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  1. I've just found out that the Atiwe/Ruf steering wheel fitted in my 930 has been recoloured to Black - originally it was clearly one of those multi coloured ones, with Black at the sides, Pink at the top, Yellow at the bottom! The original colours are now breaking through in a sort of crazing, which, whilst looking interesting, isn't the look I was going for. Can anyone recommend a back to Black type leather dye / paint that blends in neatly rather than looking like wiped on wallpaper paste?
  2. 1976 930 in GP White ..... heading towards 150000 miles on the clock now
  3. I have a real soft spot for early 930s, and this is a lovely looking Porsche......but in terms of originality vs price, this one is way out
  4. Raven 930

    H Reg 930?

    My 1975 930 wasn't registered until 1977; it spent 18 months going around various Porsche dealerships as a display car, along with a 911S and a 912. All three were Black with Chrome trim.
  5. As per email, that will do nicely for me.
  6. No....it was apparently held back by Porsche Cars and toured the dealership network for 18 months, along with a matching Carrera and an S i.e. Black with the same chrome highlights. I agree re the 1974 and 1976 Motor Show cars
  7. I knew I had a pic of #92 somewhere....chrome headlight and screen surrounds and door handles were an option.
  8. The LHD Euro Spec cars are just as sought after......and if you look at the 2.7 RS market, you'll frequently find that LHD cars go for more than the RHD ones, purely because there is a bigger potential market for them. Interestingly, there were considerably fewer 911 turbo 3.0s built than there were 2.7 RSs, so it's not surprising that prices for the best ones have not only stayed high but have also continued to increase.
  9. I now realise that selling 1975MY chassis number 92 was possibly a mistake, but I couldn't afford the restoration that it deserved, so it went to a collector who specifically required a 1975 930, and who could afford to restore it properly. I believed that keeping a 1976 930 would suffice, and in all respects other than value, it does...the price differential is approx £100k!
  10. Raven 930

    Volvo T5

    I've got an 03 V70R manual ..... which is LPG converted as well. Absolutely brilliant car for nearly every occasion - especially if it involves picking up IB bits and pieces as well.
  11. Unfortunately genuine RSs are not immune, and they have definitely been stolen and broken in the past....... admittedly values then weren't what they are currently. So your theory may well be correct - stolen to order and shipped outside Europe?
  12. +1 - I have a similar key for that purpose
  13. That could well fit the bill Henry - will drop you a PM.
  14. The more the merrier. I used to have genuine BTR and CTR sets, but when you run out of space, you have to make decisions - and so often they're the wrong ones!
  15. ....so narrow bodied please. When I got rid of a complete set, including rear wing, many years back, I was pretty sure that I wouldn't need them in the future. Needless to say, I've been overtaken by events ! So, if you have either the Ruf items, or very good copies, please contact me with details and prices. Cash available for the right items - and if it helps my acquisition, I have a near perfect 930 3.3 front valance and rear wing / engine lid in GP White to px.

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