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  1. I bought the race car 23 years ago from a dealer who specialised in race and rally cars. He was a rally driver himself and drove me down the road at what seemed like tremendous speed and I was hooked, newly built engine with usual body rot issues that cost me ยฃ600 to get fixed including paint and I also bought 2 brand new rear wings to give it more width for rear tyres. I have had the Carrera 3 for 14 years, and it also needed some rust repairs which cost about 10 times the amount of the race car!
  2. Well done ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
  3. Jamie, you should be able to position the jig over the longest stud and then use the SR065D drill guide to locate over the shortest stud to line it up, then if you have a snug enough fit for the exhaust port tightening the screw should allow you to do the pilot hole in the short stud. Once you have a pilot hole you can swap to the other small drill guide before you go to the 17/64's. You may need to pack out the exhaust port bung to get the snug fit depending upon how much carbon there is in the port. That is the theory anyway! Ian
  4. It will be fine!๐Ÿ‘
  5. I invested in one of these a couple of months ago as I wanted to replace exhaust studs in a number of heads. It is a very good kit, not fool proof as you do need to get the pilot hole properly centred. I did try to find an alternative at a lower cost, but could not find one. I have only used it on heads in a vice, but I am sure it will be fine in situ. I have successfully replaced about 6 studs easily and then found either a stainless or welded one that simply would not drill until I bought a sold carbide drill bit that is superb! I am not thinking of selling though at the moment and bought mine in uk. Hope this helps. Ian
  6. Hi Mark, I have just replaced a number of studs in some 2.7 heads and the photos show the length. 20mm relates to the length protruding from the head and they are 37mm long in total. Hope this helps and good luck! Ian
  7. I have used a Pierburg pump before and they are good. I have attached a link to Autodoc who appear to sell an ERA pump for a 2.7 litre car. https://www.autodoc.co.uk/car-parts/fuel-pump-10817/porsche/911/911-1963/7547-2-7-s-carrera
  8. No I haven't tried them, thanks a good call๐Ÿ‘
  9. Does anyone have a single barrel and piston for a 911 2.7S engine that has nikasil rather than alusil coating? Needs to be in undamaged condition to replace the damaged one! Ian
  10. I have had a set of the Halfords advanced ratchet spanners for over 10 years and after much use they are still as good as new.
  11. Great update and thanks for all your hard work.
  12. Great choice the Cayman is an unsung hero apart from in IB circles! Hope you enjoy it.
  13. Hi Russ, Yes it is and I have attached a photograph. It is 7 years since I fitted mine and I had forgotten that it had a treaded section on the billet lever. Regards Ian

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