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  1. fat fuchs

    1982 SC Coupe

    Poor relation to what? If you mean the 3.2 then you'll find many on here who prefer the SC (me included and I've owned 2 Carrera 3.2's in the past).
  2. fat fuchs

    1982 SC Coupe

    What a great looking car in a super colour. Not messed about in any way and all the better for it. Interior looks a nice place to be too.
  3. This is a few years old but just came across it for the first time. Really nicely done and must be quite something to drive. Reminds me a little of Busybees ASBO although I suspect this cost a few quid more to build. https://www.motor1.com/photo/1888894/1974-porsche-911-rs-tuned-by-dp-motorsport/
  4. Nice work Haith. Those guards are about £90ish new from memory at an OPC so not too pricey. Cheers A
  5. You must be pleased that the welding is behind you now and hopefully proud of it too. Credit to you for seeing it through 👍 Cheers FF
  6. Thanks for responding all. I'm clearly behind the SSI curve that you've all been enjoying. Should have done it some time back. Off to find some tunnels to drive through...windows down.
  7. Just out of interest, are you both (Lesworth/Haith) running a standard Dansk rear box or 'sport' boxes? Cheers A
  8. SSI Install Update 1. Sound The car now has a more defined exhaust note. At idle it has a pleasant, hollow sounding burble and is still acceptably quiet when driving in all gears below 3500rpm. Above those revs it becomes progressively more aggressive in tone. I quite like it. 2. Throttle Response This took me by surprise. The car is far more responsive and linear throughout the rev range, which I really don't understand as I know little about exhaust flows/systems but then again I don't need to. I quite like this too. 3. Power I can only say that the car 'feels' quicker. This may just be my imagination as I have no way of conducting a proper test but that 'feeling' is enough for me. This SSI system came my way FOC as part of an SC 'flip' car, but I do confess to being impressed and I would suggest that for the money they retail at, SSI's are well worth it. It's transformed my car. Just my opinion for what it's worth. Cheers FF
  9. Retro cool. Great looking car.
  10. It's simply lack of use. Go drive it for an hour or so and all will be well.
  11. Nice lift btw 👍 Cheers A
  12. Classic Car Automotive. Best quality work I've found thus far and less than £100 per caliper last time I used them.
  13. Huge respect. Incredible work.👍

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