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  1. waddy

    Red & Red

    A very makeshift arrangement considering how tidy the rest of the car looks, what could possibly go wrong 😦
  2. waddy

    PCGB Members

    Our 2 votes for you are being posted today. Good luck!
  3. Welcome, hope you really enjoy your 2.7 911. I have owned my 1974 2.7 for 23 years (albeit now with a 3 litre engine with the 2.7 sitting in my garage!). The 2.7 is a much underrated engine and the car is very pretty in narrow bodied form. This is a great forum. Ian
  4. waddy

    PCGB Members

    As long as you are going to sort out the mess at PCGB you will get my vote! Ian
  5. Congratulations, that should fly!
  6. It looks wonderful and some epic photographs! It is a credit to you and the team that built it. Ian
  7. Peter, Thanks I will take it please. Send me a PM with full cost when you are ready and I will let you have my address. Ian
  8. Hi Is your engine support bar still for sale ? If so will you let it go for £50? Ian
  9. I much prefer Fifth Gear to Top Gear and GT is rather weird and very contrived now. I think there is still enough car content in Fifth Gear to make it interesting without being too nerdy. Some of the other programmes Junk and Disorderly are also good.
  10. waddy

    Camshaft Grinder in UK

    That is useful to know thanks Axel.
  11. waddy

    Camshaft Grinder in UK

    Thanks Axel. I had some cams made by John Dougherty and the only downside is that the took over 4 months. Richard Chamberlain uses Schrick camshafts I believe.
  12. waddy

    Camshaft Grinder in UK

    Thanks Chris. I think they are the ones mentioned by Leicestershire. Ian
  13. waddy

    Camshaft Grinder in UK

    Thanks, that was one of the ones I have had a quote from!😲
  14. Does anyone have experience of using a UK based Camgrinder and in particular for a GE40 grind? Ian
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