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  1. Guess they didn't use a scanner on the car to match the existing paint and simply mixed to the paint code. That's the issue I would suggest. I've just had some paint done on a metallic SC and it came out pretty spot on using the scanner but a panel blend was still required to fully disguise it. Nice SC by the way.
  2. Heating them up to soften the rubber helps. You can also apply red rubber grease to the hole in the inner wing to ease it in. The limited access is half the issue. Cheers FF
  3. He does https://type911shop.co.uk/epages/de867ca1-377e-432e-84fd-bdccf2206766.sf/en_GB/?ObjectID=2096436
  4. Nowt wrong with keeping your car stock IMO. Good to see you're progressing the project and hope it goes well for you. Best FF
  5. Nice looking car Haith in one of my favourite colours. Good work. Cheers FF
  6. Looks brilliant Haith. Good work 👍
  7. Bit rubbish. Made contact with the forum landlords for advice with no reply. £15 down the loo I guess
  8. Actually Nige, I don't have that check box on my page? Is it something available to GRUPPE IB only perhaps? Cheers Andrew
  9. Car looks great Haith. Some good work going on there. Really like the colour and the look of the dash area on the early cars is so clean (hope you're retaining the original steering wheel). Seems quite solid structurally too so following with interest. Good job👍 Cheers FF
  10. How do you free up attachment space folks? Visited 'manage my attachments' but no obvious way of deleting past images? Cheers FF
  11. As it's usually just the lower section that rusts out, the typical repair method is to remove approx 100mm of the A pillar outer skin, cut back the drain pipe to good metal, flare the end of the new section and braze it in. Watch out for wires within the A pillar. Cheers FF
  12. Thanks H. I went with a Tiptronic as an antidote to all the 915's I've lived with for 30 years lol
  13. 996 Turbo. The chap that purchased Bamboo lives locally so could have been him Steve. I've just re-upholstered the seats for him actually so it now features a Pascha interior! Cheers A
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