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  1. Car is looking superb! Great attention to detail. Cheers FF
  2. Few more jobs tackled last week. First up was a gearbox oil change followed by new gearbox mounts... Then removed the front screen as whoever installed it didn't get it seated correctly. Pleased to find a rust free screen recess which is quite unusual... Fitted the new Porsche seal and letting it settle for a while before re-fitting.
  3. Sorted. Glad it's going to some use now Matt. Good thinking!
  4. Yep, that's the correct nut but take things easy. Cheers A
  5. I did install a new sender/crush washer Haith so maybe a bit more tightening is required, but as already stated by others go carefully on the torque. A crow foot spanner is the ideal tool. Good luck. A
  6. The first seats are deffo not SC as they don't have the angled front seams on the base. More likely 924 jobs
  7. fat fuchs

    Backdate Time

    I'll answer my own question...outer sill brackets not oil lines. Muppetry
  8. fat fuchs

    Backdate Time

    Looks very impressive Matt. To be fair to them, I think they got through that back date quite quickly once they did get started. Just one detail question...why the oil line brackets on the passenger side sills too? Cheers A
  9. Well after coming very, very close to selling the SC to fund the purchase of a pre-impact bumper 911S restoration project, I've decided to keep the car and leave the early stuff alone as the rust is on another level to IB's although the prices being asked doesn't reflect that. So having made that decision, I've completed a couple more 'preventative maintenanace' jobs over the last week. Installing the hydraulic chain tensioner kit (thanks Matt) was the first task. The first stage was removing the rear valance, silencer and engine tin wear to gain access to the chain covers. The dizzy also needed to be removed to gain access to one of the oil lines. Then removed the covers and fitted the new tensioners (after securing the chains in place) Then installed the new covers/gaskets plus gasket sealant for good measure... Followed by the new oil lines and modified tin wear... The engine is now less noisy so the old tensioners must have been getting tired so glad this is completed. Next up was to remove the valve covers to check the head studs and cure some minor oil dampness. Hands were too oil covered to pick up the iphone and get more pictures at this stage but all head studs OK and new gaskets now installed. Then removed the reflector to fit a new bumper seal using high temp adhesive rather than the self adhesive tape.
  10. Good work, very satisfying I imagine. Cheers FF
  11. fat fuchs

    Door Bins

    It can be tough to get it started. Try various points around the edge of the bin as some may have less glue than others, once you get it going it should come away easily. Good luck FF
  12. fat fuchs

    Door Bins

    The carpet simply peels off but take care with the vinyl edging where it has cuts around the handle area as they can tear here. There are 3 variants of door bin (I think) so make sure you replace like for like. The early version has different fixings at the base to the SC versions and the later version has a different shape at the hinge pillar end. I use Time Bond adhesive as it allows repositioning. Your original covering will have staples to secure in places but you dont really need to replace these unless it bothers you. Never used the aftermarket jobs but look OK. Cheers FF
  13. Discs and pads arrived yesterday so popped them on this morning. Discs and calipers on and wheel bearings adjusted... Followed by the pads and a NOS pin kit picked up at Greatworth autojumble...
  14. More to remind me that i've done them Graham. Cheers Matt Yep it probably is more practical. Don't encourage my OCD Haith lol
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