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  1. Loads of those Patrols still on the road here. A colleague of mine has just had his fully restored, down to the import sticker in the window! They do like a drop or nine of fuel but at 36p a litre, it’s not too bad.
  2. Age: 22 Model: 911 SC Purchased: from a barn, yeah, I was doing barn finds before it was cool. Year of purchase: 2007 Amount paid: €8000 Amount spent to put right: disconcerting
  3. The books are excellent, but I definitely recommend a subscription to Automobilsport, the translation from German can occasionally be a bit clunky, but the articles are absolutely phenomenal.
  4. On the subject of 1 series and 2002 crossovers... You could always get this... Although it’s not really a case of drooling over, more cleaning puke off the screen.
  5. Merry belated Christmas everyone! Does it count if you bought yourself your Christmas present?
  6. It’s ended up in the collection of a fella I follow on Instagram. He’s got numerous wonderful cars and now has a crap Fiat too.
  7. I’ve had a couple of lairy moments in fwd stuff, which I’ve caught, mainly by luck rather than judgement...
  8. My storage system is incredibly simple: - Place part on shelf. - Place other parts from different vehicles on same shelf, causing original part to fall behind shelf. - Forget which shelf part was placed on. - Swear profusely. - Order new part. - Sell vehicle. - Find missing part eleven years after sale of vehicle. - Swear profusely.
  9. Get an Aygo, fit winter tyres and enjoy, not to mention save many thousands of pounds!
  10. Yup. My dad had an E23 732i in the nineties. The car was worth maybe €2500 and a full set of tyres was almost as much as the car! Unfortunately Italian regs meant that you couldn’t fit alternate sizes so you were stuck with TRXs. He subsequently scrapped it for an Alfa 145, I am yet to forgive him (although the 7 series was well buggered by that time).
  11. That CSI is a truly beautiful thing, but those TRX tyres. What were they thinking?
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