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  1. Interesting option.....https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/mazda/rx-8/mazda-rx-8-rx-8-231ps----------------2004/9956491 VT
  2. And I will clear my inbox ready for the influx of PM’s. 😉 VT
  3. ^^^^^^^^^^^This^^^^^^^^^🤙 VT
  4. +1 on this. I started out at £3k and spent from up from there. Mine was to have as a project after buying the 997 and to prove a point, but I could have bought an E36 M3 for less in the end. VT
  5. My 2 cents. All the inherent weaknesses of the TT can be engineered out including the undetsteer and sluggish Haldex response. The one thing that you will be up against is weight. I literally stripped everything off mine to the point where the last of the big stuff was stripping the loom and even then I couldn’t get it below 1200kg. To get the thing below that required a lot of work and most likely a trailer to get it to the track. These things are made of heavy stuff. Star matter I suspect. The engine is strong and easily tuneable to 300bhp with decent torque, beyond that you’ll need rods as they will bend eventually. With rods, big turbo and maybe going mafless you can get to 400bhp +. Tuning parts are readily available; like 911 stuff, but without the Porsche tax. Developing is like a back to front IB.... easy to get off the rear of the car, hard to remove it from the front. Setup correctly In the wet you will eat most other similar cars. Boxsters and M3’s were not a problem. I found it quite amusing. But the weight....argh. If you pull the trigger just focus on the weight first. My next job would have been the glass - for example the rear hatch and screen weighs a tonne. The one thing I will say is you’re unlikely to see another on track so it does attract some discussion. Good fun, but be prepared to put some work in to get the best out of it. If you go ahead just PM me if you need any help. if you want to see what can be achieved then check out Max in the US. We conversed a lot at the time. His car is bonkers.... https://m.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1737671396508156.1073741877.1571240886484542&type=3 https://www.instagram.com/omega_tt_199/?hl=en He’s developed some parts too... http://www.ftdmotorsports.com/?page_id=2 VT
  6. +1, plus central and underfloor heating. We like to keep toasty and do our bit for the environment. 🔥🔥🔥🥵 VT
  7. Gents, please, for the love of God, be careful. Don’t post your personal details on an open forum. Conduct all personal matters via PM’s please. Thanks VT
  8. Our friends live and work in Milan, but come back to their UK home quite frequently. Weapon of choice since they moved has been an A6 2.7tdi S-line. Sue has regularly driven back only accompanied by their family pooch. Perfect long haul machine. VT
  9. Yeesss. 🙄 😀 Be careful openly posting your personal details, gents. Do that stuff by PM please. VT
  10. +1. Nice looking bit of kit. Love that interior. 😎 VT
  11. I’ve been on the 2.0tdi’s, the last being the Ultra Technology. On a run I got just over 60mpg, over 3+ years of all types of driving it averaged 47mpg. Like Nige’s experience, they’ve never missed a beat and nothing broke, packed up or fell off. I ran mostly on Goodyear F1 Assymetrics. Worked well in all weathers. Was genuinely sad to see the last one go. Annoyingly, Audi have no sensible hybrid offer in their range so HMRC’s BIK rules have forced me into BMW come October. I doubt it will be as nice, even with every box ticked. VT
  12. +1. Over the last 10 years I’ve had 3 A6’s on the bounce as company cars. Travelled to the continent regularly with work and hols. Super comfy and reliable. Decent mpg too. Love ‘em. VT
  13. Is that like two in a bush, Nige, or is that something different? VT
  14. Used once, discarded, but on their mailing list. Still with the old one going on 15 years. All parts supplied for this years biennial Cab service. VT
  15. On the point of supplying your own parts; I received a note last month from one of the indi’s I occasionally use saying they will no longer fit customer supplied parts as they now have to give a warranty on all parts fitted and they are not prepared to do so on those of 3rd party origin. VT
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