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  1. Anyone have any thoughts on this? It would scare me to buy such a heavily modified car, wonder why they didn't start with a 930 in the first place? https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/1989-porsche-911-carrera-3-2-super-sport-turbo-custom
  2. Piece of culinary work that is chaotic, badly organised, or very untidy = Dog's Dinner You really need to get out of the house and seek help / inspiration this is not acceptable. Did you enjoy it though?
  3. Age 24 Car - 1985 3.2 - Sport Equipment Black on Black Paid £13,500 - Inflation value today 2021 - £28,500 - had 45,000 miles FSH - Sold in 2008 with 90,000 miles to Greg Cramer (Heritage / Singer) who modified to look very cool and articles were abound of the perfect 911, which he sold immediately. Bought from my best mate, who bought it from his Boss who bought it new, 80's Estate Agent.
  4. Flippin Bangers - has been the goto car show since Xmas when if I get an hour to myself. Contrived like all other shows but at least some actual spannering and skill in the improvements they make and done to earth cars. The two presenters seem commercially inept which winds me up and 'they pull me back in' to comment and participate in their antics. - Keeps me happy. Can't get into the new Geezer Dealer since Ed China parted company with the show, surprised after 3 years he hasn't resurfaced on a Top Car Programme yet.
  5. This was the plan and instruction from above 'smaller garage'. This was my previous 'Toy Shop' which got out of hand.
  6. Unfortunately not, I built the pit for a Bendpak lift. Following the cost of the Garage I had to wait 5 years to be in a position to the interior. By which time the Bendpak was discontinued and given its a small bespoke recess all others I have contacted to date are too large to recess in the pit. Unlucky Alf - Bugger!! Did toy with infilling before flooring, but one day someone may come up with a small option. If you look to the left you will see an in-fill panel - so can't take credit for that aforethought on design. I can and have had a lay down in the pit to v
  7. Now then! I looked at various option over the past few years and finally last summer got around to having it done. Amazing finish and provides so much more light than previous. In the end I got a guy from Wales (I'm in Surrey) who was recommended to me as he does a lot of top end professional workshops. Glad I did as I had some drying cracks and so the floor was meshed beforehand to allow the floor to remain solid if there were further movements on the garage floor through settling (within reason obviously). Will find some pics, has guarantee and you can choose your colour / finish. Before and
  8. New review of the CS released this week, not the most gripping or inspiring and certainly not the standard, detail or understanding (IMO) of Harry's previous review. Also added for ease and the long Xmas break. (bottom clip)
  9. Interesting article, why has investment into alternative to PetChem not been considered before I wonder?
  10. Congratulations your car looks amazing, Red and Gold, keep us updated with lots of pics please - inside and out!
  11. Just one Carcoon left of the 3 for sale - Size 4 - Going on Ebay later this week.
  12. Have been in contact with Craig - CS Ownership, ( he did post on this site and was the PCA Register for the above). He has since sold his CS to a friend who has now sold to dealer link below. This is also an only red CS for the US market. Low miles and looks nice. No affiliation, just thought somebody may be interested and good low, mileage ones are few and far between. https://www.porscheofcoloradosprings.com/vehicle-details/used-1988-porsche-911-club-sport-colorado-springs-co-id-36717310
  13. Many thanks - Phone number has been sent.
  14. This is the link, going in a 964 RSR build, but British build with lots of American parts. Rothsport in US have a lot of the components. Beware I imagine this is costing £100k's to build. https://rennlist.com/forums/964-forum/1147511-964-c2-4-0l-wide-body-lightweight-rebuild.html Don't come looking for me if your spend just went up considerably - WARNING!
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