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  1. Gents, having arranged a bunch of these over the years can I suggest you only post if you’re likely to commit, otherwise the thread will fill up with noise and the organiser will be constantly trying to figure out who’s doing what. We’re all adults, so no need to massage BB’s ego by saying “I’d love to come but...blah, blah, etc etc. Thanks. VT
  2. BB, A couple of things. Track days are a basic level of motorsport, as they are both untimed and non-competitive. Competitive motorsport is on another level. I’ve pax’d with RB on track, driven behind him both on track and on the road including mountain twisty’s, and nobody I know drives an IB as fast and brakes as hard - though Jevvy come pretty close. I don’t know your driving style, but I’ll wager it’ll be a fair bit off RB’s. You need to have a pad that suits your driving style and driving mix (street vs track) not his. The car is the car. The brakes are basically what I had on the 964, which I didn’t put on the track so I didn’t run PFC’s because they weren’t necessary. Do keep an open mind and run a pad that suits your style and mix of driving not somebody else’s. Just my 2 cents. VT
  3. I agree, Gary. I don’t think what was said over the weekend changes things for this kind of event. VT
  4. Listen to the man. He’s forgotten more than the rest of us will ever know about friction materials. VT
  5. Speak to Alan at Questmead. I’ve always had great advice from him. Tell him the spec of your car and what you’re planning to do with it, then trust to his experience to spec the right setup or you. And don’t be afraid to run different compounds front and rear in order to tweak the balance and feel. https://www.questmead.co.uk/ VT
  6. I was never a fan of Ferodo. The 2500’s never gave that me the ‘hand of God’ feeling RB referred to and the 3000’s munched through discs plus the cold bite on the road was poor. Better options out there, in my opinion. VT
  7. I ran Mintex on the TT. Good pads. Ended up on F2R’s. VT
  8. 97. Think RB and Jevvy ran them around the same time. Brown dust was a pain, but Bilberry wheel cleaner dealt with it, but you needed to get it off quickly and not let it set or build up. Great pads though When I was running the TT I switched to Mintex, gradually working up through the compounds. Always bought direct from Questmead. VT
  9. I do remember me and Rex coming down to Chez Bernau to take the dims off the adapters in order to machine up a set for the Boostmobile. I also remember Rex snapping my brand new Allen bit clean in two during a failed attempt to undo the machine screws holding them to the caliper, so they were bonkers tight then and that was 10 years ago. 😋 BTW, I ran PFC pads in mine. Worked great, but very dusty. I think they’ve reformulated the compounds since, so hopefully they’ve dealt with that issue in the process. VT
  10. Pretty much exactly like that, Jev. Particularly the last scene when the film’s finished, we looked like this... 😳😳😳 don’t blink, you might miss something, even in the credits! VT
  11. Me and my mates, Mac and Taff (guess their family origins) queued up in the rain to watch the opening in Leicester Square in 1977. After it finished we sat there just staring at the screen. Mac then said....”If we hide down on the floor right here, d’ya think we could stay in for the next showing?” For kids that had grown up with wobbly Dr Who sets, it was completely mind blowing. VT
  12. Super Imp - my first car at 16. Started out white, but a £35 doors closed respray, mums garage engine rebuild and welded steelies changed it to a John Homewood look-alike one weekend. Bought for £160 and sold for £175 a couple of years later. Brilliant thing. Gone up a bit by the looks of things. VT

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