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  1. Saw some of the cars on instagram. Looks like a lovely event, even if there is a bit of a surplus of pastel trousers.
  2. Crivens, you’ve done yourself quite the mischief there.
  3. I think lumping Hamilton in with 'idiot influencers' is doing him a massive disservice. I think that in the context of F1 as a whole doing something about racism and tolerance he is well within his rights to deliver what he believes is his message. IMHO there's no right answer and I'm don't want to give the impression that I'm discrediting your point of view, however I do believe that there's more to what he's doing than just noise or virtue signaling.
  4. I think he has every right to mix political and social causes with his work, because his work allows him the opportunity to bring them in front of millions of people who might otherwise not engage with them. Without his drive, would F1 have even acknowledged any of what was happing in the world regarding equality, BLM etc.? Part of finding a solution is talking about it, and part of talking about it makes people uncomfortable. And that's fine, it's how individuals react to that sense of discomfort that makes the difference IMHO. Hamilton is being singled out because he is raising his voice in
  5. Haters gonna hate. Hamilton is doing more for the sport than all the other drivers combined.
  6. Unfortunately the links don't work for me, but I wholeheartedly support an old school Panda 4x4, unstoppable little things.
  7. What about a vent to replace the clock? I know it's been done in the past but it would be cool to see a 3d printed one. Also other stuff that can replace the clock, maybe a blank with a 52mm hole for AFR gauges or similar.
  8. Some geekery of the finest sort. (Don’t know why it’s all gone sideways!)
  9. So is a freshly-vomited kebab.
  10. A Phaeton would actually be a really good bet IMHO. Bit wafty thing with a fairly anonymous look to it.
  11. Avoid any Merc with ABC like the plague.
  12. F40 every day of the week and twice on Sundays. But as I was barely human in the eighties, to me the winner will always be the McLaren F1, and I'm a blood Ferrari guy. A friend of mine (the git) bought two F40s when they were new, he kept one as a garage queen and used the other one. He sold the garage queen (single digit mileage) a couple of years ago for an heroically idiotic amount of money and continues to cane his 'used' one at every possible opportunity.
  13. If I had F1 parts they wouldn’t be under the desk, I’d keep them next to my bed. The best car ever made. The first time I ever saw one in real life I basically ceased functioning.
  14. Nice, I have a lid signed by Ben Bostrom, but it's only an open face pi** pot.
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