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  1. 997 Alex. You know it makes sense….kind of. Plenty of scope for AP stylee modding.😉 VT
  2. TB….Q: Is that like twice as good as the second coming? VT
  3. Maybe a good time to reignite the Midlands evening burger meeting? VT
  4. My money was on a ornamental well, at which point I was going back reference Ace’s experience. @Ace is our resident well expert. VT
  5. Oh how I’ve missed the graphs. My day is now complete. Yep, the tail was off my targa. Looks good there Gary, and would be great to see the car back on the road once again. I remember well the ‘crunchy nut’ gearbox and the discussion about ratios, as we whizzed around Brands on that track day. Good times. VT
  6. Room for parking for 50 cars? VT
  7. Assuming the Governments roadmap out of COVID, due to be lifted on 21st June, stays on track, is there any desire to attempt the Run to the Sun the following Saturday (26th)? VT
  8. This could be a description of you, Nige! 🤔😘 VT
  9. Ours were done at an NHS centre, all Oxford AZ at the time we went in. Amongst our friends and family, the Pfizer seems to be going into those with some underlying health issues. That may be coincidental or regional, no clue. Overall, they certainly had less of a reaction, so maybe that’s got something to do with it? VT
  10. 😂 I’ll tee ‘em up Gary, you hit ‘em! Funny, I wrote a comment on the vaccine thread, read it back, then thought.....”Nah, Gary will have an absolute field day with that,” so deleted it! 🤔😆 VT
  11. Me too. Works fine for what I need it for. Multi angle head comes in useful too. VT
  12. Me and Mrs VT had the Oxford AZ yesterday. Very slick system. Felt fine for about 8 hours then things went a bit wobbly. Mrs VT in particular felt teeth chatteringly cold and could not stop shivering. Both a bit better today, generally overall aching and no energy. Seems to be par for the course for a day or two. Roll on May 20th for the second one. VT
  13. Also done (one event). VT
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