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  1. Moved on to the rear spring plates and torsion bars...always fun. Drivers side was going well until a bolt sheared within the trailing arm due to steel/aluminium corrosion. Tried heat, breaker bar on the remaining bolt head but no luck. Spent 3 hours drilling the thing out but done now. Saggy bush syndrome Bracket removed Spring plate off. Thankfully no stuck splines. Bolt was corroded in the lower fixing hole Some very minor surface rust addressed Passenger side came apart easily Once I have everything properly cleaned and protected I'll install the new plates.
  2. I used epoxy primer followed by 3M bodyguard through an appropriate spray gun Haith
  3. Fitted a new sound insulation pad today supplied by Matt @ type911. It took some time to remove the glue remnants from the body but got there in the end. It's obviously a universal item as there is a cut out for the r/h lid strut which this car doesn't have being a non-sport model. Had a bit of a clean up underneath the rear seat wells and looking OK generally. Did find a small amount of perimeter corrosion where the shift rod passes through the rear bulkhead and also to the edge of each shock tower so got to it with the dremel grinding tool and removed all signs. Etch primed them but will have to stone chip those areas by hand to blend it back in with the surrounding areas.
  4. Also found some of the semi threaded ones now Haith so will send both Cheers A
  5. Thanks for the information Cheers FF Still no joy with adjustments/re-bushing then Haith?
  6. Haith these are the bolts I have, as removed from an SC seat but they look different to yours. They are fully threaded and have spring washers rather than clipped. Let me know if you still want them?
  7. Thanks for all the replies folks, appreciate the replies. I'll digest and contact each specialist in turn before making a final decision. Regards FF
  8. I'll dig them out today Haith. If you PM me your address again I'll post them out to you. Best A
  9. I have some Haith. How many do you need?
  10. Searching through past posts on this subject has thrown up a number of recommended 'specialists' for gearbox rebuilds but time marches on and things change. My selection criteria is as follows but in no particular order; Proven specialist experience with 915 rebuilds (Testimonials on here ideally) Completion to agreed dates HONESTY No quibble resolution of issues Good communication Would appreciate any opinions/reviews and thanks in advance Cheers FF
  11. So I finally got around to dropping the engine and box today. They are now separated after a ridiculous amount of effort to remove the starter motor of all things. I'm used to these things pulling out with no problem but this one was very keen to stay put. All done now thankfully.
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