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  1. I see your car is now for sale on ebay. That was a short love affair...what happened?
  2. As they say, you learn something new everyday. Thanks FF
  3. What are they for, interested to know? I have a couple of spare rear bumpers removed from 3.2 coupes in the garage and neither have them...
  4. I would suggest they have most likely been drilled by a previous owner for reasons unknown. I've never seen 'factory' holes in that location on any of the UK cars I've restored. Cheers FF
  5. If you were planning to use the Firegum on the heat exchanger gaskets, you'll need to work very quickly because it goes off in a few minutes and can actually cause leaks. The silicone based products are much better and allow more time for fitting. Great work by the way, not a pleasant job. Cheers FF
  6. Yep that example is quite extreme, but have seen a couple of other interiors almost that badly affected over the years. Must have had a lot of UV exposure.
  7. That's extremely faded Maclachlan Tartan which Porsche used in 3.0 Carrera's & 911SC's. Starts life as a quite rich looking Tartan but fades very badly. https://www.lochcarron.co.uk/maclachlan-ancient-heavy-weight-tartan-fabric/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIxZ7F6Ya56gIViu3tCh0F-gqYEAQYAyABEgLP-_D_BwE
  8. It goes to the washer bottle cap. Clear plastic tube.
  9. If it's not too late, I would suggest not taking the floor pan back to bare metal so you retain the galvanised finish. Just use a degreaser and a very light key with scotch pads before applying your epoxy primer and stone guard coating. For the rest of the front suspension, it can be easier to remove the sub assembly in one piece and then strip on the work bench. Top work as usual...have to admire your commitment to this project👍 FF
  10. Thanks for your comments. Cheers FF
  11. Haha, better late than never. Glad you have it sorted.
  12. Back in October 2019 I installed these new Sway-Away torsion bars which I first came across on the Elephant Racing site. I went for larger size hollow bars to reduce weight a little. Matt got hold of a set for me. Browsing Pelican Parts forum recently, I noticed a post detailing the failure of the exact same spec torsion bars only 2 months after installation. Further searches revealed a concerning number of failures of Sway-Away bars. It left me feeling uneasy, so I've decided to switch them out for OE bars. Pain in the backside to strip it all out again but had to be done. Spring plate bush decided to stay put initially but came out OK eventually. Re-glued it with 3M product. In my case the bars 'looked' OK with no visible stress fractures but just didn't want to risk it. Appreciate OE bars can fail too but (touch wood) I've not had that happen in 25 years of IB ownership. There may well have been other factors involved in the reported failures so my decision is based upon 'torsion bar anxiety' and not a direct comment on the quality of SwayAway products.
  13. IB's in this price bracket just don't make financial sense, even doing the bulk of the body repairs/mechanical on a DIY basis and just farming out the paint. The parts prices are simply too high now and likewise the repaint costs. Almost always better off buying something decent to begin with even if you are building something to suit your own tastes.
  14. That sounds a little convoluted and I'm not sure many specialists will want to get involved at this stage tbh. Could be difficult to establish who did what to the engine and when. You could try Tuthills, Autofarm or one of the other 'big names' I guess. Cheers FF

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