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  1. Thanks chaps........ I'll break the news to the kids and her indoors gently, sell the house and buy a bigger garage!
  2. I am considering selling my '88 3.3 Turbo Cab absolutely genuine 17K miles from new with complete history. Completely original. Supplied by AFN for £ 63,521.60 on 29th June 1988. With three young kids in the house and three other cars in the garage it's just not getting used......which seems wrong. So, what do you reckon it's worth .........!
  3. Thanks everyone. Aldo, I will contact you to discuss.
  4. Anyone know this one or have an opinion on its price! http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/3865626.htm
  5. Hi chaps, Does anyone know this 3.2 Carrera in Kent on PH? http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/2489681.htm
  6. Front boot lid internal light switch often sticks or misses the bit of tin (easily bent) that turns it off!
  7. As far as I know there wasn't a P56 but there was a P59 which was the "spoiler delete" option. Apart from the 'M' codes there were three others:- P22 - Turbo look without spoilers P40 - Forged wheels P59 - Without spoilers That said, there were many more 'M' codes used within the factory but not within the sales literature or price lists.
  8. You don't need to strip it down at component level, you can take the bumpers off (with bellows / valence / qtr panel / spoiler lip etc as one complete assembly). I admit, you've got to be double jointed but it can be done! If it's a turbo bodied car then you still run the risk of shearing the studs in the frt. lip spoiler.
  9. Greg, I haven't bought any for some time. When I used to get stuck for things like this I used to get them from Automotion http://www.automotion.com/ I can't see them on their web site but it might be worth giving them a call.
  10. I think JG has a point here, IMO the Supersport does feel less nimble. Having said that I still love the turbo look. I think a lot of it is personal choice. The Speedster is a cracking car by the way, totally impractical but a great look!
  11. Stunning. I think you were right to turn down the £ 40K offer, there aren't many around that are as nice as that!
  12. Yep, mine is somewhere around 0.6/0.7 in 2nd. Like David says, I'd begin by checking the integrity of the intercooler seals. The turbo gauge is next to useless though, so if it feels right it probably is.
  13. I am almost certain its held in with push fit clips on an SC and Carrera pre fog lamp model.
  14. I am in the specialty chemicals business and one of our growth products is supplying surfactants to paint companies so that they can lower the surface tension of their water based paint systems to get water based materials to flow and eliminate orange peel. Most solvent systems used solvents which were naturally lower surface tension so didn't have the same issues. It is driven by legislation .... EU Solvent Emissions Directive ..... the solvent based system is likely to give better adhesion, surface wetting and is less likely to show any orange peel or blemishes.
  15. That's a great story and some cracking pictures of a lovely IB. Hope to read more soon.

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