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  1. Interesting article, why has investment into alternative to PetChem not been considered before I wonder?
  2. Congratulations your car looks amazing, Red and Gold, keep us updated with lots of pics please - inside and out!
  3. Just one Carcoon left of the 3 for sale - Size 4 - Going on Ebay later this week.
  4. Have been in contact with Craig - CS Ownership, ( he did post on this site and was the PCA Register for the above). He has since sold his CS to a friend who has now sold to dealer link below. This is also an only red CS for the US market. Low miles and looks nice. No affiliation, just thought somebody may be interested and good low, mileage ones are few and far between. https://www.porscheofcoloradosprings.com/vehicle-details/used-1988-porsche-911-club-sport-colorado-springs-co-id-36717310
  5. Many thanks - Phone number has been sent.
  6. This is the link, going in a 964 RSR build, but British build with lots of American parts. Rothsport in US have a lot of the components. Beware I imagine this is costing £100k's to build. https://rennlist.com/forums/964-forum/1147511-964-c2-4-0l-wide-body-lightweight-rebuild.html Don't come looking for me if your spend just went up considerably - WARNING!
  7. Have you seen the 4.0l build on Rennlist? BS Motorsport are doing the engine 406 bhp at 7100 and 300lb torque. It is a money no object build and so detailed, fantastic to see and some trick bits on the car.
  8. Have Carcoon size 4 Red base and 4 clear sides for sale. Approx 2 years old will seasonal use. All IB will easily fit and give enough room to easily manoevre onto the base. It does have toggles on side so you could attach to roof or frame to drive in and out (when wet and the car will dry quickly). Paid £470 each when new, how does £250 + Post sound? Does have tyre mark's where car has sat over winter (road dirt will clean). Car gathers no dust whilst in the pod, convertibles can be left with roof down or off - Dimensions are 470 x 200 x 169.
  9. Agreed, shame they can't re-release the 911 as a Classic 911 with looks and a modern 4.0l, chassis and toys as per Cayman / Boxster platform. Save us a fortune tuning and upgrading along with rekindling an interest in current line up.
  10. I'm wondering what this will make? I suspect around £150k, thoughts? I absolutely love this and will be watching its progress eagerly! https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/1979-porsche-911-30-rsr-iroc-replica
  11. I remember seeing the vid above when it got finished. I also remember this car creating an upset at the 2010 PCGB 15 year celebration for the 993 RS with the best UK turn out ever approx 30 cars from memory on display. Then someone got their knickers in a twist about the above car being a replica and it having front row status on display. It was told to go, told to stay and eventually stayed as it was originally a 993 RS shell and qualified at an original, if a tad modified. Amazing car! What is the price, anyone know? If I had a choice of the one above and this, the black snake wo
  12. Looks like it has sold, been in contact with a guy who wanted a 64 RS and offered him a look over my N-GT and suggested he may also want to consider this option of RS. He is the last comment on the RL forum saying most involving road car and can't wait to collect. I thought the Rep seemed pricey as Jackal's 993 Rep went for around £80k end of last year and above a bit less. Reps are big money I guess - specially if you lump Singer in the mix.
  13. Noted this forum topic at the weekend, similar to above. https://rennlist.com/forums/993-forum/1212721-993-9m-rs.html This would seem to replicate the RS to spec and beyond.
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