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  1. Not local to you Jack, but hopefully we can meet up at an event. Pleasure, hope you get good use out of them! Just off to put them in the post. Ian
  2. Hi Jack, Yes they are still available, but on Ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/303703417891 . If you make me an offer of £105 + postage £5.20 then I will accept. Regards Ian
  3. John this is an idea that PCGB have to revive 70's / 80's air cooled race series and I guess that the likes of Autofarm, Paragon and Parr have indicated that they have cars interested in taking part. I have not seen any details of what regulations they are likely to run to as the original series ran with fairly standard engines and minimum weights. As you know at the time it was fairly cheap to buy such a car and the majority of the race cars have either been trashed or converted into road cars with many having been sold abroad. The majority of the field appear to be far from standard and ther
  4. Momo Corse Type D32 leather steering wheel in excellent condition with only very minor marks, red stitching appears to be perfect. Comes complete with Momo boss for 911 and Momo horn push, so ready to fit. £125 or near offers plus postage at cost. Ian
  5. They will look great and the P7 is a good tyre from past experience. Ian
  6. Now listed on Ebay with starting price £130.
  7. Bump £160 including postage (UK only) probably the cheapest available, if no takers then onto Ebay!
  8. Pair of used mild steel heat exchangers that have been dry stored for several years. The exhaust pipes appear to be sound, but the heat exchangers have some rust damage that could possibly be repaired with some welding. Crossover pipe included although clamps will need replacing and I have separated to allow easier carriage. May be useful for someone looking for a cheap interim solution. £50 plus postage £15.
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