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  1. Barty

    Parts clear out

    Hi Alex, Could I buy the starter motor please (standard)? Many thanks Barty
  2. Thanks for that, agree with comments on DDK, lets hope Keith continues and rises once again!
  3. Hi SurlySurdi, Could I buy the blower please, if its still available? Many thanks.
  4. Think I would (takes cover) go with the 959. I did look over one in the 00's to purchase the guy wanted £140k for it, however is was in a local Indie for service and they had access to a trained 959 mechanic from Porsche that came in to do the more specialised work and had all the tools. They had just sourced one of the last Mag / Hollow spoke wheels from Porsche for £14k the rear engine lid had just been replaced due to heat de-lamination £18k and the service had not yet started. That day and realisation of ownership cost ruled out the rational ownership of the 959. I have a friend that has
  5. Starter is out refurbed, I took the top options of replacing all electrical points and contacts internally £120.00 +VAT. 24 hour turn around and painted inside and out. Problem was water ingress to solenoid area and the internals were all furred up. It was on a limited life expectancy, highly recommend Burghfield Starter Motors. So recon was 10% of the new replacement value. Thanks everyone for your help on this matter, amazing community.
  6. So speculation on recession leading to depression, will once again lead investors moving from conventional institutions for returns to luxury aspirational items to pin a value to their surplus cash. Went to several auctions pre-lockdown of Historic's and Classics - (same thing). I was stunned at the low bids and the lack of sales that went though on the Auction days with full house spectators.
  7. Agreed, across the board the cars reached high levels, certainly no giveaways!
  8. Sold this time around. https://www.silverstoneauctions.com/events/2020-auctions/the-silverstone-classic-live-online-auction-2020/the-silverstone-classic-live-online-auction-2020/friday-31st-july-sale-11am-bst/1988-porsche-911-3.2-carrera-club-sport
  9. Signed up and paid, well worth the money - saved x30 the cost on my first post!
  10. School nickname after passing wind Farty Barty - First part for the wind - the second part rhyming my surname - A smelly rhyme if you like! Glad I ended up with the latter half as my nickname.
  11. We need a 'masonic' like hand gesture to acknowledge one another - 2 finger Steve McQueen ✌️??????
  12. The Viper Green 993RS is Haythem has 964 RSR yellow road car as well. Nice guy does to lots of events. Has an early 2.8RSR Rat car as well so could be on here.
  13. Ahh Spotter matching Spot'ee - that would have been me in EWOK!
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