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  1. Not yet, I have packed my garage up tools are 3 miles away, so will be late August before its finished and tools can be put to use. Will let you know once complete, the intermittent starter is actually improving so maybe insufficient use is the cause? Got to be used!
  2. Have two takers for this please, myself in 3.2 Carrera and 3.2 Super Sport both '88. Meeting at Clacket Lane on M25.
  3. That is fantastic to read, and I could tell on speaking to the guy he was on the Ball (I wasn't) I left my mobile with one number short and he went through 6 wrong calls before he got my number correctly though a process of elimination. First impressions count - I think he's great - He thinks - Got a right one here!
  4. Thanks guy's I have spoken to Kevin at https://www.burghfieldstarterandalternatorcentre.co.uk/ called back within the hour of leaving message and advised its a 24 hour turnaround 48 hours if they need to order a part and can drop off and get my part fixed and reconditioned. Sounds a great service, cost will be dependant on what is needed, hopefully just the solenoid. Will keep you posted in coming week's / month as to outcome - delay in fix as having garage improvements done and tools are elsewhere.
  5. Thanks will take look at the options on this product. The car has not been used that regularly for many years and the starter only turns the engine 1 in 3 tries. I do remember cleaning the shaft to free off all the crud on my old Fords years ago. Maybe an option and was not aware they were repairable. That is great and would prefer to keep the original but in refurbed (and working) condition, will look at this over a new unit. Thanks for all your help and suggestions on this, options abound!
  6. I'm looking for some options on a replacement starter motor for my 88 3.2. Thinking this would be a straight forward replacement, it was back in 99 when I did my last starter motor replacement. So I have spoken to my Indi today and was surprised that Bosch (sensible replacement) are no longer available for purchase or exchange, Lucas starter motor is available, but not recommended by Indi as previous experience of issues and longevity concerns. So at present I'm left with a Porsche item (which is not an exchange) they now only offer out right purchase for £971 + VAT. £1150 for a starter motor - that is a little steep to say the least. Does anyone have any suggestions on new or replacement alternatives or a refresh on the current faulty item to save a few quid? Thanks in advance.
  7. I will be allowed out to play and it will be my first IB meeting, look forward to meeting up.
  8. A truly gifted Engineer! What a list of beautiful engine designs Hans, has to his name.
  9. Thank you it is indeed! I remember looking at CS 15+ Years ago C5 LW??? and couldn't make my mind up and it sold, lesson learned. Thank you, no point wasting everyones time on should I / shouldn't I tactics. By all means will post some detailed shots. Bit Ironic really showing you what not on the car, from the plush standard 3.2 cars.
  10. Cheers Guy's, will keep you posted, thanks for the welcome!
  11. After many years lurking and even longer wanting a CS, I have now achieved the goal. It will be used on regular basis and more importantly enjoyed for road trips. The car has been well looked after and is in great condition, it feels really tight and so well made. I bought my first Porsche 3.2 Carrera a 1985 back in 1994 and since then progressed on to 964, 993, 928 and Spyder Cockster. But there is something familiar and fun with the 3.2 that I remember so well. Look forward to drives and meeting others in the future at meets.
  12. Have recently in the last year, re visited my youth by buying a Mk1 and Mk2 Escort. Great fun and handle really well as they are so light. Zetec with BDA covers looks period and you get a lot more grunt than you would from a period spending the same amount of money. Have Fun!
  13. We were at the Ring 10 days ago when it was open on 1 x day over a VLN weekend and the traffic was fine and some laps I didn't see any traffic. If you go on the weekends where there are 2+ days public expect to get acquainted with the car park and the approaching roads. I also agree with the closed days being better, may seem expensive but when you consider 22 Euros per lap you only need to 18 laps in a day and you have paid for it the track-day cost. PS I did have an impact bumper for 15 years before trying the later versions!

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