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  1. morning all, Just found this seat in the garage - it fits perfectly in the back of an IB and a 993, so I presume also into a 964. I know it's not new and there seems to be a concern about buying second hand kids car seats, which I understand, but I also remember it's not an easy thing to find a decent kid seat solution for our old cars. This has been well looked after - I wouldn't have used it or be offering it to others if it was in bad condition . So I would rather it went to someone who can use it and use their car more with their kids! FREE to anyone who can collect from me in Marlow
  2. Evening all, hope you and yours are safe and well. just wondered if there are any IB gathering at Snetterton aspirations this summer?! Ben
  3. What a great idea, surprised it hasn’t been done before!
  4. Love everything about this car! there’s a couple of soft top 356s that I lust after when I’m at the coast. they aren’t garage queens, have loads of patina and show a life well lived. just perfect!
  5. Could see the VW transporter crowd going for those if the sizes work.
  6. it was a small circuit, but in a way that was quite good for perfecting your lines again and again. also helped up the speed bit by bit
  7. Thanks Roy, Agree - worked perfectly in my car and looks the part. I have been told they were standard fitment in to the Ferraris as well (just incase someone has one of those hiding in the garage next to the IB!)
  8. This fitted perfectly in the back of my 993 and I think in the back of the IB before that. Really hard to find a decent car seat I was happy with for the kids so I'd like to pass this on into the classic Porsche collective. Our boys have grown out of it so time for someone else to have it. £75 - collected from Marlow, Bucks. Also has a pad thing that I bought to stop the leather of the rear seats getting marked - worked well. any questions please ask Ben
  9. Had this fitted in my 993. Lovely, fully working Becker Cascade (model number: BE 7946) with the colour screen. Period correct looking headunit with SATNAV built in. also with the Alpine DAB integration: https://www.caraudiocentre.co.uk/product_m-alpine-car-audio-systems-ezidab_p-27670.htm - and Becker iPod and iPhone connection module (that I had routed through to the glovebox.) - comes with everything you need to get it in and working. - including the loom connections all wired in so you don't have to cut into the original loom. - Keys to help fit and remove the headunit. - code (obviously!) - GPS antenna - all the Alpine DAB module and connections. - USB and AUX connection cables - updated Nav software to as recent as was possible (although I really can't remember to what year that was upgraded to!) Is a great headunit - looks perfectly period. I added the DAB as I love listening to the sports when I'm in the car! just need to add a mic for full phone integration. (think a mic was about £20) £495 for it all - then insured postage at cost. any questions please just shout. Ben
  10. I’m up for getting the SC out for a visit. happy to put money towards the local ambulance service. get that BBQ ready!!
  11. Thanks Steve, was a fun day out - be great to get back out with the IB crowd again this summer
  12. Only a few bits left. open to offers for these: torsion bars indicator lenses exhaust baffles Navy floor mats set 👍
  13. I’ll send you a message now 👍
  14. Great day had a Mallory Park last week - weather was amazing!!! Small track and only about a 1 min per lap, but always fun to try out another circuit, with plenty of overtaking to be had. It was run by Javelin and have to say that from a Covid point of view it was really well organised, in fact the whole day was run really well. Only a couple of Porsches on the day and my fav image is of me skinning a 996!!! Car ran great and now need to get on a book some more in!
  15. Evening chaps, All items should be with you by now - please let me know if not. rather than send me a small amount for postage why not just donate something to either a kids charity or a cancer charity. Best wishes to all Ben
  16. Evening all, apologies for the radio silence - have been focusing on other things (sadly not in the Caribbean!) all wrapped and ready. first batch went to couriers on Monday, rest goes tomorrow. will message you all individually. Thanks for your patience, all the best Ben
  17. It’s certainly a lot of money! not for me.
  18. That’s the one. reckon you can only buy it through Porsche direct?
  19. Not for me, but for a mate. I can’t see it for sale anywhere online after a quick search. It’s the single DIN unit he’s after. The classic, retro looking thing with SATNAV in the middle. think they might be releasing a newer updated version maybe? any clues?! thanks Ben
  20. Dear all, sorry for the delay - I’ve had to isolate so everything has been on hold. All ok now though (6 negative tests in a row!) will be sending stuff ASAP next week apologies for the delay all the best Ben
  21. BenC

    Replica fuchs

    have had a lot of people think they were original ones. bare in mind that I sprayed them 'back to front' with the silver over the black (I bought them black) Think this is the company on eBay: Maxilite Fuchs https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Porsche-Fuchs-16x8-Wheel-NEW-Maxilite-TUV-approved-ET10-6-MATTE-BLACK-Finish/282745803106?hash=item41d4f69162:g:bWYAAOSw2gxYzDJY I thought they were in Europe - they did a decent deal on postage when I bought all 4 They are heavier than orginal - but I think they are the best looking as the petals aren't square edged etc
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