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  1. Thanks for the comments Phil! These are now sold on DDK pending payment.
  2. Now reduced to £2,600 ono. Also advertised on DDK. Ian
  3. Here is a bit of a taster of the event from Sunday including Porsche Speed and Hillclimb Championship, you will see a few Porsche's going up the hill including mine! It is a long event, but some very quick British Hilclimb cars doing about 150mph between the sleepers. Ian
  4. I have a set of AT Power ITBs for sale with 42mm throttles tapering to 39mm at inlet port, so perfect for 3 litre engines or modified 2.7. These were purchased by me in 2019 to go on my SC engine to give a little more power and better throttle response. The literature provided by AT shows a good increase in both BHP and torque. They have shaftless butterflies which are designed to improve airflow and performance. They are designed to be 'bolt on', but do obviously need a number of other parts to complete a conversation including a suitable Ecu, wiring loom and fuel injectors etc. Due to a chan
  5. I may have the knowledge now Nige, not sure that I have the energy! I do have a spare set of AT throttle bodies, but they are more suited to 3 litre 39mm heads.
  6. Indeed Ian, it has been a long time since 2019!
  7. Engine fully completed and running and on the button with 280 bhp and 247 ft lbs to meet class limit. Runs well on road with DC60 camshaft which is slightly lumpy at tickover, but not a problem. Turbo Thomas 42mm race headers work well. Getting ready for first meeting of the year at Shelsley Walsh next Sunday with spectators now allowed back I believe.
  8. Sounds like the market for IB's has taken off since you sold yours! Good luck with the purchase of a new one. Regards Ian
  9. I heat the bushes to press them in as it is almost impossible without, but be careful not to apply too much!
  10. waddy

    Bilstein dampers

    It may well be worth giving Chris at Center of Gravity in Nuneaton a call. I don't know what their current arrangements are, but Chris does a wonderful job of car set up. You can of course have your Bilsteins rebuilt to whatever settings you want.
  11. Thanks Clive it is taking a long time due to various lockdowns, but hopefully we will get it in the car before May and the first race 🤞🤞. The costs are fair, but should be worth it. The weather is lovely now, I am sure the car appreciated coming out of hibernation almost as much as you did😄. It would be good to see you at one of the events, I think the last time we met was Silverstone Classic. Thanks!
  12. Thanks WC I will pass that on to Richard!
  13. Further progress made, waiting for social freedom before getting engine installed into car and then off for rolling road session!
  14. I have had one of these for a number of years and it is surprisingly good! https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B000XG3ORW?tag=sa-b2cuk-21&linkCode=osi&th=1&psc=1 Ian
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