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    997 C4S Cab - Indian Red
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    Audi A6 TDI Ultra
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    DB4GT Zagato
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    ABBA for the summer
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    Technical Director Europe - Construction Industry
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    Smoked Salmon with Horseradish
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    My German colleagues homemade beer. Wunderbar!
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    CLM '08 IB run in the Turbo in the rain!

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  1. Really like that, Nige. Top job and you kept inside the lines. 🖍️ 👍 VT
  2. You would be shocked if you saw the state of the 997 at the mo, TC. Detailing, schmetailing. Lucky if it gets washed once a month now. Do have a system though, and I do have buckets fitted with grit guards, so I’m not completely cured of the affliction. 🤓 VT p.s. Confession....do have a snow foam lance and product though.☃️
  3. Gents, do you want me to make an addition to the thread title to reflect BB’s stewardship of the beast? VT
  4. I feel a whole new forum game coming along any minute. 🤓
  5. You know when the warning light and beep comes on telling you you have 50 miles remaining? Yeh.....best ignore that and fill up ASAP! (Basically it’s the inverse of Microsoft seconds🤣). VT
  6. Nice job Drinky and in the fastest colour too. Great choice. Took the cab and Mrs VT to the east coast today (Adnams make a mean orange and sea buckthorn gin 😉) Some fantastic B roads, which were just too tempting to say no to. One issue with the cab....no grab handles for the pax! 😂 Now get out and enjoy it, but don’t look at the mpg! VT
  7. Gentlemen, be nice please. This isn’t PH. VT
  8. Had my cab 997.1 4S Cab coming up to 3 years. Drive it most weeks come rain or shine. Had the thing bore scoped. Dropped the pish thin oil in favour of some nice Millers NT. Lower temp thermostat. MY06 have the larger IMS. Love it. Red is obviously the fastest colour. VT
  9. Looks like kettles are also welcome. Might do the movie, overnight somewhere and then the main event Sunday. Anyone else?🤔 VT
  10. No. There were families all around it chatting and children were being allowed to sit in it. VT
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