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    Thrashing motorbikes (on and off road). Wheelying - it's what bikes where make for. Improving my driving skills. Ponder often on the theory of driving. Whilst driving.

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    SCs, in 70s and 80s flavours
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    917. Oh, and make it road legal.
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    Organising stuff: transport, gigs and expos mainly. Get everything and everyone there, make it happen, bring it all home afterwards.
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    Singapore rice with (lots of) prawns.
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    White Russian. It's not a dodgy website...
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    A487 Aberystwyth to Fishguard, summer sun dissolving into the Irish sea out over Cardigan bay, me on a ZX7-R, my mate on his ZXR-750. Both riding beyond our limits...

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  1. Someone made the suggestion in comments not even to try fixing the bodywork, given that the plan is to go racing. Makes a lot of sense!
  2. Gear shift looks sweet! https://youtu.be/UmQPNw5A2AQ
  3. Darlene’s probably got a Juke.
  4. Have you tried just bending it?
  5. Post up here any that you like the look of, you might be amazed at the eagle eyed abilities that exist.
  6. My Dad has just had a bumper done in a light metallic on his new Golf. Using the filler flap they scanned / mixed / kept adjusting until it was right. Seems to be as much down to the competency of the guy mixing it as the one doing the painting.
  7. Maybe let it dry out thoroughly, and see if that changes anything.
  8. Thanks, I’d forgotten about that thread. Might have a rummage around in my electrical spares to see if I have a sacrificial bung option instead. I had been thinking of making a bracket to hold the switch, which would pass through the top hole in the casting where there’s usually a transparent grommet. The two studs above the casting look like they would work well as bracket mounting points along with adding a small hole for a third bracket fixing at the bottom. Something like this possibly (crude first attempt, can be slimmed down once dialled in...).
  9. Am mocking up a bracket to take an additional brake light switch and am thinking of drilling and tapping a small hole just here. Seems hollow with just the rod from the pedal to the booster inside. Any good reason not to do it?
  10. Six or seven metres is plenty high enough if you don't really have the head for it.
  11. That's what I did - 50mm extension piece inserted in the top of the lever.
  12. Just the sensible basics as above but in general terms just travel light. Fuel is not as available as you might think that far North West, and where you do find it quite often it's office hours only / no chance at all during the night so perhaps add a spare fuel can or at least have a full tank before leaving Glasgow area / trunk routes.
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