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  1. waddy

    Camshaft Grinder in UK

    Thanks Shirish. Ian
  2. waddy

    Camshaft Grinder in UK

    Thanks Chris. I think they are the ones mentioned by Leicestershire. Ian
  3. waddy

    Camshaft Grinder in UK

    Thanks, that was one of the ones I have had a quote from!😲
  4. Does anyone have experience of using a UK based Camgrinder and in particular for a GE40 grind? Ian
  5. I have a 2006 Gen 1 3.4S with all the toys and have owned it for over 3 years. It is not a daily driver, but could easily be one, we did the round trip to Le Mans in 2018 and it didn't miss a beat or get embarrassed by much more expensive machinery. I have only done one track day at the Porsche Experience Centre in it and that was great, much to the annoyance of a 991 GT3 that was unable to corner at the same speed. I have been wary about engine problems, but have experienced none and I believe that the number engines affected have been relatively low. Prices have dropped quite a lot recently and they appear to be very good value. Regards Ian
  6. waddy


    David, The tool with a spring is Porsche Tool P228, valve spring adjuster. About $75 from Pelican which is where I bought mine. Ian
  7. Thanks very much, but now sorted with offers from 2 fellow IB members. Interesting site though.
  8. I will take that please David if you send me details by PM. Regards Ian
  9. waddy

    3.1L factory option?

    Thanks Coomo, are you doing the rebuild yourself or using an engine builder? Either way good luck with it! Ian
  10. waddy

    3.1L factory option?

    I am sure you will make another 20 bhp with the increased capacity and 964 camshafts and from experience CIS can be tuned successfully. Who have you used to get your barrels bored and replated ? What sort of price to get a set done? I have considered the EBS route as new Mahle 98mm are now very expensive. Ian
  11. Hi Andrew, That is a nuisance, I had a similar experience in my Carrera 3 coming back from Goodwood once. We were at Cadwell by 11.00, but went for a walk around the circuit and expected to see you circulating. By the time we got back to the paddock you had obviously left. Sorry to have missed you. Yes the run to the Mountain is a great one and you can drift the car at the corner just before the jump. Let me know when you decide to go again and I will bring a spare linkage coupling with me (no doubt you won't need one if I do!). I have replaced mine with a Wevo coupling which I do recommend despite the cost. Hope you get the car going quickly.
  12. Hi Andrew, It was a lovely day at Cadwell Park today, but I assume you were unable to make it! Hope everything is okay and sorry to have missed you. Regards Ian
  13. Unfortunately I think you may be right about where the studs have snapped, I hope you can tell from the attached photographs. Ian
  14. An IB is very good around Cadwell and I am sure you will have a great time! The mountain section is tight, but you can still carry a fair amount of speed once the tyres are warmed up. Unfortunately I am preserving the car for the last outing of the season at Shelsley Walsh, otherwise I would have been tempted to give it an outing. Will try to come up to watch. Regards Ian
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