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    Thrashing motorbikes (on and off road). Wheelying - it's what bikes where make for. Improving my driving skills. Ponder often on the theory of driving. Whilst driving.

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    LHD '82 SC Moss green, non-sunroof coupe, SSIs variously connected to an M&K or an unruly three out...
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    917. Oh, and make it road legal.
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    Under A Blood Red Sky, Wildwood. Can't play either just the once.
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    Organising stuff: transport, gigs and expos mainly. Get everything and everyone there, make it happen, bring it all home afterwards.
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    Singapore rice with prawns. Loads of 'em.
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    White Russians (no, it's not a dodgy website...)
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    A487 Aberystwyth to Fishguard, summer sun dissolving into the Irish sea out over Cardigan bay, me on a ZX7-R, my mate on his ZXR-750. Both riding beyond our limits...

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  1. I'm intending to share some personal experience along these lines too.
  2. Just had a look at my SC's ride heights out of curiosity - measured to the midpoint on the arches: +/- 625mm front, 605mm rear (last geometry by GCR).
  3. I was going to say the same on Swiss hotels plus well, doing almost anything there: four beers and a game of pool = eighty five euros, a pizza for one = twenty five euros etc. (this is outside of Zurich too). Road tolls in France used to be quite a bit less also, surprising - it now costs pretty much double what I used to pay down to the south and back. If heading a little further east though as Mark says, it's no further and much cheaper simply to drive through Luxembourg and Saarland instead. Hard to beat a long road trip!
  4. They look good. How did you get on with the “upside down or not” conundrum Ian, or is not an issue with these?
  5. Those inserts do nothing to reduce decibels Mark - they’re just thin sheet material fabricated for the look, TIG’d in place / no baffle effect etc. I like the look personally. I have seen them with two “cookie” inserts not welded in the same orientation on the same silencer though (?!), so any interested party might ask about that if ordering.
  6. Can't answer your charging question sorry, but once you've got the bonnet open and battery sorted maybe run an external pull release from the catch (as you just know there will be a "not again" moment down the road...).
  7. There are a few off-the-shelf versions of what you describe or of course it could be home brewed - a photo should help to identify.
  8. See what other opinion is, I think relay if the stalk is recent.
  9. I have them too and find them good, not much brake dust either.
  10. I don’t know how true it is but someone told me one of the variables used by Porsche to price parts is classic values.
  11. Would pointing your IR temp sensor at each cylinder help?
  12. Fraser, should you need help moving your car around once it gets back to the UK just let me know.
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