onto the exposed uppermost section of the headers then travels down and becomes trapped / collects inside the exchanger cavity, in turn giving the false impression that the motor is burning oil when actua
  3. They take a while to fully get up to temperature, maybe longer than you think. Could you take it out for at least an hour or so somewhere? If you do just have a little oil on the exchangers that should help.
  4. It could just be oil that has leaked into the exchangers during storage, if so it will burn off after a while. See how it is after a few drives.
  5. mean in green

    Pre silencer

    If you like the raspy tone then really you should just hold out for some SSIs. They must be about the best “bang for buck” thing you can do to an SC, not just their metallic sound but the way they change the feel of the engine as well. It’s a very noticeable difference and you’ve already got a proper silencer after all.
  6. Both mirror motors can be affected by a fault just on one side. As you've had the connectors apart maybe a wire at one of the terminals has been weakened.
  7. Perhaps you've disturbed the wiring inside the door for the mirror, especially if someone has been in there before and done a cut and shut on the loom to take the mirror off.
  8. Great, thanks for the heads up on this. Just booked.
  9. Just two and a half hours from reading the invitation text to receiving the vaccination this afternoon.
  10. Wouldn't it depend on the assessor who views the vehicle, and whether they are observant enough to notice? My feeling is that I won't risk it.
  11. No experience of those, but I do have the Wevo one. +1 on doing all the bushes too!
  12. I'm sure you could. Think I'm likely to continue with scrap carpet for now.
  13. I must admit I thought that if you were going to the trouble of designing one it could incorporate a profile that would be compatible with a jack pad.
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