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  1. It’s good gear. Should be fine. 👍 VT
  2. You needed solid sarking, Stephen (Google Menuiserite). I have it sitting in my workshop. VT
  3. I had to lease new, otherwise I’d have likely done the same. Test drove the 530e for a weekend and it was pretty nice, but a decent spec was ££££’s. VT
  4. Was in a similar position last year when the A6 was up for change. I stopped the company just ordering me another one as the monthly BIK’s would now have been nearly £450. The Model 3 wasn’t quite on the lease companies lists at the time I needed to decide, so I went down the BMW route and ordered the 330e with a stupid amount of extras. As it turned out, I had one of the first of the new models to be delivered into the U.K. Never been a BMW guy, indeed never owned or really driven one. Versus the Audi I have to say the driving experience is better, rear wheel drive and all that, plus when you engage everything you have just under 300bhp available. Other than that there’s no comparison. The things been in the dealers 3 times to fix stuff and still needs another visit compared with 12+ years in Audi’s without even the need for a light bulb. Audi interiors are vastly superior, seats more comfy and the overall design more cohesive. I think they are better looking too. On the upside the EV miles on the Beemer mean my BIK’s are around £125/m. Going to it was like a pay rise. I never plug it in, there’s no point, as the two times I have, the (real) EV range was less than 25 miles. The petrol tank is pathetic (30litres) as is the boot space, meaning the combined range is about half that of the A6, indeed very similar to a fully charged Tesla. Quick to fill up though. As mine was being delivered, the Tesla’s appeared on the lease companies list. Had the timing been different, I’d have definitely considered it. The lady at Arnold Clarke said they had become the #1 lease choice for their customers, far outstripping all other marques in that price range and I could see why. Interesting times. VT
  5. Tankman and VT’s run to the sun. Pier was locked to the public, but the ‘cooked in beef dripping’ fish ‘n chips was tastier than ever this year, accompanied, of course, by the local brew.... On the way we passed a bike club resting up in the forest car park near Mildenhall. Must have been 50+ bikes on the run. No issues with anyone. I honestly believe, with some minor modifications, our event could have taken place. People want to see normal life returning. VT
  6. Technically, he chopped Christine in for the Spyder. He had her and the GT4 in his stable at one point. VT
  7. Nothing to do with looks, it’s all about the drive with Tank. Having driven his Spyder, I can confirm it’s a lovely thing and probably more useable/accessible in the real world than the GT4. Proper fun. VT
  8. Speak to Tankman, he’s had one and now has the other. VT
  9. Interesting discussion. Having been precisely in this place after the 964 went, I tried and tested a whole bunch of options - V8 Vantage, DB9, Maserati (several models), Merc SL, Jag (R types) and of course the 997. This was to be a road car, never going to see a track, so it’s ‘at the limit with a bit of oppo’ was never going to be visited. So how and why did I end up in the ‘97? All drove fine on the road - A to B in a pleasant fashion. Prettiest was the DB, but I struggled to find a manual. Great cross continent GT, I suspect. Best sounding out the box was to my mind the Vantage, but the corrosion, servicing and general running costs, plus speaking to a couple of ex-AM owners put me off. One phrase made me smile “It’s a bit like buying a boat...There’s two times you’ll be happy, the day you buy it and the day you finally sell it.” The colour range was boring as bat crap. A sea of gentlemen greys, silvers, blacks and whites. The odd ‘old man’s red, popped up, but nothing striking. As I’ve said before, the coup de gras was one of Twinny Minor’s clients comments that he never had a bill less than three grand when his went into the garage and that he was now out and into a GTS that only required servicing every two years. The Masser was different in a good way. Sounded good, felt a nice place to be, a bit less common, some nice colours, a bit of Mediterranean flair. Not such a good B-Road drive, but not horrible. Stayed in the top 2. The Merc was nice. Bit of a waftmobile, but it just wasn’t special enough. There’s several locally, as in my small village. They are invisible, to some degree. The Jag was made by Brummies and felt a bit boring, no real soul. Never was in contention. Just not special enough. And finally the 997. Porsche was never my poster marque as a kid, that was always AM. I desperately wanted to find a reason, maybe an excuse to get one, but there were so many niggles I just couldn’t get past, that it inevitably fell off the list. The 997 has been great. Driven loads. Not particularly pampered. Washed when it’s proper filthy, which brings it up nice and shiny. Only had 2 services, plus alternate years oil changes. Goes, turns and stops well. Comfy. Makes a nice noise (once I had the exhaust sorted, bit quiet beforehand). Great support network from suppliers, Indi’s, forums and FB groups. Bonnet switch snapped recently (common problem). Porsche part was £75, bought from a bloke on line, fitted by me in mins. The car still turns heads and gets thumbs up from adults and kids alike, probably because it’s bright red and a Cab plus we always have the lid down Unless it’s peeing down. 21mpg is typical when pushing on, more when cruising. After 5 years of ownership I’m still loving it. I still look back when parked up. It seems to tread perfectly that fine line between appreciation and envy. Bit like a TVR, only more reliable. VT
  10. Had a brief discussion with TB on Messenger about a visit. Early July maybe, if the rules allow? VT
  11. Do keep up, IC1.🙄🍳🥓☕ VT
  12. I was thinking more like.... all cook a burger, stick it in a bun, open a beer and talk b*ll*x for several hours, repeating the beer opening part as necessary. All sounds a bit of a sensible slippers, embroidered polo shirt, PCGB regional meeting type affair to me. 🧐 VT
  13. Gents, having arranged a bunch of these over the years can I suggest you only post if you’re likely to commit, otherwise the thread will fill up with noise and the organiser will be constantly trying to figure out who’s doing what. We’re all adults, so no need to massage BB’s ego by saying “I’d love to come but...blah, blah, etc etc. Thanks. VT
  14. BB, A couple of things. Track days are a basic level of motorsport, as they are both untimed and non-competitive. Competitive motorsport is on another level. I’ve pax’d with RB on track, driven behind him both on track and on the road including mountain twisty’s, and nobody I know drives an IB as fast and brakes as hard - though Jevvy come pretty close. I don’t know your driving style, but I’ll wager it’ll be a fair bit off RB’s. You need to have a pad that suits your driving style and driving mix (street vs track) not his. The car is the car. The brakes are basically what I had on the 964, which I didn’t put on the track so I didn’t run PFC’s because they weren’t necessary. Do keep an open mind and run a pad that suits your style and mix of driving not somebody else’s. Just my 2 cents. VT

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