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  1. Nice looking car but if its problems are minor you can't help wondering why they (as a Porsche specialists) haven't got it running to turn more coin. Great colour.
  2. fat fuchs

    Simon's 1982 911 SC

    Great looking car and nice mods thus far. Welcome. Cheers FF
  3. Yes, you can but you do need to remove the door card. Cheers FF
  4. Good decision on getting everything done while it's apart. Painful and costly i'm sure but no point delaying the inevitable. Whether you decide to keep or sell in the long term, getting the work done has to be a positive thing. Cheers FF
  5. Good choice, a safe pair of hands. Cheers FF
  6. You're on the edge of an engine oil debate Haith lol......
  7. No offence intended and it's good and helpful to let folks know about these things. For me personally, I just get a little tired of all the copycat/me too stuff that goes on in the name of P cars. Singer look alike builds by indie companies, luftgekuhlt type events, kits of parts packaged up as off the shelf 'outlaw' look from the likes of Car Bone. But I appreciate and accept that for many owners it's all cool stuff. Cheers FF
  8. And the trend continues. Give an event a German title and park Porsches in an 'out of context' location. Somehow loses the luftgekuhlt spirit when organised by PCGB lol. Grumpy old man today sorry
  9. Love the bright work against that exterior colour. What are the interior trim colours? Cheers FF
  10. Looks great, hope you enjoy! Cheers FF
  11. Out for a drive following the last round of work to the car. Feels much improved so well worth the effort.
  12. I'll take the lot at £1500 please Stuart exc the spot lights. Bugger, you beat me to it
  13. Glad you got that sorted and thanks for updating the thread. It's an incredible build and i'm sure many on here will be following with interest. Cheers FF
  14. Yep that's right Phill Cheers Andrew
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