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  1. fat fuchs

    Seat fixings

    Or the OE blocks that raise the seats?
  2. fat fuchs

    Backdate Time

    Fitting the early rear quarters makes all the difference Matt, good decision. Like the single mirror too. Very cool Targa. Best A
  3. Recent engine rebuild...you'll need a welder though https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201906279449679?postcode=mk451lt&sort=price-asc&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&radius=1500&transmission=Manual&year-to=1990&model=911&advertising-location=at_cars&make=PORSCHE&page=1
  4. No work on the car today, just a drive out into the countryside.
  5. Great looking car and nice attention to detail...enjoy
  6. fat fuchs

    Backdate Time

    Very elegant Targa Matt...nice job. Sell me the white one back now?
  7. Nice work Haith. Very satisfying to get jobs like that completed. Cheers A
  8. Thanks chaps, look forward to seeing both of your projects being completed. Best FF
  9. MOT (VOSA) test today. All went well including the fog light mod/LED bulb.
  10. Good suggestion, that mans work is exceptional.
  11. Re: putting it back on the wheels etc my feeling would be NO. The doors are your best datum for the door gaps and you’ve set it up for those gaps etc. I would weld it up in the position you locked it into. If you drop it onto the wheels at this stage and it sags you are then going to have to try and straighten a jelly mold by jacking it up in the middle before welding it “straight” - I think you would then be in a world of pain. That's the point, whatever is done setting gaps on Targa's while the car is elevated, when it is back on its wheels the engine weight will open the gaps at the top of the door and spoil the gaps (i've seen it happen several times). With the car on its wheels and the engine in the car you can set the gaps knowing they won't change. Different ball game with coupe's. Just trying to be helpful based upon hard learnt experiences of old fatigued Targa shells. Best FF
  12. It's actually my cousins 'car', not mine. Progress will be down to his timescales but will post updates as things get moving. Cheers A
  13. Went with my cousin to collect this shell today and on arrival discovered that the Original colour was Bamboo Beige. It's in pretty rough shape but the plan is to build a track car so should be an interesting little project. The shell was used as a race car previously and has been patched in many places so plenty of fabrication to do.
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