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    Thrashing motorbikes (on and off road). Wheelying - it's what bikes where make for. Improving my driving skills. Ponder often on the theory of driving. Whilst driving.

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    LHD '82 SC Moss green, non-sunroof coupe, SSIs variously connected to an M&K or an unruly three out...
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    917. Oh, and make it road legal.
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    Under A Blood Red Sky, Wildwood. Can't play either just the once.
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    Organising stuff: transport, gigs and expos mainly. Get everything and everyone there, make it happen, bring it all home afterwards.
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    Singapore rice with prawns. Loads of 'em.
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    White Russians (no, it's not a dodgy website...)
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    A487 Aberystwyth to Fishguard, summer sun dissolving into the Irish sea out over Cardigan bay, me on a ZX7-R, my mate on his ZXR-750. Both riding beyond our limits...

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  1. One of the three oil cooler to crankcase seals are another possibility.
  2. mean in green

    Running woes

    I see you're in Oakham Lee, there is a good indy in Leicester - Chris Sargent at GCR.
  3. mean in green

    Running woes

    Lee, if interested there’s lots to read about CIS here including some good guidance on checking that the basics are right.
  4. I'd take one if someone else is interested four.
  5. Sodium hydroxide is a common one - a strong alkali found in traffic film remover. Hydrochloric is the main chemical in brick acid. Autosmart actually sell hydrofluoric acid for valeting purposes (?!), potentially so dangerous you can only buy it from them if you also buy the HC specific first aid kit!
  6. Vaseline might help some examples of "local car wash anodising destruction", but only a total refurbishment fixed mine (which weren't horrendously damaged).
  7. What about if you jump the relay socket terminals with the relay removed as per Northy's suggestion? (does the fuel pump run then?) 10v at the board seems too low.
  8. If it seemed to be under your seat maybe look at the rear roll bar mounts?
  9. Glad to read all ok. Have had a couple of aquaplaning moments in my SC. An emptyish tank and light front end are not totally compatible with heavy downpours.
  10. That’s long way to go for matching luggage David.
  11. Have you looked at your fuel filler "swan neck", they're prone to corrosion and was the cause of same symptoms on mine?
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