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    Door Bins

    The carpet simply peels off but take care with the vinyl edging where it has cuts around the handle area as they can tear here. There are 3 variants of door bin (I think) so make sure you replace like for like. The early version has different fixings at the base to the SC versions and the later version has a different shape at the hinge pillar end. I use Time Bond adhesive as it allows repositioning. Your original covering will have staples to secure in places but you dont really need to replace these unless it bothers you. Never used the aftermarket jobs but look OK. Cheers FF
  2. Discs and pads arrived yesterday so popped them on this morning. Discs and calipers on and wheel bearings adjusted... Followed by the pads and a NOS pin kit picked up at Greatworth autojumble...
  3. More to remind me that i've done them Graham. Cheers Matt Yep it probably is more practical. Don't encourage my OCD Haith lol
  4. Went out for a drive this morning before tackling the next job of changing the front discs, pads and dust shields.... The discs were quite glazed and although the dust shields are solid, I picked up a nice set at Greatworth autojumble so they're going on. Left the bolts to soak for a while and then applied a little heat to remove as i've had these snap on me in the past.. Resisting the temptation to whip the calipers off for plating as they're in good working order if not the correct finish. Dust shields fitted and just waiting on the discs/pads from Matt.
  5. You're doing just fine as you are fella. Looking forward to some more updates.
  6. The glue holding the Porsche ones together seems slightly stronger than the aftermarket versions. If you're careful to avoid any 'repositioning' once applied then either work just fine. Cheers FF
  7. Yeah, I think I will leave well alone. Fast running out of things to do on this one so maybe time for a new project
  8. 'Sensible' is the key word indeed. Pirelli, Dunlop and Vredestein all have classic tyres available for 15" rims at around £800 per set which feels like cashing in on the classic market to me. Tyres are important obvs, but my days of hooning around are long gone so the Kumho's will do nicely.
  9. I've used them on other SC's in the past and am more than happy with them - plenty of grip, low road noise and reasonable wear rate. No idea how they perform in the wet though as I never drive the car in those conditions. Brand is Kumho by the way. Cheers FF
  10. Finally got the 7 & 8 x 15's on with new tyres. Fuchs have a few marks here and there but way off needing a refurb IMO. Wheel nuts are a different matter though.
  11. Tyres arrive this coming week so should be sorted by next weekend. Driving on 19 year old tyres hasn't been a great experience...even though the VOSA test judges them legal. Cheers A
  12. Just find them too harsh for general road use Haith and this car had Boge from the factory. Fully understand why some folks prefer the billy's though, particuarlly those that like to 'press on' on twisty, empty Welsh roads😉
  13. 3.2 jobs I think. Great bargain for someone! Tempted to buy and sell on ebay but that's not really fair play lol. GLWS
  14. Finally changed the front shocks earlier this week. New Boge/Sachs ready to go in... Retaining nuts took some force to remove but gave way eventually...Pulled out the Bilstein inserts (not seen these yellow ones before) All back in place with top covers cleaned up.
  15. Great day. Met quite a few old friends and good to meet some new ones too. Food and drinks at sensible prices was a welcome surprise..
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