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  1. Perhaps not altogether unlike drag racing, something an American supplier like Dougherty’s might also be more familiar with?
  2. I don't recall the registration, but do remember the sticker - good spot Bert!
  3. The thinking with an additional switch is not just a reliability issue, it also enables you to then adjust the point at which the brake lights come on. With the standard switches light braking sometimes doesn’t illuminate the brake lights at all. Not great when you also factor in brake lights that are small, low down and not as visible as a those on most modern vehicles, plus of course Darlene streaming Netflix in her Juke behind you.
  4. Surprised to read this Phil, after all your recent endeavours. Not much point though if it doesn't float your boat any more.
  5. Nice quick and simple fix, it did read like a door related issue. Those little white plastic cup connectors can become brittle with age.
  6. This is the infuriating essence of DIY - some "great idea" that took just seconds to conjure up in your mind, yet considerably longer to execute. I just had the same with a garden bench, in the ratio of 5:6 (minutes : months).
  7. It's likely because you're not subscribed.
  8. I'd take the used / unknown one for postage please David.
  9. You could try some exhaust wrap, to see if that will take the edge off. If it subdues it somewhat the boom will still be there though - it's mainly because its stainless but being two out doesn't help the cause either (they're all loud). I have an M&K one out and a Turbo Thomas two out (with third capped off). Both stainless, both have the characteristic boom (the latter much more so).
  10. A few main differences: if you compare them the six fronts look flat around the perimeter of the rim whereas the sevens have more profile on the outer shoulder like the eights and nines do. Also sixes are period correct if you care about that, and should feel a little more nimble than sevens on the move. So it’s just a case of what you value more out of those variables.
  11. I was also interested, as when I'd previously looked it seemed that the commonly available kits had gauges with not quite the ideal range reading. The guy in the clip also makes reference to this.
  12. My first time, so unable to compare to previous years but I thought plenty of cars to look at - Jonny’s 914 was one of the best! - plus some good trade stands. Great venue in a good location too. Didn’t seem oversubscribed at all.
  13. x1 Air-cooled admission ticket available. Admits one adult in air-cooled car. Other passenger and child tickets still available on the website if needed.
  14. It's just a thought but what oil is in it? If it's a bit on the thin side you could look at changing to something a little thicker, like a 20w-50. Porsche even list 10w-60 now for our old irons.
  15. Another aftermarket option for you is the Momo Mod ‘07, which is like the Prototipo but has more depth so brings the ‘wheel closer to you. If you like the idea of moving the ‘wheel back but also want to keep it stock the three spoke factory one was optionally available from Porsche with an integrated extended hub. They pop up on Ebay from time to time, sellers don’t usually realise the rarity or difference compared to the standard one.
  16. You’re such a trusting soul David!
  17. Someone made the suggestion in comments not even to try fixing the bodywork, given that the plan is to go racing. Makes a lot of sense!
  18. Gear shift looks sweet! https://youtu.be/UmQPNw5A2AQ
  19. Darlene’s probably got a Juke.
  20. Have you tried just bending it?
  21. Post up here any that you like the look of, you might be amazed at the eagle eyed abilities that exist.
  22. My Dad has just had a bumper done in a light metallic on his new Golf. Using the filler flap they scanned / mixed / kept adjusting until it was right. Seems to be as much down to the competency of the guy mixing it as the one doing the painting.
  23. Maybe let it dry out thoroughly, and see if that changes anything.
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