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  1. Truly amazing. This one really does go up to 11…
  2. Oh I say, that is a rather lovely looking thing.
  3. I thought so too! Unfortunately there’s just no space at the moment.
  4. I’m delighted by the news, we’re potentially closing in on a golden era of motorsport where two of the biggest names go head to head in both F1 and endurance racing and I for one am looking forward to it.
  5. What a transformation! Incredible stuff.
  6. I desire this with every fibre of my being.
  7. The fuel consumption is horrendous, but look at it this way, lots of opportunities to take a breather!
  8. The best sounding motorcycle currently on sale.
  9. Weather is still rubbish, time for a (partial) family portrait.
  10. It rained yesterday all day. I was bored. I went on the internet. I'm an idiot. I now own this.
  11. Picked this up yesterday. It’s quite nippy.
  12. Freitas is the right one for the job.
  13. Those Audis are proper things. My granddad had the 8v version after his Alfetta, it was like another planet in terms of quality.
  14. Love it, bucket list for me to do a 24 hours, would love a massive, gaudy American RV as a base camp. Maybe one day when I’m back in Europe.
  15. If “winning” includes amongst its prizes colossal road tax, insurance and tyre bills as well as occasional dressing downs from a more than moderately unimpressed wife, then yeah, I guess so!
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